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  1. Developer Notes #16 - Buff Improvements & More

    A quick update on some of the adjustments and improvements that are currently in progress.

    Buff Improvements
    We are currently working on further adjustments to buff stacking logic which will address issues related to heal over time, buff renewal, unintended buff stacking, and more. One of the priorities of this effort is to restore previous functionality of healing tools with over-time effects.

    The current plan is to refine and test these improvements over the next 10-14 days and implement them in a patch soon thereafter.

    Success Rate / Volatility Improvements
    Starting within the next couple of days, and planned to last for 7-14 days, our balancing team will be testing adjustments to the manufacturing and mining systems.

    Overall volatility will be reduced during the testing period, while the overall chance of success will be increased slightly. In addition, Near Success outcomes will return more of the initial input.

    Overall volatility will be reduced during the testing period, by increasing the size of the smallest possible claims.

    ***NOTE*** Please keep in mind that these tests will incorporate macro-level changes to the manufacturing and mining systems and thus the results or experiences for individual avatars and/or for small sample sizes may not differ significantly from current settings. Also note that the overall (macro-level) expected return for these systems will be unaffected.

    Team / Shared Hunting Loot Distribution
    Our team is also investigating the distribution of hunting loot for teams and shared loot scenarios, with an eye toward implementing a more equitable, balanced, and engaging distribution of both stackable and non-stackable loot. We expect the improvements from this investigation to be implemented within the next 1-2 months, after a full review and testing phase are completed.

    Looter Professions
    Continuing with the improvements implemented in Loot 2.0, our design team is finalizing the details of an exciting new group of professions focused on specialized hunting loot acquisition. Three new professions will be added: Animal Looter, Mutant Looter and Robot Looter, along with several associated new skills (including unique unlockable skills for each profession). We expect the new professions to be implemented during the spring.

  2. Hundreds of words of blah... and then, out of nowhere...Looter Professions !!!!1111 New skills even !!!111
    New unlocks possible !!!11111 Hory shet !!! :O

    Basically they nerfed the scanning profession, just to add...the looter profession.

    My guess would be, this will be very close to the "Meat Extractor Profession", we had back in 2001.

    Like, you will have 5-8 additional seconds to re-loot the dead mob, before it dissapears...with some new (L) tool.
    To recieve meat or...bones...or pure PEDs. xD
    Not all mobs will drop additonal...loot...but your tool will decay.

    This might re-enable the cooking profession, which was already there in 2001 as well.
    And lets not forget about the beverage profession. Or the superior Gardening profession, which we all need and enjoy,
    to be able to progress in this game. ,-)

    Once again this could prove how EU is now based on reverse engineering. SEE whats there (or was) and just re-use it.
    Make it look different, use different textures and words for old 3d-models.

    Then announce it as something totally new. Something they worked and brainstormed on, for decades...so everybody can get excited about it...just to SEE it wither, as there wont be any updates for it.

    Sure, better then nothing...applause applause ! A gimmick is about to be added to hunting (soon).

    Awwwww, Mc did it again, he used so much negativity, instead of pure happiness. Tz Tz Tz ;)

    Btw. here is the Meat Extractor, its Inventory icon, a live screenshot and its skill symbol.

    meatex.gif meat extract texture.jpg meat extractor inv.jpg meatxxx.jpg

    Thats my opinion. Ofc it could be totally different and MA might add a super fun profession to Entropia, which I will love to deposit for, just to raise all of my new looter skills and unlock even more looter skills...yayyyyy !!!!
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  3. Really nice of you to give us info about new professions with new skills and new secret skill unlocks,
    even if that's not really your style to share info and even more "secrets" like unlocks before you release things ...
    (which should awake people's reflection to know why you do...).

    But do you plan to release the profession for the skill Particle Beamer Technology, which exists in the game and in the skill interface since 15 years, and which have never been implemented ?
    Or may be you can tell us why it is still here since there is still no application for it,
    and i can guess we will have to wait another 15 years to make it exist ?
    Hopefully I was there to remind you about it, you probably had forgotten it was still there...

    Particle Beamer.jpg

    Btw, cool to have a Looter profession, so may be I can expect to have positive returns sometimes,
    or the systematic losses and feeling to be ripped off again and again (as I am using real money in this "RCE") will continue ?
    And I can say LOUDLY I am really not the only one to have this feeling, have a look to PCF...
    Ah but that's true, I am not swedish, so basically I am already disavantaged...
    Damn, where is the closest Internet Cafe...
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  4. Naomi.jpg
    Oh yes Fairness, doesnt seem to be a valid concept around...


    Yes Oleg, and you can add the past week, so globally is 3 weeks to expect a fix and see that MA are really not in hurry to correct a bug they made which is clearly affecting all players wallet or "undirectly" giving profit to them, but that was not intended, noooo....
    At least they know how long it will take them to fix it (but it was clearly faster to add it).
    Let's just hope they were not wrong in case we would wait a 4th week... or 5 who knowes :).

    So classic...
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  5. I have no plans atm to start hunting again by then.
    No need to hurry, 2025 will be fine for me also.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Who is asking for this shit. Where is the comedy "State of the Universe"? Where are the space courier missions? Why do I get pissed off at MA every single February?


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