Dropping in to say HI to all with a quick update on RL!

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  1. Hi All,

    I hope everyone is doing ok.

    I have been great as of late, mainly doing exercise on my new treadmill and playing Fallen Earth :)

    As you probably are aware, I left Entropia to pursue some IRL goals of fitness and buying some new things.

    So far I have achieved a few of these goals with the money I have saved from not playing Entropia as of late.

    - New Treadmill
    - New small car

    And now I am on a quest to build the ultimate home theater system - 3D with 9.2 surround sound ..... yes I have gone nuts in my pursue for the ultimate cinematic experience and am going all out to renovate my room physically to cater for it.

    The build is expected to cost around 30k AUD (~ 33k USD)

    Ontop of that I have just upgraded my computer again too, well actually I built a whole new one so I have 2 now lol, using the old one for video work and the new one for gaming.

    The new system is a 3930K Socket 2011, 680GTX, 64Gb Memory, 8 TB (4 x 2) HDD and full 3d Asus Bluray & Samsung 27" 3d Monitor. I run both WIndows 8 consumer preview on it and the new Ubuntu which is in beta 2.

    Anyhow, other than that life has been treating me well - My health is improving, my finances are healthy and I have new things to spend those finances on (My dream video/audio/gaming setups).

    I will post more once I have more information on the new 3D Cinema setup :)

    Actually I will psot some random things in this thread that I am looking at.
    Any suggestions on alternatives would be great and appreciated.

    Cheers for now,
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  2. Some of the things I am looking at.

    BenQ W7000 3D Professional Home Cinema Projector ~ 2.5k aud
    Link - http://www.benq.com.au/product/projector/w7000/specifications


    LP Morgan CineThearter Screen (Fixed) 2.35:1 Blockbuster aspect ratio ~2k AUD
    Link - http://www.lpmorgan.com.au/novares_product.html
    Novares Screen - 132" (3095mm x 1290mm)

    Pioneer 9.2 Channel HDMI 1.4 3D AV Receiver ~ 3.5k
    Link - http://www.pioneer.com.au/au/products/42/98/405/SC-LX85/index.html


    Speakers, yet to be determined, looking to spend no more than ~ 5k AUD combined on the 9.2 speaker setup
  3. The room I am ripping out all the wall and cieling material and replacing it with vanished timber panels along with installing cinema style lighting.

    2 Cinema chairs will fit in the room perfectly for best viewing and sound experience.


    Both PCs + Monster 3000VA 2700W UPS will be stacked (Not rackmounted) but in a side wall cabinet that is being designed by Interior designers.

    And the front wall of the room is also being interior designed to look a little like this setup ... well kind of, mine is a little more unique.

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  4. Anyway, once this is all done, I will likely return to once again spend money on Entropia with a new Cinema come PC gaming room :thumbsup:
  5. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    good to hear you are doing so well and the stuff you have spend your EU money on sounds pretty cool. Be sure to post some pics of the finished cinema room !
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  6. Sr Torz Man

    Sr Torz Man Freelanser

    Good luck with your new system, I think it will be great. just a little jealous :)

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  7. Hiya Torzman :)

    Thanks bud! Hope your enjoying FE too, see you ingame :D

    New developments after much research and reviews done on projector products.
    It seems that the Panasonic PT-AE7000 is the best product out in front in these reviews.

    It is slightly more expensive but worth the extra dollars.

    Cost ~ $ 4200 AUD RRP
    Link - http://www.panasonic.com.au/Products/Projectors/Home+Theatre/PT-AE7000/Overview


    I am also keeping to the Pioneer sound system, some bad reviews have set me off the Onkyo path, also lately they have had certain models shutting down due to problems.

    So far:

    1. Panasonic PT-AE7000 ~ 4,200 RRP
    2. Pioneer 9.2 Channel HDMI 1.4 3D AV Receiver ~ 3,500 AUD
    3. Cinema Seating ~ 2,200 AUD RRP
    4. Speaker setup - To be determined, 9 speakers.

    5. Room renovations:

    So far I have selected the provider for timber products:

    Link - http://www.glosswood.com.au/?page_id=112

    Thinking of Jarrah timber - gloss finish - at this time.

    Now to get a professional tradesman in to quote me on doing the work,
    Fun times ahead :)

  8. WOOT WOOT :woohoo: WOOT WOOT !

    Totally exciting news, Fibre 100 Mbit will be installed in my area in a few months time! I will most definitely be one of the first subscribers to it in my area :cool (2):

    Link - http://www.nbnco.com.au/index.html?icid=pub:hme::men:hme

    I can hardly wait, here is a breakdown on the Australian Broadband Network:

  9. Ok this I may need some help with if there are any audio buffs out there.

    The sound system I am getting supports:

    1. Standard L, R & Centre Speakers
    2. L & R - High Speakers
    3. L & R - Wide Speakers
    4. L & R - Side Surround Speakers
    5. L & R - Rear Surround Speakers
    6. 2 x Subwoofers

    I was looking to spend no more than 5,000 AUD on speakers, but if it compremises quality, I am willing to go further and spend upto 7,500 AUD

    The company I wish to go with is local to me - Jensen speakers XR Series.

