Entropia VU News: Entropia Universe 17.8.1 Release Notes

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    • Entropia Universe planet partner release only, please check partner forums for more details.

    MindArk and the Planet Partners strive to ensure a smooth and problem-free Version Update. Nevertheless, even after extensive testing some issues may arise after release. Such issues are often addressed via mini-patches directly after a release and in subsequent patches. If you feel that the possibility of encountering minor issues or bugs directly after a Version Update affects your gameplay to an extent that Entropia Universe is not enjoyable, please wait until the mini-patches have been released and any last minute issues have been resolved.

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    One for @McCormick 's "Content of Oblivion" me thinks. Shame... I have fond memories of Hunt the Thing. Was one of the best uses of the mission system and engine ever made in Entropia.

    Grabbing AmeVRica now... guessing it's likely just a rename but you never know....


    edit: OK does look indeed to be just a rename. Didn't have much of a look but certainly headjack is still head jack at least in terms of the territories files etc
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  3. San


    Upon trying to teleport there, it tells you that none of the items you wear are allowed there and will be unequipped, just like with The Hub. I'm gonna kill some more wolves until I have a sellable stack of vinyls and won't bother with anything else, missions, codex, politics, or any other shenanigans. Some day, someone is going to blow the lid off this crummy zoo anyway. Inadvertently, of course.
  4. This thread, together with the word AmeVRica...beyond embarassing...thanks for sharing...but no, not worth wasting my time on this bullsh!t anymore.

    I admit, tempting to SEE another fail getting (re)born for the dozens time, piss poor bastards pumping all of their reallife income into it, pretending to make a fortune, because this time it will be the real thing. So sad. Planet partners steadily getting raped...friends scamming friends...Mindark scamming their own community...nothing ever really changed since 2009...and honestly, this sh!t has gone way too far by now. I got better things to do by now as well. Why keep pointing my fingers at obvious scammers again and again and again and...and so on...if you cant SEE history repeating by now, good luck, you'll need it !

    The handfull of phat wallets left, those that keep these servers alive, will never ever realize that anyway and never ever change their attitude aka. addiction. The payed players will hype Entropia until the servers will finally shut down.

    Keep enjoying this desaster, thank god I made it out of this vicious circle.

    FUMA + FUND* = love x'D
    (*fuck you neverdie)
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  5. San


    Really, I find it equally harmful to get obsessed with individual people or entities. They usually fall into patterns. FU bankers, polititians and lobbyists. They're just in more places than the words suggest. It's the 'dark triad' of personality traits: machiavellism, narcissism and psychopathy. They coagulate everywhere there is the tiniest gravity center of power. Even in a little game bubble.

    I don't mind bumpy releases, it's like that everywhere and what counts is honest effort. No need to spit acid while someone is scrambling to get stuff fixed. What really bothers me is the politics played by decision makers behind the curtains, bringing you to a point where you can no longer trust whether a single incident is an honest mistake or not and you start having to discard everything they say because they made you grow a pawlowian reflex already. They probably figured that out long ago, which is why they say nothing at all most of the time. Subterfuge is easy to see through.

    On the other side I see the relentless bashing of dev teams for everything they do or don't do in every other game or project I've looked into, such is the character of any mass of people it seems. I can understand every content creator who grows weary of that. If both is in human nature, there is no escape from growing hostile to whom and whatever you once decided to like. I refuse to go there. I'll just withhold my money...
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  6. Fixed today (removed) but no official thread (unless I was too fast) to hide the proof of their sillyness.

    This reminds me when mindark claimed to have 1 million accounts and released the player register which was showing 300 000 accounts, LOL, hey MA where are the 700 000 missing ?... At such rate they must be at 17 millions now, at least !
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  7. Wistrel

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    Sounds like what Hunt the Thing was originally like... i.e. no items/clothes etc allowed. I remember spending at least an initial chunk of my time there freezing my butt off in the snow in my underwear. Weirdly though, being in a somewhat unfortunate state of undress did somehow add to the creepy/vulnerable atmosphere.

    TBH I quite liked that HTT and NI-AG had their gear restrictions back in the day. I always felt Entropia needed more geographical barriers. i.e. areas that have more environmental hazards and indeed bonuses (Healing Pond anyone? - that was a thing once right?). And of course less of the artificial ones... like invisible walls and doors that never open. Fall damage and slopes too steep to climb were a good move in my view. Made finding something that you could climb much more rewarding/challenging.

