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  1. Think his name is ke Nordsj, Nordia Law. Nordia Law is the firm anyway but I cant look up the name but its the first name that pops up in my head

    Socmate of mine asked Sacklitch how this could have happened since he was told by Sacklitch that he n Rilort was IRL friends.

    Sacklitch said they werent IRL friends, a change of story
  2. when this happened i mean sacklitch told they werent IRL friends?
  3. It was the butler in the den with a candlestick!
  4. My friend said Sacklitch claimed to not know Rilort IRL, which threw both of us off. Maybe it was a misunderstanding but it did feel fishy
  5. aridash

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    question from this... in what way is the lawyer "keen" on the EULA and ToU for EU? does that mean he is happy with it and to work with it, or he is keen to make a test case against it?
  6. Yes but according to this thread they are pals living like 30km from each other. If I lived that close to someone cheating a soc mate - Id surely go there with a bat and beat him up... :nunchucks:

  7. Guys, anyone care to elaborate on what MA got to do with this?

    Rep closed a contract with Rilort, lending him stuff.

    All a lawyer could want from MA is the registered RL address from Rilort/Sacklitch/Sumah.

    Even if the EULA doesn't hold water, it is a bloody joke to go against Mindark, and a Lawyer planning to do so just wants some free publicity (just imagine the headlines) and gets even 800$ for that.


    Oh, and i mentioned it before, but the 4 victims can only sue Rilort, Rilort is the one who has to sue the scammer - so EntropiaLaw wants donations for the WRONG person.

    The scammer, whoever it was, took stuff from Rilort, that this stuff was lent out doesn't really matter here, as it was under Rilorts control at the time of the scam, and Rilort being responsible for the items. The 4 person can sue Rilort (only) to get the lent out items back, but well, if they havent even set up a return time, this is no going to have much success.


    And btw. 800$ / 4 (victims) = 200$ - correct me if i am wrong...
  8. I just submited my 10 Euros contribution to this. Lets see where this goes;)

    Ukash code for 10 Euros Pmed to EntropiaLaw. Confirmation recieved, donation done.

    I hope this helps Spin. Every little bit counts.

    If this is succesfull EL, we may talk about my case later ok?:deal:
  9. Thank you, we have given the code to the shop owner, and added you as a donator to the site.

    In futur we do ask however to make all donations via the shop or contact the shop owner for donations by other means.
  10. Have you also asked joe jeff xXSqUaLLXx to register here, Spin and Entropia Law?:deal:
    Putt it this way, its an extra marketting platform for him;)

    Respect your Fan-Base Joe, join this forum, we all like to keep tabs on your goldies, hofs and ATHs. It inspires.:bowdown:

    :vampire:This is the forum for pro-gamers, it rocks.:headbang:

    Mabe share some mining wisdom for the next generation, at your own discretion ofc.:wise:
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    Baltic Inkasso was known to be good to handle this kind of situations.
    But I dont think they are in the business any more.

    But even if they come to talk with you in russian Im sure anyone will get the message.:p
  12. Easy on those colors Shinobi... Hurts my eyes :cry:
  13. ye , two very big scar-faced bad-ass dudes, twitchy, Impecably dressed with armani suits and strapped with 9 mils, will cause just bout anyone to shit bricks.:eek::shoot:

    Sorry bout the :shock:and :cry: Tom, meant well :yay:
  14. i want to inform you that i cannot reach to Entropia Forum at the moment it loads another page and i think its a DNS problem can any of you inform them of this situation please?
  15. ok its fixed by now
  16. :rofl::lolup::lam::jump:
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    Hmmm where to start with this. There are a whole lot of things you have got wrong.
  18. Not really, I would say he is fairly correct. MindArk has no liability in this case, its not their fault Rilort supposedly compromised his account.

    There is only 1 guy that is legally responsible as far as I can see and thats Rilort so that must be the main target for a lawsuit:deal:
  19. GeorgeSkywalker

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    I doubt spin would be taking MA to court.

    The only person legally responsible is Rilort. The account owner to whome the items were lent.
  20. Um, that's exactly what Knuckles just said. :confused:
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