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  1. MindStar9

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    OMG ... I was cruising through my cable channels the other night and came across this program called "Duck Dynasty" ... at the same time, I got a text from Mom, so I stopped on this channel while I responded to her.

    While I was preparing the text, I was distracted by the program and what these guys were doing and saying, and I thought I was going to lose it. It's so stupid it's bordering on brilliant, and I don't think I ever finished the text. :tongueout:

    These guys are multi-millionaire, self-proclaimed Rednecks (there's no doubt in my mind that they are, and no disrespect intended whatsoever), and made their wealth from creating and selling duck calls.

    There was a marathon going on and I had to record every 30 minute episode, because it's just about a laugh or two a minute and all you can do most of the time is just sit there and shake your head.

    This is a family affair, and these guys are ... well, you figure it out for yourself if you're so inclined to have a watch. It's hysterical. :biggrin:

    Forgot to mention that at the end of each episode there's food for thought.

    Oh, and the show's theme track is "Sharp-Dressed Man" by ZZ Top!
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  2. Yeah I caught an episode or two of that. it is a bit like a train wreck. you can't help but watch every minute of it. :)
  3. Checking it out :biggrin:

    Update can't play it in my area.
  4. GeorgeSkywalker

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    guess it's these guys:
  5. MindStar9

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    That's them, and yes, I have to agree eoden, they are a train wreck, but you just can't help watching. I consider myself a decent writer, but ya know what ... I think I would be hard-pressed to write a summary of these guys. Now, something else I might be able to do that may be more useful is, clear the magazines off my sofa. TwoThumbsUp.gif

    Who do you know that can circumcise a watermelon and castrate a tomato in mid-air with a samurai sword. xxxlaugh.gif


    Thanks for posting the video clip Ace, but a minute really doesn't do them justice. This is a full-on reality show, and you have to give yourself an opportunity to capture the flavor of these nutbars in action. Some of the crazy-ass stuff that they do is really out there, and the natural chatter among everyone is what does it for me - they are certifiable.

    The matriarch of this clan even admits in an episode that there is mental illness on both her side and her husband's side of the family, and says that's probably why their boys turned out the way they did.


    I do enjoy watching this series, because it makes me laugh.
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  6. Puck

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    Look under the hood and you'll discover multiple, college educated (some post grad) individuals. Don't let the Suthun drawl fool ye... these are some wickedly intelligent GOB's well trained in the art of laying it on thick. And they also know a thing or two about marketing a unique, patented hunting tool.
  7. MindStar9

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    I couldn't agree with you more Puck, and when I said it was so stupid is was bordering on brilliant, I meant it, because these guys are not only wildly entertaining, they definitely got it together, in their own quirky way. I think Si has to be my favorite character of them all, because he's just so "out there" and cracks me up.

    Willie's father (patriarch of the family) definitely has an understanding about women :laugh: ... but it totally works for him, and why they've been married for 47 years I think. At the end of each 30-minute episode, there's always a lesson to be learned, which is rather nice ... especially to see how the family comes together to celebrate life.

    Many may dismiss it, but it's incredibly entertaining and fun ... it's a nice diversion at times ... I'm glad I stumbled upon it when I did. :biggrin:

    And yes, they definitely made their mark with the patented hunting tool for sure.
  8. Maybe they can team up with Mindark and convert the decoys in to something that really work?
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