    Specifically though, in the case of HTT and NI-AG I enjoyed the levelling of the playing field. Meant I could have just the same experience (more or less) hunting in groups with ubers as I could with noobs and even hunting on my own, I was able to do as much as most other players in terms of how long/well I could survive and hunt. haha and yeh we even looked the same... I guess it is just as well we were not all wearing blue ;)
  8. Wistrel

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    Removed? As in HTT/AmeVRica is gone? Noooo.... best bit of Entropia

    edit: Ah... HTT is back... AmerVRicas is gone. It was re-downloaded but I disabled it as can't see myself going there any time and no real desire to fill HDD with unused crud. This is as far as the download options I mean... didn't actually log in still.

    Odd one though.... why are there two Planet Toulan's in the download options?

    Sooooo.... speculation time... is AmerVRica actually going to be "a thing" one day (or indeed even "*the* thing" XD)?

    What is the connection between "Hunt the Thing" and AmerVRica? IS there indeed a connection? or was this simply a daft mistake to re-name HTT and make a bunch of changes to it (hard to imagine how... but then again, this is MA... their historical and even present day bugs/mistakes make for legendary WTF'ery)

    What potentially seems more likely (slightly) is that Neverdie was planning to use Hunt the Thing as a kind of "gateway" to AmeVRica? TBH that would actually be quite a neat idea. I really liked how HTT was accessed by "going to the cinema" in Rocktropia... that was a nice touch.

    Of course we don't really know what he plans with AmeVRica (if it even really exists in any real way shape or form - I not counting from PR), aside from it being some sort of smart distributed, tokenised, crypto contract banana - which it's highly unlikely MA have the actual infrastructure to support. I just can't imagine who the hell they have who would be able to implement something like that on the platform... even if there is an available API to use (which IIRC there is...? or at least was hinted at). Anyhow... I can't see it happening.

    Perhaps the most likely scenario is that this was old content from an old idea that never made it... and indeed it will never amount to anything.
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  9. San


    I liked that about AG, too. But in the end it's player demand which kills such things. People keep screaming they want to use their vehicles and stuff they paid so much money for that they feel entitled to rule every possible niche with it, until every developer gives in.
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  10. Wistrel

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    Quick update from what I can see on AmeVRica web page... it has a sign up to Entropia that links to the RT signup landing page. It talks about the ND wallet and links a website for that which doesn't do anything. There is indeed talk of a ND API which is meant to be something games can use for... something. Info here: NEVERDIE API but last update looks like it was 4 years ago. Also developer accounts can be got here: https://dev.neverdie.io/ which is down/gone.

    edit: there's mention of a server https://kovan.neverdie.com/v1/create-account in the API docs but it's also gone/offline. It seems pretty unlikely anyone is using this API any more, least of all MA.

    Apparently dragonking racked up $4k so far in bug bounties. Bug Bounty Program For NEVERDIE | HackenProof

    In short it looks like Neverdie API etc etc ah... died... so got no idea what the main point of AmerVRica is supposed to have been. Maybe it's just a fun name and nothing more...


    PS Am aware @McCormick has posted a lot stuff about TeLOLport tokens and Dragon King before but figured it was worth another look to see what the state of apparent play was given this recent mishap
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  11. Wistrel

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    Yeh that bugged me too. These people just couldn't handle that they were not uber everywhere any more and couldn't deal with having to walk around a bit... daww. Honestly it was kinda pathetic. There is so much of Entropia where they can use all their gear, if they didn't like AG they should have just stayed the hell away from it.

    TBF though, AG DID have mobs that were too tough for the low end gear available and of course development ceased... so from THAT perspective at least I can understand the need to turn on the option to use external gear. But it should only have been a temporary fix while the area was fubared. Now it's under development again, they should go back to the original time travel plan/story and go back to a restricted environment... but indeed add in some sort of "time period appropriate" vehicle... like a chariot or something.

    #ifWistrelRuledTheWorld we'd all be wearing sandles and fighting with sticks and sling shots ;) How about a clockwork owl pet and an invisibility cloak?
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  12. I meant in this list

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    The difference with bumpy releases everywhere else and bumpy releases in Entropia is that MindArk claims to run the most secure Real Cash game, yet continues to create fuckup after fuckup, each of which costs their players real money, and then hides behind their EULA.

    One would think that a company that has been as long in the game as MA would have managed to get their shit together by now, but in the 16 years I've known them, it seems their releases are still absolutely shit, and would not be accepted anywhere else. Yet, in Sveedun, every new VU brings more WTF moments. And not a single fuck was given at MA HQ. Business as usual.
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  14. Wistrel

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    I wonder what will happen to AmerVRica with Untropia... I'm not sure if ND has any staff at the mo? Anyone know the state of RT these days?
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