Elder Scrolls Online 4th April 2014.

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  1. For those who played Morrowind & Oblivion ... Starting to get into the lore of the second era now .... :thumbsup:
    Very nice intro to it, hanging with the prophet ... this time in his mind (Mind Melded with him atm lol).

    Took some pics on the way, but they would be spoilers so won't post those ones :P

  2. Well I must say I am impressed, lore lovers of the elder scrolls will love ESO, the voice actors are fantastic and storylines like this one in the prophet's mind ... a history lesson in a sense ... Are epic :)
    Who these days just wants to read text lol. In ESO you get to see and hear history as it happened :P

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  3. Nice to be back on solid ground again after that 'trippy' adventure .. well deep in a cave anyway lol
    The variation of scenery in this game is awesome, the more I see, including the effects weather/day/night/etc cycles have on various scenery, the more I am loving playing this. :bowdown:

    fx: Now to tell the prophet how much I dislike mind-melds :rofl:

  4. One of the things I really love doing in a game is just cruising for a while here and there, doing the slower activities like fishing. It is a nice mental break, especially since there is so much to do in ESO.

    Unlike some other games which have a massive land area with a few mobs scattered out here and there and a quest several miles apart. ESO is very densely populated with beautiful scenery, many NPCs which play their specific roles in each area, wandering npcs with function attached ... yes there are some that are just fillers, but they have purpose too ... some share knowledge, recipes for crafting etc.

    And the questlines are quite in depth and flow naturally.

    Another thing I really love is the background music is very muched attuned for each scenescape ... ie close to a village or larger town or even larger city has various music, deep in a forest or in a cave ... etc etc all has its own environmental setting musically, which is something I have great appreciation for when it comes down to attention to detail.

    The developers of ESO have done a great job in my opinion thus far.
    Many major improvements over skyrim in so many ways.

    Anyway, back to some more fishing :P

    These fishing holes, like other resource nodes run out and take a while to respawn back into the game world which is good since it keeps you moving around the world. Well area, the world is freakin huge. I have not even dented it exploration wise yet, especially considering how densely populated and rich each area is in quests, npcs, players and other things to do ... it is so emmersive ... Anyway back to FISHING! lol.

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  5. So back to fighting and the choices you have along the way with skill progression and developent..

    One thing about ESO, as you progress an skill ability line, you have choices along the way to morph abilities into new skills with additional effects.

    Starting to play with some of the Ardent Flame abilities at present .... One of my favourites in combat which makes life so much easier is the "pull target toward you and deal damage - Fiery Grip" (See pics below)


    It reminds me of the old mortal kombat days version of scorpion's ability but with much better efffects.

    No two avatars in ESO will ever be the same ... well not likely to be anyway :)

    Morphing abilities gives you personal play style choices along the way.
    Morphing Fiiery Grip into ... Empowering Chains, bringing it to Tier 2.

    Skill lines for DK here >

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  6. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    What I like about your posts Viper, is that they're almost like mini-stories, but jam-packed with information that is valuable to the others playing the game, especially after discovering something, or needing to query others about their experiences to see if they're the same, or what they've learned.

    Some posts are quite lengthy (which they usually say about my posts), but the value is there, and you usually bring in links and videos and photos to make it interesting ... support stuff.

    Good work. :thumbsup:
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  7. Morning! *spanks coffee machine* :viking:

    Hiya MindStar,

    Thanks and cheers on that :)

    I am glad some are getting some form of value out of the posts.
  8. I have not figured out the baits yet... I have only fished a couple times so far as I have been setting up my alts to accommodate the crafting...bag space is the only thing that disappoints me lol. I now have 6 alts all lvl 4-6 but I know what craft I'm doing on which toons and I'm feeling organized which I like. Loving the provisioning and have went through Coldharbour every time just for the loots... It has bought me several bag upgrades on these alts and 1 bank one upgrade so far... I have a Nightblade and a Templar that I plan on leveling. I am starting to get back into the quest line and finishing up the island. Lots of gathering there and I often find myself distracted lol . I often have to stop for screenies in the waterfalls LOL. I'm taking it slow but enjoying it a lot . I'm in there for the next four months for sure :clap:.
    I have been hanging with 2 different type guilds. One is a trade and sell crafting guild. The other is a pve/pvp craft. Both are different in style, one is cross faction and sells and trades items for deconstruction xp. The other keeps everything in house, guild members sharing a bank for supplies. Either way to sell stuff you either have to stand in street calling out in local chat or join a guild of either type to try and sell your stuff. There is a big xp gain in when you deconstruct someone elses goods instead of your own.
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  9. Paradox shift ... It is so hard not to think about the terrible times .... The hunger, the starvation ....
    Alas I arrive back in the city I was brought too upon being found floating a drift.

