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  1. Entropia Enjin Collaboration

    Ever evolving with new technologies, MindArk has been assessing recent blockchain developments and what they might offer to established virtual communities such as Entropia Universe. MindArk’s management team has determined that many of the recent gaming-related announcements in the blockchain space bear a lot of similarities to the experience that Entropia Universe has offered for nearly two decades, and thus large-scale integration of such technologies would not add significant value to the virtual universe experience.

    There are, however, opportunities for targeted partnerships and system integrations which could extend the reach of Entropia Universe to new audiences, specifically enthusiasts of the “metaverse” and “play-to-earn” concepts that have received a lot of media attention recently. As such, MindArk has begun a collaboration with Enjin to release five unique eggs as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the ERC-20 Ethereum network via the beta launch of their new project, NFT.io.

    Each of the five NFT eggs will provide the holder with the opportunity to become an Entropia Universe Affiliate and earn 10% rewards for any Entropia Universe avatar accounts recruited by the holder through their unique URL. These rewards will persist with the entire life of the affiliated accounts. Each egg is also associated with one of Entropia Universe’s planets, and avatar accounts recruited via the holder’s unique affiliate link will spawn on the associated planet. In addition, once Entropia Universe Unreal is launched, each of the five eggs will hatch into a unique virtual companion for the NFT holder.

    It is MindArk’s view that the certificate of ownership utility that these eggs provide is an ideal use of NFT technology. Unlike purely speculative NFT sales that thrive on scarcity over function, these unique eggs provide rewards-earning opportunities over time via the holder’s affiliate account. The NFT may be sold at any time, allowing a new owner to build upon previous marketing and recruitment efforts. MindArk is confident that these unique eggs not only provide utility to the NFT owners, but offer value to the Entropia Universe community as a whole.

    Additionally, as Enjin’s Efinity is released in the near future, these tokens will be tradable with significantly reduced fees on the Polkadot parachain network if the owners choose to do so.

    To participate in this auction, please visit the Entropia Universe page on NFT.io linked below to learn how you may obtain these first-of-their kind NFTs when the auctions begin in August 2022.


  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Seems alright. I looked into NFT's a little recently as I've started to play with creative coding a bit and had some interesting ideas. Alas I was rather disappointed that the costs for artists to sell stuff was kinda crazy. In short it aint no paypal and you might as well forget about micro-transactions. We're talking you need someone to make an outlay of at least 100$ for whatever you are touting and I doubt anyone would part with that for my shit. ^^

    Shame as I thought my ideas were vaguely cool. But I don't think it's worth investing the time to research how etherium works to produce them so I'll stick to mucking about making pretty spirograph pictures and the like for my own enjoyment.

    As for the utility behind these eggs, seems like it's a win win for Mindark and an expensive lose for the NFT fools. Fair old chance someone will pay a LOT for an egg, especially the Calypso one, and then a lot on the required advertising campaign for the respective planet in order for the egg to recoup its cost in initial investment. I'd imagine it would be very very hard to make that cash back and get your advertising to a level where its cost is self sustaining.

    To simplify, MA are offering people a chance to pay them to advertise their game for them - it's frikkin genius!

    The only thing that possibly saddens me about this is that selling referral codes puts an intrinsic value on such codes and thus may prevent MA offering them to others in the future for free*. After all, why give something away when you have evidence that others will pay for it? This would be a shame though as it, while not exactly discouraging community run advertising or Entropia based projects, it doesn't exactly encourage them either. There is already a certain degree of pissyness in the community around who does and doesn't have referral codes, and if it is fair that they do or not, and this sale will just add to that. I doubt anyone would kill their own entropia project simply because MA wouldn't offer them a chance to have a referral code without paying for it, but it does remove the "ah, well that would be a nice gesture" element of it.

    Of course, can't say for sure that this sale would cause MA to stop offering referral codes to anyone whose project they see as being useful in generating traffic to their site/sign ups, but it seems less likely that they would.

    Then again, I doubt MA will sell these eggs with any guarantee of "exclusivity persistence". TBH it would probably be in MA's interest to have a much more ubiquitous referral program anyhow. Let's face it, it wouldn't hurt MA if every player had the opportunity to advertise the game for a kickback. I guess the only concerns around such thing is that they'd need to establish a level of trust that the player wouldn't produce either unsavory advertising that damages the reputation or advertise anywhere that would bring similar bad press. This said, there's nothing to stop anyone from making their own Entropia advert that doesn't have a referral code, and plastering it all over the place. There's a question why anyone would do it, but in terms of stopping them MA would need to bring in law stuff. Certainly they probably already have rules around use of their names and logos/advertising material, but if you were to dispense with using any of that and made up your own stuff, I guess they could get you on say poor taste and brand damage... that is if they cared, which lets face it, they wouldn't if it was bringing in traffic/signups, and they wouldn't if it wasn't!

    Sorry long post!!

    PS I sorta feel we need our resident Collumbo @McCormick to "one more thing" us with one of his excellent background checks on who is behind this company. He always seems to be able to dig out the skeletons from every closet. That said, I know he won't be back this time. In fact, I don't expect to see him again until Untropia if even then.

