EF ubers harassing newbie oriented radio station

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Digit, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. The radio , vehicle , paint , donation , scam

    Was hanging out with some friends of mine at Sweat Camp when one of them mentioned there was some drama going on between themselves and some established characters in Entropia. This is nothing new to me. When I started I had people telling me outright that I should respect ubers because of their time spent, regardless of what kind of attitude they had. I figured it was more of the same, but when I navigated to the link there I found 19 pages of fiction, drama, and trash all pointing at some great conspiracy to rip off newbies or the Entropia community. Im not going to repost that garbage here, its all in the link if you want to wade into that quagmire.

    Now whats going on here? What I see is the established community polarizing itself based off of who is an established name vs those who are not. The established names are supporting one another, while the outsiders are scattered. But why is this happening? Lets take a look at the situation.

    In January I started playing EU. I spent alot of time at sweat camp, spending a good 6 weeks skilling off the combibo there, and another 3 days a week since then socializing with the various folks, offering heals, etc. During my beginning time Sweat Camp was boring. Lots of drama, lots of fights, lots of people ripping each other off. It was an environment of frustration.

    Then in late April / Early May an entertainer started holding small contests here. Really nothing more than a 1 or 2 PED being given away for answering questions like "what song is playing on my station now?" I won a few of these contests, and watched other newbies gather around and win as well. To me this was great. Newbies suddenly were not stressing over selling sweat. They now had options. They could sweat, hunt for fruit, or socialize to get started. All 3 options could earn them a small amount of PED, and life was good. This person held parties at his apartment as well, to which I sent my budding guild to attend as our first guild event. My girlfriend won a haircut, and some other folks won some great prizes including a P3a. All good newbie prizes, nothing extravagant.

    As I paid attention to this effort I started to realize this person was changing the face of Sweat Camp. People now view it as a place to hang out and have fun, much like Twin Peaks, or the old Atlas Haven (from what I have heard of it).

    Enter the opposition:

    There's an established group that has existed in EU for a long time. This group essentially started this game, and "grew up" supporting one another. Some faces from this group started appearing around sweat camp, and support was offered. By all observations on my end it seemed quite mutual.

    When cars were released though this all changed. The entertainer at swamp camp got his first few large donations, mostly from people like myself who had been listening to his station and watching his effort change the first few steps of the Entropian Experience for new players. These donations escalated as people started competing with each other for that valuable on the air mention, and cars were donated, sometimes a few a week.

    With newbies getting cars some drama started happening. Why? In my opinion its because the cars are a hot ticket item, and giving them away is a great way to advertise. Its also an expensive way to advertise. If a business is used to making money on a very tight margin, the cars might just tip that balance out of their particular favor.

    Now we have accusations of scams against this person. In all honesty I dont know everything thats been said. I dont want to know. What I do know is this:

    He has improved the newbie experience
    He has added enthusiasm for entropia to swamp camp rather than just stress over the bottom line
    He has given newbies something to do that is actually social, rather use them to boost his society numbers.
    He has made many new players days by making items available to them that they would have had to work many hours or even weeks for otherwise.

    To try to turn this effort into something negative is in my opinion nothing short of waging war against the Entropian Newbie for the sake of personal pride.

    I find it very distasteful, and am sure others are also sickened by this childish display of High School clique mentality. This is not Beverly Hills 90210. That folks want to act like it is... well that's just shameful.
  2. Derid

    Derid Lost Newbie

    So, who's Sherlock Holmes??? :lolup:

    It's difficult to believe what is true or not.
  3. Derid

    Derid Lost Newbie

    Damn! Was I that easy to figure out? :wave:

    In all seriousness though its not that hard to see whats happening. Whats harder is accepting that people who are otherwise trustworthy would be involved in the shaming of another individual for their own personal gain.

    Its not a coincidence that this started happening after the release of vehicles. The vehicles changed alot of how Entropia interacts on some basic levels. People are having trouble adapting to the changing climate, and at the moment are finding the blame game the path of least resistance. These people erroneously think that if they can stop the vehicle giveaways their own efforts will have renewed purpose.

