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  1. A new Android app available in the Google Play store, for android phones or tablet devices. It takes information from entropedia.info and presents it through the app's screens. It is a "Hatchling" version (Level 0 :) ) but I would like suggestions on how it could be further developed.

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    How does it work exactly?

    You would have been able to get properly licensed (CC-BY-SA) live data from EP wiki via an API in various formats such as CSV, RDF/XML, JSON, ... just saying...
  3. It uses the XML feeds from entropedia.info to get a lot of the Charts data, then stores it in its local database. The data updates screen shows how recently each of the XML feeds (Weapons, Armor, Creatures etc.) were updated, so the user knows if they should get more up-to-date data.
  4. There is a new update for this Free Android app. The latest version now has screens for showing details of Weapons and Materials. These are linked to the Creature Loots screen and the main lists for Weapons and Materials. The update has also added an import for Blueprint Materials.

    Find the app in the Google Play app store for Android apps.
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    ok I might try it again then. Last time it simply failed to "do" anything. I'll see if it is any better this time
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    If I get time
  7. A new update was released for this app on 27 December. The update has more detail screens and links between screens. The data updating process has also been improved to speed it up.

    Have a look - if you have an Android phone or tablet - the app is "Entropia Information" in the Google Play app store.
  8. A new update was released yesterday (17 January 2014). The app now includes armour plating in the "Wearables" list (it is armour, after all). New screens for Clothes and Scanner details have been added, as well as more links between screens.
  9. Another update has gone out today. There was also one earlier in June which I didn't write about (too little time to do so!).

    Skills and Ranks have been added for information. The Skills list is dynamic. Initially the Skills list shows all Skills, but if you select a Skill it shows Professions to which the Skill contributes, then if you select a Profession you are shown the Skills that contribute to the Profession.

    A bug fix was applied to sort out the problem on the vehicle details which ere showing ? for Custom Colours. It now correctly shows Yes or No.

    I have also added a button on the missions detail screen, so if a mission gives a weapon as a reward, the button will link to the weapon details.
  10. A new release today. Images have been added on most types of item. The images are loaded from the entropedia web site, so if you do not have a network connection then the images tabs are not shown. Images are not shown for Blueprints of Enhancers because they all look very similar, and are a bit boring to look at!

    Also made a small improvement on the Weapon Attachments, Finder Amplifiers and Armour Plating blueprints screens so that a button is displayed to link to the relevant item.
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