    * e.g. if you have say a website (which obviously isn't free i.e. has intrinsic costs not to mention initial development outlay) that might generate traffic/interest/signups to the game it would make sense that MA were to offer a referral code
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  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I note that getting an egg doesn't guarantee access to the affiliate program either. Likely you need to present your advertising plan/idea to MA before they'll agree to give you one.

    [source: Entropia Universe NFT Collection]

    source: Entropia Universe x NFT.io Drop - Terms and Conditions

    and if there is a problem after the sale (like... oh I dunno... something that would never happen like your statu... sorry companion fails to materialise for years even after Untropia launches [or the term launch gets ah... shall we say... redefined? "Soft launch" anyone?]), don't go crying to Ejin:

    source: Entropia Universe x NFT.io Drop - Terms and Conditions

    I wonder what the launch NFT's are,... they mention the crater, PA and Limnadian district.

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  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

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  5. MA are total egg heads on this if you ask me. Wouldn't pay that much for a virtual egg even if it was gilded.
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I kinda like that the egg legacy lives on. Pleased it's getting new lease of life. "Ah... the eggs..."

    lol just found this, you couldn't make it up....


    edit: OMG check the comments... so many bots XD (nearly every comment says something very similar to:

    "Best project ever, I am very happy to be participating in this project. I hope this project will gain more popularity in the future."

    and then leaves a line then @'s a bunch of people. Presumably other bots? one per line. Some repeat the phrase exactly.

    Full interview with Simmons:

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  7. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    What's this again? No idea what exactly NFTs are but at first clanse clanse I'd say: keep this crap out of games.

    Exactly the type of marketing you have to engage in when you have to no actual game worth promoting.

    MindArk. 20 years of get-rich-quick scheme.

    Selling NFTs as access to an affiliate program sounds weird too. Why not giving affiliate status to partners might bring in new customers like everyone else does? We are waiting for ~10 years...

    Sounds like a trustworthy platform for such transactions...

    MindArk never learns from history... Do not sell stuff when you don't have all the features implemented to support it. Unrealtropia will be when? "2025? 2026?

    Pretty weird to announce this on an official MindArk website that is GDPR non-compliant. Pretty weird to annouce this while giving a plethora of personal information without user consent to "Lead Advisor" Shaun Klein to utilize for commercial use.

    I don't feel I should dedicate 32 minutes of my life to watch this. But interesting it also has "Lead Advisor" Shaun Klein.

    So I've just clicked the part where David Simmonds talks about his "favorite moments of in Entropia's history: https://youtu.be/YSeQIKg9kXM?t=563

    The cluess faces when the host talks about the death of Lord British and the Blood Plague. And then David Simmonds highlights the banks in Entroipa. The introduction of banks. Another failed project.

    Conclusion: I wish MindArk would simply focus on the gaming experience and stay away from everything that doesn't really improve it, no more get-rich-quick schemes, a company led and advised by gaming experts, not salesmen.
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  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Our YouTube channel just got contacted by this project also made in Sweden: https://www.endorse.media/

    To sell co-ownership of our videos and thus a part of the revenues via NFTs... :tongue (2):

    If you considering co-owning a longplay of a C64 game from 30 years ago just let me know.
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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Interesting! It seems people are desperate to connect these things with so called utility these days. I doubt the revenue from small channels would even pay for the transaction fees. It really does feel like every man and his dog is just trying to spin up another way to get folks excited about their particular NFT. I mean they are basically turning into unregulated shares or perhaps even Kickstarters at this point. "Give money for thing and will deliver later... maybe... if we can... but you know... shit happens sometimes".

    It really does begger belief.. I saw someone flogging NFT old black and white photos of engineers the other day for 300$. I bet they didn't even own the rights to the photos. There must be tons of people NFT'ing stuff they don't even own cause let's face it, who would know... who would care?
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    What's this?

    I've not watched the vid yet either... stuck it on my watch/listen list for next time I can make myself do house chores,... or not as the case may be (didn't get all the way through the long Arkadia one yet and watch list has 2k vids on... ).

    Much as I'd like to fault MA on this one, I imagine... in fact no I'm sure, that this was a zero effort win for them. I bet enjin did all the promo work using MA's art assets that they make available to the press (they used to have something like this - dunno if they still do). OK it's not going to be zero effort but minimal effort. A few pictures (ok 1000 if we consider the give away competition too), an interview or two, bit of admin. All MA have to do in terms of actual work is hand out affiliate codes when the time comes.

    For interest's sake, I looked into the giveaway thing, I forget how many entrants they'd had but there's 1k location NFTs and I worked out I had a 1/12 chance of getting one with something like 17 entries, so you can do the maths... I suppose if everyone had the same number of entries on average then I guess there were 12,000 actual people in the competition. I was looking at some of the video view counts on their twitter channel and they were some thousands so this has defo generated some interest.
  11. That's an interesting looking site, and had no idea .media was a tld which would make a lot of sense for certain types of website.
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