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    Technically this, description at least, doesn't constitute a raffle. The global is an element of chance (or skill if you buy that line from MA) controlled by MA. So, with that in mind, MA control how many points are handed out. No problem so far.

    Issues can (but may not) occur if the points are used with a player controlled element of chance, such as, for example, picking a winner from a hat for a prize, and each point constitutes an entry into said raffle.

    However, if points are merely accumulated to determine a winner, say based on who has the most points in a particular time frame, this isn't a player run raffle. MA 100% control with their chance/skill algorithms who the winner is, out of those participating.

    Thanks to EntropiaLife, the data to support who the winner is, is freely available, and even if there was some debate, players have the option of investigating their own chat logs, providing they have them (were logged in at the appropriate time). Probably organisers of such events would do well to advise all participants that, by participating, they agree to accept that data on EntropiaLife will be considered gospel, and will used to determine the winner. I don't know, but I assume global data collected by EntropiaLife is subject to a verification process of at least 2 contributors, and that it keeps a log of who those contributors were. [Otherwise I could fake a million globals on EL, simply by editing my chat log]

    Note, one could argue that if say a player ran a screenshot competition, MA might object to this and indeed I suspect they would, if the player charged an entry fee. However so long as no "tickets" (and tickets might be "expend PEDs on my land") are sold, I don't believe there is a problem.
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