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Entropia Tour Agency 2010 Tour Schedule & New Routes from Neas Place!

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Stave, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Stave

    Stave Guest


    So the new year is upon us and our tours are due to return and we are releasing 3 new routes for the new year, all to depart from Neas place.

    The three new routes are as follows:

    - Nate Valley, Rei’s Defense, Sakura City

    Next Depatrure: Wednesday 6th January 20:40 Depart from neas!

    Ref: pcan1

    -Omegaton West, Oyster Isle, Cayuze, Segna Forest

    Next Depatrure: Sun, 17 January 20:00Depart from neas!

    Ref: pcan2

    - Memorial Island, Myrene Island, Akmull Island

    Next Depatrure: Sunday, 24 Jan 20:00 MA depart from neas place!

    Ref: pcan3

    If you dont have neas place we offer some tours to help get you there

    -Genesis HQ, Wolverine Hope, Miwak, Timbesha, Silver Ridge, Neas Place

    Next Depatrure: Sun, 3 January 20:00 MA Departure from New Oxford!

    Next Depatrure: Wed, 20 January20:40 MA Departure from New Oxford!

    Ref: pcano2

    More Dates can be found on our Schedule Page

    We will be adding more dates for febuary later on in the month.

    Best Regards


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