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  1. Congratulations to Sev Seventia Lothander for winning the main prize in the Enigma Keys event, and to Viktoria Mellis Kareokay for claiming the Leaderboard prize!

    There was fierce competition among participants to be the first to complete “The Enigma Keys” mission and collect the main prize, valued at an estimated 50000 PED.

    The final stage of the Enigma Keys competition offered a new type of challenge that added to the complexity of the previous two stages. The final event instance, named “The Matrix”, required the player to show extreme endurance and devotion to increase the chance of completing the Enigma keys mission.

    In the end avatar Sev Seventia Lothander stood as the event winner. Seventia, who was a frontrunner for much of the event, was also one of the first participants to reach “The Matrix” instance and he completed “the Enigma Keys” mission at 09:45 UTC on May 22, 2018.

    For a detailed description of the Enigma Keys mission, including a full list of prizes, please visit the Enigma Keys event page.

    All avatars that accept the Enigma Keys mission and complete its levels will receive the Stage Completion Rewards listed on the event page.

  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The only fierce competition I saw was between the number of bugs in this event, and the loss of MindArk's credibility. I still don't know which of the two increase faster.
  3. Gratz to another swedish player, nothing new in this "game",
    swedish are AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN more than advantaged.
    And during this time, other players are ripped off to reward the chosen/selected ones.

    Fairness and honnesty = no way
    RCE = just a joke.!

    "Seven"tia... funny how so many "seven" players are winning top prices, noone will wonder if he is another alt...

    4 links in total for the same player...

    * There was no exploit found this time ? ... "we see nothing odd in our logs"...
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  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

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  6. Well I guess you can choose to delete your avatar. The madness starts...
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  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I predict that the very first time MindArk bans an avatar because of something the owner of said Avatar posted on a public forum, they will find themselves in court. In a modern world, where free speech thankfully is (still, for the time being) a thing, a company should not, and most likely cannot unilaterally force you to accept their brand new rules, without offering you an easy way to cut your ties with it.

    If MindArk offered me (and most likely at least 50% of all other avatars as well) market price for all me items, I'd be out of failtropia in record time.

    And let's face it. It's not as if EU has a large enough player base to keep the lights on forever. I am having trouble imagining that making headlines due to effectively smacking down the ban-hammer over something said on a non-MA controlled forum is going to lead to thousands of people to start creating accounts to find out what the freakshow is all about. And considering MA is in the middle of attempting to raise more funds with Derptokens, I highly doubt they'd want to get their asses published by major game news channels.
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  8. Didn’t MindArk used to say something like they understood when people complained about the game because it shows how much they care (about EU...or more likely in the days when it was PE because for sure people loved the game back then)?

    Further proof imo that they’re feel the heat.
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  9. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    What is this about? (I try to avoid sites operated by scammers).
  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    New terms of service:

    I certainly hope that none of the MA employees are vegans, because this is certain to cause some distress:


    We cannot host any content that's sexually explicit, but does that include porn movie posters used by MindArk itself before, and uploaded prior to the change of the terms? Which they then attempted to brush off as prudeness in the eye of the users?

    Have you ever been so aware of your own ineptitude and incompetence that you didn't see any other way out than threatening people with legal mumbo jumbo that wouldn't hold up in any self-respecting court?

    Oh, and I actually have two avatars. Flerin neomaven Flerinson and Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs.
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  11. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Interesting. But is this new? I'm sure I can remember that there was something like "you cannot spread false claims" rule for a long time already.

    Well, censorship is for losers.

    But let's imagine the scenario. Someone spreads "inaccurate information", MindArk terminates account. Someone has nothing to lose anymore, spreads more information, incl. the information why the account has been terminated, the negativity about MindArk multiplies in any possible direction, a variant of Streisand effect can be observed.

    Not saying that it won't happen, because MindArk...

    A bunch of their Swedish fellows already claimed during the PE early alpha that making enemies is good :headbang:

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  12. NaziBitch.jpg

    A good thing I left and made sure to be banned from this forum who is managed by Mrs SuperBrainlessQueen moderator feeding hate toward people and its nazi management.
    I was contacted by someone who joined them recently as a moderator and added as friend in my inGame FL as he was telling me I am a reference for my knowledge of the game, but since he is swallowing their shitty behaviour, I finally deleted him.

    I am happy to be here on EP.

    And for the "hypocrits" we heard some pages ago.... show who you are or STFU (and go back to your beloved forum).
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  13. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Welcome to the club!
  14. San


    Cough. And companies change their rules unilaterally all the time, saying that your continued usage or login after so-and-so date constitutes approval. Your only other choice is to quit. They make you sign off at the beginning that they may do so. I don't bother checking every time I create a login somewhere, but I haven't ever seen an exception to the pattern where I did look at the t&c.
  15. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    So for possibly any other company, you'd be absolutely right. But MA holds assets that belong to us (the PEDs on our PED card and whatever resides in our inventory). They love comparing themselves with a bank. Imagine your bank suddenly imposes a new set of rules that prevent you from getting in, but you still have funds in your account. There ought to be a reasonable opportunity for someone to liquidate their assets if they disagree with the new terms unilaterally imposed on them without prior warning.

    I would love if they'd follow through with this and get their asses handed to them in court, though. Not only that, but anyone who'd then keep anything of value in EU would be an idiot, because MA would just have shown that they can make up arbitrary new rules and essentially steal your money. I have a hard time imagining how MindArk would ever possibly come out with an advantage, as the only options I see all end up with them worse off than before.
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  16. NotAdmin

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    That's the UK. Freedom of speech in the UK was lost a long time ago, unfortunately.
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  17. San


    But there is. You are entitled to the TT value of everything on your account, and upon closure you will be reimbursed. I'd say this is even better than other companies. What happens if you e.g. had a positive balance with any of the big names in net advertising from monetizing your content and suddenly a change of rules makes continuing with them unacceptable, will they run after you to give you your money or will it just go to /dev/null if you quit? MA hasn't been guilty of that, all valid complaints notwithstanding.
  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I don't think those advertisement companies would not give you the opportunity to pull out the money you put in, or forbid you from coming in. They also do not deal in goods where the money you put in is invested in goods with markup. The whole TT reimbursement is just a cop-out, considering most of the stuff you end up "investing" in has some form of markup attached to it. I am not sure that simple reimbursing for TT Vlaue would fly in court either (remember when MA banned a few botters (Hieronyme and his buddies), and ended up tossing their goods in the global auction? I bet they tried getting away with reimbursing those guys for TT value, too, and yet somehow ended up having to change course).

    If MA'd ever go so far, they'd immediately lose all opportunity to label their platform as "investment opportunities". Imagine Buzz Lightyear being banned, and getting reimbursed 1 PED for his CP deed.
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