    As for the accusations that items won are not of full value, or are given to his alts or cronies, 8 folks in my society have won various prizes, including 2 cars (I tried for one of those cars, but didnt win!). We generally are very group oriented, a bunch of us go to these events, and we have large hunt groups doing other things --- so Im pretty sure none of us are alts of his, nor are we his cronies. Ive never heard one complaint from my members about prizes hes given out.
  4. Derid

    Derid Lost Newbie

    lol you replied before I changed it :D ... should I change it back now?? :headscratch:
  5. Derid

    Derid Lost Newbie

    lmao. It was funnier the other way! :nutkick:
  6. Derid

    Derid Lost Newbie

    Doesn't really seem like either side has clean hands.

    Sherlock has a few holes in his story as well as hiding behind an alt.
    I have a hard time believing the 1000s of ped being donated.
    I also don't understand what he was saying about expensive (L) items being substituted for with the same tt items. That doesn't make sense and doesn't seem how an "uber" would word it.

    The radio personality does have his own flaws as well though.
    Ive seen him quite rude to people around twins in the past.
    A lot of what people were saying in that thread rang true with what I had heard from people previously to this posting.

    Both sides seem to be defended by forum accounts with no history which makes me question both sides as well.

    I think its very possible that there is a bit of truth in what each of them is saying. There are alot of crude, rude, selfish and inappropriate people in this game but even the worst can have a desire to help in their own way. I am guessing that poor people skills and questionable buisness practices pissed someone off who then made the alt account and exagerated what he saw/knows because of emotions, likely beleiving what he posted.
    Its also likely that the radio host believes the stuff he says about the other more established players even though we know that most of it isn't true.

    When people get heated they say things that can get out of hand very quickly.

    About your past on the forums Magyar, just because someone is active on the forums doesn't make them uber. I was one of the people that argued with you as well as a couple of guys from my soc, none of us are uber. (just as an example)

    Im tired, so hopefully didn't just write anything offensive,

    off to bed with me ;) have fun

  7. Derid

    Derid Lost Newbie

    Just read the mod's post about how uncool it us to use an alt account, and how uncool it is to say something negative about a moderator.

    Wtf is this bullshit? No really, just because you're a mod doesn't make you any less reason to be suspicious, It just might have been me who have been raised to ask questions and don't be gullible but really.

    A moderator stamp proves nothing.

    I'm not implying anything here, I'm not saying peter, lykke and you other EP mods are bad people, and I don't think that you are.
    But being a moderator doesn't change the fact that you're a human, and there is always greed.

    And you, magyar or sherlock holmes had allready told them WHY you used an alt account a very very fair reason that I thought most people would agree with.
    Look at Julian Assange, he's a whistleblower to and he has gotten in a lot of crap for doing the right thing.

    Great work, I get off on wikileaks news and I get off on this as well! ;D I love when dirty things come up to the surface.
  8. Derid

    Derid Lost Newbie

    It's sad that so many have been taken in by Calyptoranius' salesman spiel.

    I have first hand experience of him using intimidation and blackmailing tactics to get people to pay him for advertising on the station, and have heard the same from others.

    The ads for get-rick-quick schemes posted all over his websites should be a clue to his true character.
  9. Eva


    can anyone post which these persons are involved in the drama? I read the EF post when it was posted but got sick to read it as I never understood who did that or didn't do that...
  10. I rarely come in Twin and even more rarely come in Sweat camp.

    But through the grapevine the person is not known to be a nice guy. This is through people already years ingame.

    Just the fact that it is specifically targeted at people around sweat camp already would give me to think. This is the most easy target group of people there is in EU. This because these people are not yet aware fully aware just how low some people who 'play' this game will go to scam of other people their hard earned peds.

    The fact that there is no public message of the station even existing so that all of the community can join in is another thing that can make you think twice.