    Mara be blessed, the smell of fresh sweetrolls! The bustling city life, people everywhere, some getting ready for adventure, others finding their feet for the day ahead ...

    The freshness of the dry crisp air from the coastline and light breeze upon the tree-tops bring about an awe that can not go un-noticed ... *Breathe! ... Ah!

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  10. Awesome Calli,

    Glad your enjoying and getting into the spirit of the Elder Scrolls :)

    About inventory space ... All ES games have been like that, it is a challenge to an extent to make choices on what to and what not to loot and carry around etc.

    Being a packrat myself, I still have to assess this in ESO and probably make some hard choices along the way.
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  11. Thinking that the memories would fade with a specially mixed magical brew ... Not on this morning!


    So it is now off to see a new friend at the Rosy Lion Inn!
    I speak of the Inn Keeper, to catchup on the local town gossip.
    Entering the inn, the musty smell of brew and spew intertwined ...


    And so the day begins ...
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  12. After a long chat with the inn keeper who tells me of the many local rumors and woes in Daggerfall ...
    I rent a room to store my belongings ...

    A picture hanging on the wall on the first level of the tavern catches my eye.
    I stand and look on, amazed at its beauty, wondering what adventures I face ahead ...

    Thoughts enter my mind ...
    What does it all mean ...
    The prophet and his words of wisdom, the guilds and their follies, the ...

    Where am I headed, what is my destiny on Nirn in Mundus ...

    *stops and clears head of all thought*
    A voice in my head ... Breathe!

    ... Ah! ...

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  13. Nothing less than EPIC! Stroyline quest updates that are acted out for those quests set in history :)
    It adds to the being there feeling and seeing what really occured.

    This is just a sample, little happy snap from quest update 1, and another from 2 in searching the ruins:
    Thumbnails ... click to expand
    eso0029.jpg eso0030.jpg
  14. Did some sorting tonight, keeping in the bank mostly the crafting stuff I am going to work on later ... food/beverage ingredients, enchantment components, gems for trait crafting, etc.

    Keeping onhand the main crafting resources ... killed off all foods and beverages of a common & RP nature with little benefit to them as I will craft the better food/drinks later as required.

    All in all, feel a lot lighter now :) Lots of inventory space to spare once more *grin*


  15. Took a while but I have finally run into a daughter of Skyrim!

    A Nord for those wondering ... And she holds true to the Nord's way of life lol.

    I was asking her how many creatures she killed.

  16. Looking more into the passive abilities for armor;

    Even though it is very nice to go for a balanced approach (A bit of each type), I am starting to think for my play style that a focus on the number of items of the same type in set bonus being of a greater advantage to me ..

    . So back it is to all heavy armor for the level 8 set I crafted ... Still no traits yet, but will probably go mostly for focusing on the reinforced trait line and potentially one other, eg. The more powerful enchantment trait line;

    That is keeping mind how long it takes to research each trait line, for each piece of armor and armor type and likewise for weapons and shield etc.

    Then use enchantments for resists on armor, damage on weapons, and health/magic/stamina boost on jewelery etc.

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  17. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Well the ESO team does a pretty good job in updating their game. They started their update at 16:30 my time and now 20:00, 3,5 hours later I still can't log in. Pretty smart move to update the server during peak hours instead of somewhere during the morning when everybody is at work or at school.
  18. I agree that would be very irritating for those it affected.
    And the updates are quite lengthy. I have missed them each time, mostly being asleep when they occur.
    But would agree, I would be pissed too if it interupted prime gameplay time.
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