Do you know how much you have deposited?

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by RAZER, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Well I didn't and to be honest I didn't really care, but somehow a few days ago I just wanted to know. On the planetcalypso website you can see you transaction from the past 12 months, but I wanted to know all of them.

    So I made a support case and got a nice answer back telling me to send them my email of home address so they could send it to me. I did and not to long later I got a nice report in PDF.

    The files were excel files they had printed to PDF, so nothing fancy.

    The data was a bit screwed up, the years were all mixed up and there were a lot of weird numbers. After a while I realized what they were:


    -The first one is the amount of dollars deposited
    -The second one the amount of dollars you pay to MA as a fee
    -The third the amount of dollars converted to PED's

    From this numbers I can see that my first deposit was on 23-12-2004 the day after I started playing Project Entropia ( been playing 5 years now). I can also see that the break I had from the game was a bit longer then I thougth

    from: 08-01-2006
    to: 23-06-2008

    So almost 2,5 years, a year longer then I thought (or I didn't deposit after 08-01-2006).

    Of course I can also see how much I have deposited over the years. This adds up to $3150.

    The total amount of stuff I have according to the My Items section on the PlanetCalypso website and the Entropia Tools Inventory Calculator is $1800 including MarkUP.

    This mean it has cost me to play this game:

    3250 - 1800 / ((5 - 2,5) x 12) = $ 48.33 a month

    Not taking in account the skills I have build in those years!!

    I am depositing a steady $100 the last 1,5 years, so if everything goes as it now does (no big loots), that amount a month will go up.

    Not sure why I post this here, I don't mean to whine, because I really don't care about the money I spend to have some fun and meat some great people, just did the math and wanted to share with somebody :biggrin:

    One thing I was wondering about is if the $30 dollars MA tells us is the average cost is cost people to play this game is the amount deposited or the actual cost so with items and skills taken in to account?

    damn it has become a long post, sorry about that :cool:
  2. Isn't the answer always "too much"? :D

    Not sure how much i depo'ed, it was only for the 2 last Mayhems and 20 bucks somewhere to kick things off...

    Enough for a free goldcard (>5K PED) but not enough for all three x-mas gifts (<10K PED) - playing for over 3 years (39 months) that results in less than 25$/month, and actually, i paid like 20$/HOUR during mayhem, so basically i played 38.5 month for free :P

    My Gear, PED card and stuff in storage (lots of stuff, i strictly follow the "100 PED stacks" rule) exceed the deposits tho, and that is w/o skills...

  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I agree with wizzszz .. too much! Actually, no I don't know and I don't wanna know either. One thing is sure, I will never be able to pull out what I put in. Call it bad investments ... dunno :whistle:
  4. close to 5 years now, deposited, uh, 500-700euro i think

    but most went to clothes :bduh:
    wish i hadnt bought them

    the ambu texture looks disastrous now, MA support told me 1 year ago when i wrote a support case "we are busy with updating to a new engine, isnt priority, be patient"
    so i am patience since over a year now, nothing changed
    the coat was worth 2k ped alone, with the other stuff maybe 3k ped
    so count 280 euro or so just for that

    then my black skirt looks gray in sunlight now, along with the bra, although still decent

    on the bright side, i stepped considerably down in mobs, less ped rotation and didnt deposit for over a year now as well (patient ppl dont have peds, they wait til things get better)

    and also hit a 18 000 ped tower :woohoo:

    so basically, i am at over 200% profit

    but i think it was Etopia who said like
    "having more peds ingame doesnt mean much, you are just virtually less poor" :D

    600 euro/ 60 months =10 ped per month
    so not too bad either :)

    i wont become uber, but who can become one anyway
  5. I did the same thing not long ago, got that pdf and....kind of regretted asking for it. :)

    Been playing for 5 years and basicly my ava is worth half of what I have put in. :sad:
  6. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    I am surprised to see you still see your deposits from scratch, when I was wondering the same and went to website to see it all my deposit history was gone so I just dont know..

    But too much is a well guess.. at least over 20k Peds cuz I depoed 2k$ when I urgently wanted the dam shop...
  7. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    LeeLoo, the website only shows the last 12 months, but Ma still has the deposit history from when you started. If you want it, just send a support case with you email address in it and you will get is the next day.
  8. I really dont want to know the real amount :o

    I did an estimate a while back and that was scary enough :alcohol:

    Though saying that, the amount I had lost was roughly the same as a night out in a pub once a week :shots:
  9. Predden

    Predden -= SHS =-

    Hahahaha yep i know to the pec what I have wast/err deposited the last few years. I also know that you could get a brand new car for the same ammount.
    What make and model will be my secret.
  10. Moonfish

    Moonfish Ice Cream for crow

    I got a Support Ticket - last year with the list from the day i started.... Its kinda handy to have. So I know mine.
  11. molleke

    molleke The Ultimate Turp

    no clue and I'm keeping it that way. I did sell a few assets lately which will hopefully sustain me for almost the entire of 2010 however....
  12. My skills after ESI used to be worth more than I have deposited in total excluding selling full shadow, full angel, mk5me, imp.fap for real cash.

    Ped disappears way faster now also than they did 1-2years ago...
  13. I sent a support case about a year ago asking how much I'd deposited. The answer was just under 40k peds, so $4000. Most of that would have been while the was about 1.8 or 1.9 $.

    Since then I'd estimate I've put in another 6000 peds, so the total works out as an average deposit of 920 peds per month, or thereabouts, over a little over four years.

    I don't worry too much about what I put in these days. An ex-soc mate showed me a trick I could use at about the time I sent the support case to slow my deposit rate, and it worked. The key thing is I'm having fun, I'm occupied and I enjoy the virtual company of my soc mates. If the money wasn't going into Entropia I'd only be spunking it on something else anyway.

    As a side-note, my best loot was a 1.7k ped cald find. Like I say, it's not all about the money, although I'd be lying if I claimed I never dream of that big find.
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