    The fact that all of the defense comes from new avatars with no posting history prior and not even showing the avatar/soc name says also a lot.

    If they would be good guys they would say that due to the inability to prove that they returned all donation as rewards they will suspend this and no longer accept donations and stop handing out rewards. And at the same time keep their shows up. I somehow seriously doubt that both things will happen.

  11. those scammers make me sick in my tummy to think about people robbing and hurting other people just to advance them self.

    I have no idea which people did that kind of thing but it makes me sad just to think of it.

    I hope that nonsense ends soon though

  12. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Whatever happened to "screenies or it didn't happen"

    Quagmire is a great word by the way Magyar.
  13. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Yep. That pretty much covers it.
  14. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Im pretty sure we can all say at this point that there are at least two separate "grapevines." The person at the center of this is your typical Entropian. Nothing more and nothing less. As for people who have spent years ingame, this means what, exactly? Does their tenure somehow make them above engaging in personal squabbles to benefit themselves? I might contend that it makes them adept at such things -- and being proven survivors of market manipulations, underhanded tactics, and raw black politics they would be open to their own fair share of suspicion.:poke: Not that all venerable players are bad, just pointing out that age does not always equal virtue.

    Nobody is "targeted." His listener base is at Sweat Camp, this is where he gives items away. Hes not taking items from newbies. Hes giving them items.

    Public message? You mean that he hasnt paid FPC/MA to have a banner on the login screen? I think having a website up where one can simply /whois his ID is pretty public. If he is using his site for anything illegal it can and will be shut down. MA/FPC can also intervene here and contact the provider requesting the removal of the site from public access if it can be linked to breaking the TOS. The TOS are considered a legal and binding contract that you sign in order to access EU.

    Not a fact. Im happy to stick up for him. My avatar name is displayed. My society name is displayed. My website is linked at the bottom, but if you need that in print: www.laudanumonline.com

    There, now you have an avatar with a posting history, society name, and affiliation. No more 'fact' not that there ever was one.

    Why should they suspend their fun on account of someone elses bad attitude? Frankly sweat camp is a better place with this service there. People actually have fun at Sweat Camp now instead of gripe with each other about how so and so is ripping off whats his face. People are no longer faced with complaints about the bottom line as the only topic of conversation, and newbies are quickly introduced into the greater social possibilities of EU.

    I find claims of extortion and blackmail by players against this individual to be laughable. :whiner:How can you extort someone over a video game? Really think about it. Is this guy with level 18 laser sniper really that fearsome? And whats this about blackmail? Does this person actually know something these folks dont want to have aired? If this is true, and its so serious that theyre actually willing to pay him to not disclose it, well... thats their own damn fault, and goes to show that some other folks have been playing the game with an unfair hand for some time. If this is true then perhaps justice is being served! :lolup:

    But really, Im not actually saying this could be happening. I dont believe it is. I think that its a bit of a joke to claim that someone is trying to cyber bully anyone around, and Im making fun of the entire scenario. :bduh: In all seriousness, threats over a video game are not threats at all. If your precious PED is being threatened by anyone then the strategy is simple --- let them undercut you and take the loss. After they are done bleeding their PED card dry, put your items back up for sale as normal.

    Get some perspective guys. I think this entire political situation is likely damaging you more than any unverified claims of blackmail by an internet radio DJ.;)

    Radio DJ to Entropian Ubers: "I will find where you live and fill your house with the stink of sea bass unless you immediately pay me 1 Entropian Car. I will also tell your neighbors that you have smelly farts if you do not pay me the sum of 10 opalo's."
  15. Anybody that intentionally shoots Alice during a TP run loses major points in my book.
  16. If you look at Ranphas recitation of the events she actually says she shot first. I believe its on page 21 or 22 of that ridiculous thread.

