Discussion - Covers & Seals, Judgement & Experience ... Provide examples if possible in any format.

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  1. Hi,

    The discussion topic at hand:
    Covers & Seals, Judgement & Experience.

    Share your favourites, comment on other members posts as you wish ... Please do not be nasty in doing so.

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  2. Lets start!

    We have all heard the saying:
    Never judge a book by its cover.

    So I will add:

    Experiencing a journey without judging it too early allows one to learn and grow.

    Given the chance, this is one EPIC! example.

    Footnote: Never forget those who got you to where you are today, even if they do hold you back to where you could be tomorrow.
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  3. Several thoughts and emotions come into play with this one ...

    I have nothing suitable to attribute to this, too many powerful ... well just watch and see ....

    Unbelievable, trying very hard to put myself in his shoes on so many levels;
    OMFG! This is just like no way, and sorry peeps, though I did manage to get a sub-titled version.

    I am finding it so very difficult with the lifestyle I have had ....
    Here is an example of a few I am struggling with ...

    Mentally ... the torment,
    emotionally ... the wanting and wishing for,
    his mettle spiritually ... the ascension of ...

    Well second monitor playing up now, in ESO at the same time on main screen ... lol So off for now :wave:
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