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    The link


    The story

    In early 2015 we've started the first Entropia Universe Discord. Back then Discord was still in Beta but we were in already because all Twitch partners were invited. And back then we've been Twitch Partner with our other gaming project (and we still are).

    The plan was to make this Discord server a joint Discord server of the Entropia Universe community, not an EntropiaPlanets Discord. So we've asked other community projects to join us co-managing that Discord. Also we've tried to promote it in game. Unfortunately there was little to no response. Discord was the thing for people on Twitch but only very few people in the EU community knew Discord back then. So it got ignored. So we gave up.

    The other EU Discord you know was started with other goals over a year later. The official planet partner Discords started a couple of years later.

    But there might be need for an alternative EU Discord server. So let's bump it again. We had big plans for development, integrations, etc. Let's see where we can take it :)

    Any ideas? Any suggestions?
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  3. Got tits and embarassing breakdowns ?

    Got MA "officials" and PlanetPartners exchanging exploits ?

    No ? Man, too bad you are an honest person Tass... :/
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  4. Geo


    I like it here.
    Very warm and cozy!
    Thank you for sharing Tass. :)
  5. *woof woof*
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