Entropia News: Entropia Universe supporting Oculus Rift and SteamVR

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EntropiaPlanets, May 5, 2015.

  1. Wistrel

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    15 is not many. Only so much one person can do in a day. No wonder progress is slow. Most of those people will probably just keep the lights on (metaphorically).

  2. Does it realy matter if they had it in a line of text somewhere again ?
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  3. San


    Seems I need to find and check the source where I got that number from. Their latest annual report says MindArk had an average of 44 employees during the year. I would hate being found to spread false information.

  4. Wistrel

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    True a line of text aint much. And still we are on DX9 I think? Where is the rest of the world now? DX12?
  5. San


    For my part I'm actually glad they keep it running on fairly old equipment. This might be selfish, or I don't know how many especially in the world of gamers think the same way or just don't have the means to keep buying hardware to stay on top of current possibilities. I've abandoned the chase after the latest and greatest a long time ago and made it a rule that, wherever possible/reasonable, any item I buy is to cost less than the VAT on a new one. I'm quite happy with this philosophy.

    For Entropia, with all the pain that the change to CryEngine brought, it does look good and in my opinion still good enough today. Porting it again is a lot of effort I think we'd all prefer them to spend elsewhere. Maybe it is necessarily included to support 3D hardware though; I haven't studied it enough to know for sure but if so it would make even less sense to start a separate upgrade project. We'll see eventually.
  6. Just a new graphics engine or Oculus, will not make this game any better.

    Dont forget about that...
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  7. Wistrel

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    I don't know much about DirectX, a little more than most, a lot less than some, but I have a feeling bringing things a bit more up to date should make the run game run better, not worse. I think there are 2 things one could maybe expect from a new version of DirectX

    1. New functions to support new features of modern hardware. There is a reasonable chance these features are about doing things more efficiently. There may be some entirely new hardware capabilities though.

    2. Improvements on existing functions to be more efficient or less buggy.

    From what I understand from my friend who used to work for Crytek. A lot of the work they did was about making CE3 run more efficiently than CE2 did. He said there was a lot of stuff in CE2 that was very inefficient for example for consoles (which was what CE3 was really about, supporting consoles) but probably for PCs too.

    So yes, if MA were to bring the code base a bit more up to date, there is a good chance the game would run better, not worse on most computers, even old ones. I can't see DX9 going anywhere... since old games need it, and old games don't look all that different (to the untrained eye) to modern games nowadays, but lets be clear here... it IS 15 years old now....
  8. San


    Ah ok, about this I know next to nothing. My computer is pretty old but could actually run DX11 I think. Well, it's indeed due for replacement and as soon as I manage I'll probably have little interest to keep whining about this for a good while ;)
  9. How do I say this.
    DX9 was designed for the old GPU architecture.
    And even most older cards these days can run at least DX11
    My oldest card that I have laying around is a Nvidia GTS 450 launched (2010) and even that one supports DX12

    So even an old game designed for DX9 could have very crappy FPS even on most high end cards from these day's, as it is not desigend for the new efficient architecture of these newer GPU's.

    What still amazes me is that Entropia is still not utilizing more then 1.5GB of video memory, at least on my settings, mix of very high to high, and even I think I have 1 or 2 even on medium. (as some areas seem to be very demanding) and I want at least the 60FPS
    And that is on Nvidia GTX 1070ti (I blame the memory utilization. As GPU and CPU are not even close to being used to the fullest.)
    Not sure about Arkadia, the last time when I was there, it looked very much better then RT and caly on some places, with same settings.
    (did not check memory utilization back then)
    Would be cool if they would utilize at least 4GB when going to max settings. (not sure if there is a restriction in the engine)
    Now you see the grass grow infront of your feet when running around.

    Not sure if my nonsense makes any sense, but anyway. :headbang:
  10. Your laptop does not support DX11.
    Its a Intel 4500MDH graphics adapter.

    If you dont already have upgraded your little Samsung Laptop :

    -Install 1x additional 4 GB of RAM = 8 GB RAM (33 €)
    (If you already have 8GB RAM, not needed) ;p
    -While installing the RAM, clean the laptop ! ;p
    -Get Windows 10 (9 €)
    (or get it for free..and do a fresh install) ;p
    -Buy 120 GB SSD (30 €)
    (If you already have SSD, not needed) ;p
    -Buy "Cooling Plate" (7 €) !
    -Overlock Intel HD 4500 slightly
    -Overlock Intel HD 4500 slightly
    -Overlock Intel HD 4500 slightly

    Total Cost : between 37€ and 80€.

    Dont expect an epic gaming laptop afterwards, but you will feel the difference. :)
  11. San


    Ah okay, read that about DX11 somewhere in context with Win7 which runs fine but haven't studied the details.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I've already considered all of this and I'm right now trolling Ebay for a replacement which at least has a dedicated graphics chip. I have 4 GB but in 2 sticks so I'd need 2 new 4GB ones. Checking with the task manager, EU occupies an average of 1.5 GB depending on location and in low setting, so I doubt it helps much in this specific case. Overclocking a weakish thing like this is an idea I'm not too fond of. A cooling pad is stuffed away in my boxes which are still in Germany (ok I could get another one meanwhile, really not expensive). I have a 480 GB harddisk and need the space for other things like vboxes etc, would have to buy an external disk if I put in a smaller SSD instead. I replaced the fan only recently and ofc everything got cleaned and new thermal paste applied. The keyboard comes next, caps are breaking off one by one and I find almost dissolved rubber sealings.

    It's actually a wonder it took all this torture it was never built for, but recently with Entropia I noticed a slow decline in performance upon every VU, which tells me they must be ramping it up if not in the core program, then in the assets getting more detail. Nah, I'm stubborn but here it's getting beyond reasonable. This one will get Linux, I need a workhorse anyway instead of the vboxes. I'm looking for a used machine in 100-200 EUR price range, so wouldn't spend too much more than all the possible upgrades. I also want to play 1 or 2 other games for which mine really isn't feasible anymore.

    Was this thread about Oculus Rift and the likes? Wake me up when that stuff has matured enough to be sold on flea markets...
  12. Wistrel

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    I'm actually considering upgrading my CPU to the best of the best from 9 years ago. It's cheap as chips (geddit!? =D) these days. I looked at benchmarks and think for the (incredibly small) cost I'll see a potentially quite worthwhile difference. There are only a small number of things I do on my PC that could do with "an edge" but I think it might see me through till whenever it is that intel finally make it down to 10nm chips (I'm guessing late 2019). I want to wait, because I think that will be it for More's Law.

    Please don't tell me to buy anything that involves swapping out a motherboard. I can't be arsed with reinstalling windows.
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  13. San


    Just got lucky this morning upon second attempt on Ebay. Paid even less than expected, 76 EUR for an old Acer (the one with the 520M graphics chip, not the greatest but should do the trick). It's got Win10 already and 4GB with room for another 4, but for the remaining money I want to get some fishing gear first ;) Will see how it works out.
  14. Wistrel

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  15. San


    LOL, can't say I wasn't resisting it. But ... is futile... you will be assimilated...
  16. Wistrel

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  17. 4 years later, we never heard of it again.
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  18. narfi

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    Guess you didnt read the rocktropia client loader this week? :P
  19. No, what does it say?
  20. This week...jesus. xP

    I should have said "we never got any updates again". :p

    Mind sharing a screenshot of the awesome news that I missed ?
    Im not going to download RT just for this.

    And why cant I find awesome news on the official RT forum (now called neverdie.com again) ?

    roflcopter... x'D
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