Donate towards Spin Rep Pitt?s legal fees

Discussion in 'Entropia Legal' started by EP-Newsbot, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Ye Tom, sheesh, you shouldnt have donated that fast, I am hessitant. Warned you, the geek is on the case. :spank:
  2. Ok whatever, maybe Im wrong. I dont check EF - its a rotten place anyway in my books. He might be posting there, and if he does, I understand why he wouldn't post in multiple forums anyway... So go there and ask :P
  3. Ye well Tom my M8 ;) Donate to a newb like I do, Justin Thyme Experiment, and have done in the past, not Ubahs. Makes you feel better my friend. Try it. At least you know for sure you peds are put to good use in skilling.
  4. We have updated the article on our website with a better explanation of what Rep's initial legal action aims to achieve.

    Details of the lawfirm involved, as well as the exact action taken will be posted on our website in our next post.

    EntropiaLaw will not be touching any of the PED donated, they will go directly from the shop owner to Rep himself.
  5. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

    Who is EntropiaLaw that is the question if you dont identify you are no better than a 10 minute old beggar in Port Atlantis
  6. And Spin Repp Pitts response to our invite here?????!!!!!!:lam:
  7. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    if he/she is not willing to identify themselves then i'm afraid it's worse than a begger but it's likely to be an elaborate scam.
  8. Exactly and Spin Repp Pitt showing up here, would ofcs only improve his chances of collecting enough peds, fast for his cause, exponentially so.:deal: I dont get it.:lolup: Very obvious scam for personal gaming pleasure fund.:bduh: If its genuine he should comply,and that would prove and convince.:handjob:

    And.......What evidence was submitted regarding the case???? Like , was PM recordings implimented during scam? Frapshots? Witnesses? Anything? Care to elaborate any details at All? Let the jury by the peops/community, decide properly on a public forum of his peers!:coffee:

    We...The People of this Forum, are NOT fools! The membership pool, encompass a wide veriety of talent, dont underestimate. You have been warned, Let the witnesses step forward please.:wise:

    This does not suffice, just wont fly here:

    The submitter has asked for anonymity. We do know the real names as well as the avatar names, but because of the anonymity request we will simply call them player A and player B.
    Player A had a pending court case that he claimed would net him over a million British pounds. He had built up a lot of trust with people, and he had also given out details of his court case in the form of documents and correspondence with his lawyer. He had borrowed many items in the past and had always returned everything given to him. Many people had lent him both PED and items, and he promised to return everything within a few months which was when his court case was supposed to pay out. After over half a year of promises, most people assumed that they would never see any of their PED or items ever again, and some considered him a scammer.
    Player B who had lent him 300 000 PED decided to take legal action against him, as Player A resided in the UK he was able to file a money claim online at Player A never replied to the money claim within the allocated time, and a default judgment was given against him. This meant that Player B now had legal proof that the money was owed to him. As he still did not have the money owed to him, he had the courts send bailiffs to Player As house to try and retrieve the money. They were, however, unable to get anything. Player B then hired a lawyer to get him his money, and an agreement was shortly made with Player As lawyer.
    Player As court case did finally pay out after roughly 2 years, and according to our sources he did pay back some of his ingame debts, even to people who did not take any legal action against him, so Player B might have been able to retrieve the money without going to court. The money claim did however legalize the debt, and Player A would have had to pay back Player B regardless of the circumstances.
    If you have the full name and address of someone living in the UK who owes you money in Entropia or otherwise, then a money claim can be made relatively easily and cheaply at Should the other party fight the claim, then the dispute will be taken to the small claims court where each party can make their arguments free of lawyers.
    While the claiming process might not be as easy in other countries as it is in the UK, most countries have a small claims court that one can make use of without the need to hire expensive lawyers. In the near future we plan to add a list of rules for various countries on how to initiate a case in the small claims court. EntropiaLaw will be happy to help you find information and help you to prepare your case if someone owes you money in the Entropia Universe.

    Being a member of this forum also, how about sitting down, take your time behind your pc, and construct a nice presentation specially catered for this forum. Also get those involved to register, otherwise your effords, mean squat!
  9. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    Putting your proof in the open is most likely the dumbest thing to do if you want to take it to court.

    This case wont be judged by the community. So dont pretend we have a right to know.

    Keep it nice and basic.

    Either you care and want to donate, Or not.
    If not, run along.
    If you do, make the decision wether you trust Squal to hand over the peds to rep, and Rep to use them for legal fees.
    If you do, Donate.
    If you dont, Dont, run along.

    Its really that simple. Nowhere is there any mention of givin out every single detail before any appropriate actiong has been taken.

    EntropiaLaw, DOES NOT touch the peds himself, (Unless he is Rep 2d avie). Which would be almost impossible as Rep's english is terrible..

    EntropiaLaw, wants to be an anymous medium for reporting on legal issues regrding entropia and post about this on his site. On the side he cares about trying to get a confirmed legal precendent regarding entropia. Nothing wrong with that.

    So people stop acting like a bunch of bloodhounds. Leave the thread alone if u have nothing usefull to post.

    And if u disagree with the motives, make a thread about it..

  10. mmmm, Have you donated yet? :kos:Dont see your name on the list. Have We missed something? Thought I saw this entire thread moved to the Black hole.:dunno: Your name as Donator, yet to be published perhaps? talk is cheap. I am still considdering to, but hessitant. I stand with my previous statement, those involved wanting cash from here, gotto register, it is the very least expected of them, in proffesional courtecy. Carry on:coffee:.
  11. Hi all

    well i am in the process of preparing an e-mail for the lawyer from Gothenburg so busy however feel free to ask me questions :coffee:
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  12. Welcome Old friend, I missed you very much. I am sure the community will have some Q 4 ya;) Allow me to let your arrival here sink in phew;)

    My Question:

    Knowing you, why are you strapped for cash? A lot of time has elapsed for me, have you hit rock bottom then?:openmouth:And knowing you as a person of integrity, with evidence in your favor etc. I dont see why any lawyer wouldnt take your case on "Pro-bonno"?:deal: BTW I have no probs donating, I was in fact considdering to.
  13. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    Have I been ingame since yesterday. And im up at cp.

    Besides its my own desicion if I want to do so and dont need someone trying to impose moral values upon me.

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  14. well entropia law has suggested me a lawyer from Gothenburg and is keen on the Eula and Tou of EU so i decided to choose him.
  15. Young lady. If ever i should get my arse in-game ever again by pure luck, you"re in my sights at rig. Spin Rep Pitt once said i should take out a sqaud of ck noobs, to be considdered membership. :rofl:

    Now where were we standing when you told me Spin, can you remember, i cant?:headscratch:
  16. I personally think its wrong to just let it be when the scammer is still in cK, dont you think?

    Whats gonna happen?
    Why isnt Rilort kicked?
    When is Rilort getting sued?
    Why isnt Sacklitch and Rilort IRL buddies now even though they said they were before?

  17. If its the same one that represented Nostrop some month ago then I think its a great one:bigsmile:

    I mean Nostrops items was the only items not reversed in the "unban mishap" from MindArk.
  18. Exactly! It is a temp ban and temp account suspension for duration of investigation. The usual Modus operandi of Mindark.:jump:+rep
    The righteous fairness of Mindark Law.....
  19. Knuckles do you have any more lawyer names that you can suggest to me?
  20. when they said they are not IRL buddies enlighten me please
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