    This is the manufacturers link here, Link - http://www.jensenspeakers.com.au/page/shop/browse/a/category/e/products_xrseries

    The help I need is how much power should I be putting into the L & R High speakers (Mainly for overhead sounds). I am worried if I go too low spec, that I could blow them wiht the volume turne dup too high.

    I know the L & R Wide speakers need to handle as much as the L & R standard speakers though people are unsure that I have spoken to how much can potentially go through the overhead (L & R High) speakers.

    Logically I am thinking it would be the same as the L & R / L & R Wide, so the same.

    Anyway here is some pics & Pricing:

    894e8cd67833c4cc562443d0c66e79f8.jpg x 1 ~ 500 AUD

    7ddfec9bcf3139665429180154b4d4b6.jpg x 3 Pair ~ 1,400 AUD per pair, Total = 4,200 AUD

    9cc81faaaf50e69f6a5fc68f4fe78e4b.jpg x 2 pair ~ 450 AUD per pair, Total = 900 AUD

    3c4cb10b23d31fcae1f4902174286c04.jpg x 2 (Still thinking if this will be needed) ~ 1,100 AUD

    So all up = 500 + 4,200 + 900 = $ 5,600 (The subs I can always get later)

    10 year warranty on all speakers mentioned above.

    So what do people think, any suggestions, speakers are a grey area to me, but are one of the most important parts of this setup.
  10. Wow this is wierd, it seems the Pioneer being 9.2, 9 channels + 2 subwoofer channels supports the new 11.2 (Audessey DSX or DTS Neo:X formats) 11 speakers & 2 subs (You learn a lot from the audio forums)

    What 11.2 is, is supporting both the L & R High and L & R Wide simultaneously.

    Youtube was my friend and I found out a bit more:

    Pioneer rear setup ..


  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Both Denon and Pioneer make high-quality audio products. When I DJ'd, Pioneer had top of the line single CD-Players (CDJ-350), while dEnon was well-known for their double-CD players.

    Last year I picked me up a single-loading CD-player fgrom Denon, the DN-S1200, and it's an awesome piece of kit.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either of the two brands. Denon seems to be somewhat cheaper, generally speaking, where Pioneer delivers more robustness (for the DJ gear, anyway).
  12. Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the update, lol I almost thought I had lost everyone.

    Well today I went down to Sydney, just got back now and went through a tour of the Onkyo, Pioneer and Yamaha showrooms ... OMFG is all I can say.

    Onkyo came out in front, so I am totally sold on it.
    I also got an official letterhead from the distributor saying if I buy Onkyo that I will have no isses with replacement within the first 12 months if the kit dies. Yamaha & Pioneer have no such offering.

    So now we have revised and I have place a temporary (on hold order) with 4 weeks cooldown period on the kit ...

    Onkyo TX-NR5009
    Onkyo BD-SP809
    Onkyo 11.2 speaker setup (with an additional centre speaker - hey it was cheaper)

    Panasonic PT-AE7000
    LP Morgan Cinetheatre 113" fixed frame screen.

    Cables and do-dads

    Total 17,800 with delivery and installation

    Pretty certain I will go with this, the house renovation are costing $20 per board, 250 boards required + 65 hour work ~ 40 hours work.


    PS. I uploaded some PDFs

    Attached Files:

  13. Hey All,

    Things are now underway .... I got the quote in for the glosswood, it came out to:
    $ 4,900 materials, $ 200 garbage removal, $ 1,600 Labour.

    However I am not happy with the glosswood material being $ 20 AUD per board.
    3600 x 90 x only 9 mm thick - Flimsy as shit.

    So now I have spoken to the carpenter and we will be going with Tasmanian Oak
    3600 x 135 x 19 mm thick - Tough stuff @ 45 AUD per board.

    Sure its about 25% more expensive once you calculate it per metre square, but is well worth it. We will no longer need to put support battons behind the walls to support it.

    So all in all it should cost aroudn the same.

    It is "Dressed All Round" but not stained/finished.

    I will get that done once we do stage 2 - Rack Cabinet, table and Cinema wall.

    I should have the new quote in tomorrow sometime :)

  14. Sr Torz Man

    Sr Torz Man Freelanser

    You must send a photo when it is finished :)

  15. Will do Torzman,

    We (my brother and I) are reconsidering a different asthetic aproach atm to see how much cheaper it will be.

    The room needs to be solid so we can mount stuff on walls and from the ceiling.

    At this point we are checking out a cheaper, 5 ply one good side (looks awesome) 2400 x 1200 x 12mm solution which we will sand back and paint rather than gyprock which is not a solid solution. And the possibility of either a floating floor or carpet.

    So it will look a little more like the pic I posted originally now if we go that way.

    Cutting down on costs, 9,000 seems a little overkill on getting walls & ceiling done all in timber, we would like to see it down to $ 2,500 or so using the ply solution - Hence leaving more funds left over for a floating floor/carpet and phase 2 of the constuction.

    So the room will look a lot more like this again, but without the huge box edging around the cieling:

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