Donate towards Spin Rep Pitt?s legal fees

Discussion in 'Entropia Legal' started by EP-Newsbot, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Well, its not a community problem..

    I would say 99% of the community, are wise enough not to lend out expensive items w.o collateral.. So i definatly wouldent say its a community problem.

    Rep being scammed does not effect the community either, so i still dont see how its a community problem.

    And i just took a guess that there are 70 members? 8000 / 70 = 114ped each.


    And i know you will say about future scamming, and EU law etc.. but the fact is, rep could EASILY get 8000ped, just by selling 1 part of his armor. Just seems a little unnecessary, to be asking people for donations.
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  3. I'm talking about the donation for legal fees, not the market value of items stolen.
  4. Atlan Leticron

    Atlan Leticron Postmoderna pixel pusher

    So as I understand, If I dont donate I am respectless and its in the end my own loss???

    Well I dont donate, for the simple facts.
    I only see this whole story from one side, not all facts are on the table and some Entropia Law asks money.

    They might have good intentions, no doubt.
    But I never give my money to persons/company's or whatever which I dont know.
    And as long as EL is shrouded in clouds and darkness about there identity, they wont get my money. No matter how good there intentions are.
    Lets say that to much trust scamming is going on lately and that keeps me on my toe's.

    Now if there will be a official instanties or law firms get involved with a trackable record and identity and who are in the open.
    Probably than are people more willing to support.

    Just my dos pecos.

  5. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    Hey, doesn't the rig drop free oil? Maybe some benevolent closer can assist with the fundraising. :dunno:
  6. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK


    If if some ck's or ck might know or suspect more about the case it doesnt mean we will seeds rumours unless we have certainty.

    For now all thats certain is the items that are gone, on whose ava they where and who the owner of that ava claims stole them from his ava.

    Rumours as to who else is involved, why certain things have not be done yet are speculation and wont help the case at all..

    And tbh, I hvnt got a clue who entropialaw is. Id like to know myself.
  7. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

    What is the tt value of the items. That is the only amount of worth here.

    If I tell someone i will give them 2 millions dollars for the fiat does that mean that is the value. Think not

    Point is this is pathetic. Why should people donate to people that went against every warning ever given in EU. DO NOT LEND SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO LOSE/

    They now want 8k ped or legal fees. I find this a bit ridiculous. First if you are claiming to be out 50k usd then a 800usd lawyer is not much better than a public defender.

    Entropialaw refuses to give identity and is so hidden even has his domain info hidden. Sounds to me like someone either wanting to pull a scam himself or someone that has played and actually has 2 ef accounts that actually is a violation of ef forum rules.

    I just find this whole episode a joke. Look who is collecting the cash. Another uber that made a mistake and tt'd his high end item only to cry like a beat up little boy until MA gave it back. Which was probably the most epic fail MA has ever pulled off.
  8. Bringing up speculation and rumours, surely would help a case? Gives different avanues to explore.. So dont really know what you mean there.

    I hope we do find out the truth.. and i'd be willing to place a large bet on Rilort being involved ;)
  9. Im sorry but fuck you!

    why would i donate my money for someone who gave away 50k with asking any sort of collateral.:dunno::confused:

    if you can aford a MM in the first place $800 is nothing.
  10. Tough crowd. Indifferent. I suspect the thread was started for compassionate reasons. Taking in mind that this community can be sympathetic towards such matters as rule-of-law. I mean, what if your virtual arse gets scammed? Happened to me twice, and you?
    Few threads going on scamming in the hole, carefull not to show yourselves as hypocrytes here.

    You will be hearing from me tommorow, in PM EL, regarding my donation towards this.

    Wheres your hearts, even Joe Jeff lost his (UL) amp once, and ends well, with him getting it back from MA. Wouldnt you like to be part of a saffer, more caring verse? A community in the true sense where friendships matter. A person behind every ava, get it?
    I sure know what it is like when "friends" scatter, when the shit hits the fan. Silence, cricets in the night quiet.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  11. Why should we donate for something if we dont know who the lawsuit is directed towards. Will cK people be chasing the alleged Sumah or the actual thief Rilort?

    Besides, I have a hard time seeing the people being scammed having issues to pay their own legal fee's without asking for donations. I am sorry, yet again maybe thats just me but for instance a few commando chips would pay the fee's..easy done
  12. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I like the cause and would like to donate but the identitiy of EntropiaLaw is unknown...for all we know he may be Rilort and out to so another scam.

    Why is EntropiaLaw's identity unknown? maybe he/she is an old time player. Seems to know enough about the game.
  13. Does it matter anyway? Maybe its a bunch of ppl that tries to make things right?

    I know the shop owner that works with EntropiaLaw is a respected personality, he will hand the peds to Spin Rep Pitt - and that I trust...
  14. Tom I think i would like to know to whom I fork out my hard earned cash to. You have also seen me on this forum right? its all about being open and transparent. I like genuine people dont you? Get it? I asked the OP to pass on the message and have those guys , in respect to the donators, and prospective donators, to register here in this forum, and in the least say hello or express their feelings about the matter and so on. you get my drift carry on.:coffee:
  15. Yes I think it does, trust scams are scary and make you distrust :frown:
  16. He is respected but his hands aren't clean. Its not someone I would trust.

    Only way to make it right is to press charges against Rilort,since its his fault that even if he would be scammed by Sumah. He is the guy responsible for voiding any help from MindArk by violating simple rules.

    I've heard that Rilort bought Sumah months ago also just like Sevvy has and I kind of believe Sumah and Rilort been the same person the last 6months+
  17. what Knucks sais, I dont know Spin Repp pitt to be a pussy??? Why isnt he comming up for himself here!!!! Any how I brought this to Jons attention, he will speak to Spin in-game i suppose. May take some interesting turns this thread.
  18. Hes ashamed I think... And he aint that very well putting english words together I think, besides I don't think he respects forums much...
  19. I know him as a Pker that doesnt take crap, sure knows to express himself perfectly in chats. lame exuse Tom, pass on my message if you can pls. Assumptions are the mother of all fuckups, I asumed I wouldnt get banned for tryin to be hillarious in rants on EF, yet got banned. So pls, take it from me.
  20. 1,641 Post on EF as of today - doesn't look like someone who doesn't like to post on forums...
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