Does this hapen to you in EU space?

Discussion in 'Entropia Space' started by nexus7, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Just wondering if others experience this, which is that you're heading directly for a planet and then you get the warning 'You cannot enter deep space.' I find when this happens, that it doesn't matter which way I go, even completely in the 'wrong direction', I still come to a grinding halt with yet another 'You cannot enter deep space' message. In the end I quit the game and so it's anyone's guess where the quad-wing is.

    I think it's about time that MindArk fixed this infuriating bug, because that's what it is, a bug. Altogether I had this message about 10-15 times...

  2. From the screenshot, it appears that you have indeed found the border of navigable space. Space is divided into squares, the size of which can be seen if you look at a planet (e.g. Cyrene, or Rocktropia). The squares to the north and south of Calypso (if space has compass directions...) are unable to be entered, even though they appear on the map.

    You appear to be very close to the Calypso square, which allows you to land on the planet. Perhaps you could try leveling your ship out, and heading due east for a bit to get away from the border. Then head south for a short ways until you go past the northern latitude of the calypso square (which can be determined by examining Next Islands square). Then head to planet to land.

    Of course, this is based on an estimate from a screenshot, without knowing exact coordinates.

    Good luck and have fun
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  3. Nor Alien

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    Yep and to add to this, in your action set there is a button for leveling your quad. I use this to fly straight and true. Will help you with your direction as it levels you out and then there is a true up and down.
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  4. Right, so planets have their own squares and then the middles areas are divided up into further squares? Makes sense... I have a habit of taking the most direct diagonal route from one planet to another, and this tends to take me towards those 'out of bounds' squares. Anyway, I did try going E of Calypso; from where I am on the map but that didn't work either, so I quit.
    I have since logged back into EU, and then I was told that 'the area you are trying to enter is out of bounds', referring to Calypso lol. I was then jettisoned out of the quad-wing and told that it was returned to my P.I. I then ended up on a space station half-way between calypso and RT, but I'll be damned if I'm going to waste more fuel getting back to where I was already ;)

  5. Thanks, I'll use that in future - didn't know it even existed... I'm also wondering if setting a waypoint very near to the planet I am going to would also help, so long as I don't place it in an out of bounds square ;)
  6. AxeMurderer

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    True up and down in space. Forget that I always fly bottom up in space and when I can on the planet too. I just add way point on the map to the planet or space station near it and fly to it. And keep in mind for the 2 squares around Calypso that are no fly zone.
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  7. Right, so using a way point is the best bet - I'll definitely do that this time. Right now I'm on a space station between Caly and RT because I was put there by MA, so will be using up more oil.
  8. Well, as you can see you ran into the stupid border where as with all other planets the space is blank where you can see the borders yet here on calypso they have two empty spots. It would be kind of cool if MA would move two planets to these spots. :bigsmile:

  9. Yer, I see what you mean. If you ask me MA should only have a map of space for areas that you are allowed to go in and not include areas you can't go in lol. Then this border business wouldn't come into it... Anyway, I sent in a support case saying what happened and that I wasn't prepared to waste extra fuel, and they 'kindly' put me on the space station for calypso, then it was just a short hop to planet side :)
  10. Wistrel

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    I've not got "totally stuck" but have encountered it... its annoying... Its one of those niggly things where you think "space is great" except you hit this brick wall when you get near a planet. I kinda wish that they could make is so you can get a bit closer or at least let you fly round a planet... the appear to be 3d so I can't see why this couldn't be done.
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  11. Especially when up until that point the journey has gone without a hitch, but if they could leave out the squares around calypso that you can't enter, that would help the problem, coz you're not always going to remember it :)
    If they made a 3d model of the planet to scale, it would be huge so servers probably couldn't cope. As it is, I think what we see are slightly animated 2d backdrops of the planets - but I agree it would be good if we could go around them...
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  12. Wistrel

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    Sometimes I imagine I live in a world where an MA tech team member would drop by a thread like this and chip in with a few nuggets of useful information. ;)

    Then I wake up....

    Its a good point that the planets would be huge but still... they could allow us to get a "little" closer or at least fly round. I think they look fine at the moment they just need a back...
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