    There's alot of victim cards being played here. Some dude in that thread even went so far as to offer a rather detailed psychoanalysis of Calypto in an attempt to discredit him through clinical diagnosis. Not only would a real doctor not do this, but a real doctor would be aware that doing so, even over the internet, is a violation of his hippocratic oath (something all practitioners of medicine whether physical or mental must take) and is cause for his license to be brought under a reviewing panel.

    Why do I say this? Its simple. Nobody's hands are totally clean. Im sure Calypto pissed someone off somehow. I offer a theory on how he angered the establishment in this thread, but in the end its only a theory. If true nobody will admit to it, and if false people will still always wonder. Ranpha's bullets werent the only shots she fired first. She came by sweat camp about 5 weeks ago with the sole purpose of calling Calypto and his partygoers trash, and has maintained a presence there since then along with Stave and others monitoring his activities. Im not sure anyone who was paying attention didnt see a threat there, and doesnt as a result of those actions in some way see "Sherlock Holmes" as making good on the implied threats. Now the political dogs of war have been unleashed, and these individuals will stop at nothing to ruin another players reputation. My personal belief is that they do not have good intention here, but are motivated by the same greed they accuse Calypto of. Whether others share that belief is up to them.

    Everyone has their role in this particular drama. The only victims here, unfortunately, are the community members as we are once again fated to be polarized over an issue that at its core has to do with money and where a few key characters think our money should be going.
  17. He has attempted to blackmail me and at least one other event promoter. You don't have to believe me (and I don't have chat logs as proof or anything like that), but you are being astonishingly naive in thinking that cyber-blackmail and cyber-bullying are not possible or do not exist.

    I'm sure someone can help me out here by posting links to the news stories about people who have died as a result of cyber-bullying and similiar circumstances in other games.

    My only motivation in saying any of this is that I spend a great deal of my time in EU, and I would like to have as few scammers, liars, bullies and criminals as possible.
  18. I think we share the same motivation here. I see Calypto and his listeners being bullied. I will write a full expose on this bullying shortly. In the meantime this is a sample of my collected evidence.

    A few of Calyptos supporters getting warmly recieved by the friendly community at Entropia Forum



    Entropia Forum members using psychological warfare in the form of false psychoanalytics to attack community members, accusing those members of mental illness.


    I'll go into more detail in my own piece, which will include interviews from both sides, as long as they are willing to talk to me. Lets just say the cyber bullying looks to be at the very least a two way street. As for the lies and the scams I have 2 members of my society who are driving around happily in their cars won on Club Calypto radio, I have won PED and items that I have distributed amongst the community, my girlfriend has won a haircut, and 4 other members have won various items including armor, PED, ammunition, guns, and clothing.

    These items have not been sold as the accuser claims, nor have any of my personal donations been solicited in any form.

    The claims are utterly false from my perspective. My members have done nothing but enjoy what Club Calypto has done for sweat camp over the last few months.

    Could I be wrong? Perhaps. A little proof would go a long way. My experiences with this station run contrary to what the claims being made would seem to describe.

    What did he attempt to blackmail you on? Was it something you would have considered worth "paying cars for silence" for? Ive heard lots of accusations of blackmail, but without the actual blackmailing stories being told they all ring rather hollow.


    A small addition. There now is personal info of Al Radioman Shepherd, Calyptos partner, published on Entropia Forum. If this doesnt fall above and beyond naming and shaming, and straight up into bannable offenses and immoral conduct, well... you be the judge. All I can say is saying the whois is avaialble is one thing. Publicly posting the info so that the live person can be harassed is another.
  19. And why exactly is this being discussed here?
    Please keep the bullshit away from EP.
  20. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    This is something that needs to be dealt with by the community. We have a case here where community members are blatantly abusing other community members, and where this is being allowed to happen. Im not the type of person who will stick my head in the sand like an ostrich. It doesnt help anything, all it does is get your bottom dirty from all the mud being slung about.

    Besides, its under the appropriate discussion topic: Conspiracy theories. This obviously is a conspiracy theory of epic proportions inside of Entropia Universe. Why shouldnt it be discussed?
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