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    The boxes are mission items and will not contain the buyers actual goods. Success or failure on the part of the pilot will have 0 effect on when the buyer receives his/her goods.
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    One thing that may happen is the no delivery, 4 hour, instant delivery thing will merely be an inconvenience fee you pay.

    I suspect it will actually have no direct bearing on the courier missions other than to provide a resource pool of money to pay for them.

    What I am saying is that just cause player A plays 10 ped to deliver item B in 4 hours, there will not necessarily be a courier mission that say has to be done in 4 hours else it expires. More likely this cash will just contribute to a pool which will maybe spawn several courier missions.

    In short there will probably be no one to one or time dependant relationship between commissions and missions.

  3. Yup yup, we are aware of the "no goods in the box".
    Sounds like valid fruit. Wont contain items, but could be connected to transfer time at least.

    So in the end it might have nothing to do with auction fees and/or delivery time. Might.

    Except someone can make it in 45 minutes and he recieves the bonus of 3 hours and 15 minutes...in PEDs. (?) (Early delivery!)

    But the question was, what if he cant deliever in time ? No reward for the pilot and people recieve their goods within 4 hours anyway. (?) How, one may ask, if the box is still in space... ;p

    "(Improved/Modified) interplanetary space trading" - 0
    "Capture the (money) flag" - 1

    I can already sense exploits here...modified windows clock anyone ?
  4. Quote/ I can already sense exploits here...modified windows clock anyone ? /un quote

    It can be done the speed hack used in space once and i reported it to support so they could patch it has been patched by MA but with some one with more knowledge with computers can make another hack or update hack EU is not completely safe as one would want to think,
    hacking is happening on a grand scale these days and will only get worse as we move into the future

    Can even do a visual hack where u can change the amount off ammo to say 1 billion but on the server it will still register as say 1k ammo so its only visual memory editing could even go underground Can't say too much on this subject tho.
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  5. Depends on speehack quality and how hard it messes with the windows librarys like winsock.dll for example.

    Client side change work evreywhere.

    But its lame that the windows clock works/worked. :p
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  6. The method I heard had nothing to do with clocks when at the core code very complex hard technical stuff a lot was possible but not worth the risk.
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  7. In response to one of the posts above, I just wanted to point out that the only link between an auction win I get delivered and a cargo box, is the fee that goes into the mission reward pool. If I choose auto delivery then there is absolutely no risk to my goods. So if someone takes a cargo mission and chooses not to complete well the impact is only on them.

    As crafter/shopowner primarily operating on Arkadia I am certainly watching this development with interest. It all comes down the fee structures and also long it takes to deliver the three different aspects - auction changes, exploit fixes, cargo missions. If there is a significant gap between them then some parts of the player community are going to face huge challenges.
  8. The server should/will always be authoritative.
    If not then you can local influence the server. Very bad thing for MMO's like this...
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  9. Would be funny to see the oil rig effect @ these transport missions.
    So no one fighting, just standing in line for the missions all day pulling empty the Galactic-transportpool.

    And since they mention your item can be delivered between 1 and 4 hours i still assume that when someone completes a mission it will acutely finalize the transport from some or a few trades.

    So everyone working together, not wasting ammo and decay on fighting will prove to be most profitable and supplies the best service for planet dwellers. (1 hour ± delivery time.)
    If planet dwellers notice Galactic transport will almost always be delivered in 1 hour since all work together up in space, it will for sure become more popular than the option "pick up yourself" or the more expensive "instant delivery".

    They mention the "instant delivery" will also contribute to the Galactic-transportpool, still i suspect them to take more PED from that and thus less ending up in the Galactic-transportpool.
    (an extra convenience fee.) = 100% MA profit i assume. (PED's to oblivion!)
    (Take also in mind MA not mention 100% of the transport fee end up in the Galactic-transport pool.)

    So if planet dwellers and people in space realize what is good for them they know what to do!
    Work together, become one!
  10. Great idea with the (space)oilrig ! =)


    If I remember right, the "WE" died somewhere around 2009.
    The "I" is still around though.
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    ya I give them props for trying. how the players and space pirates handle it might determine if it works. Or the simple bugs created by it might determine its success/death also.

    and there is no need for the actual delivery to be tied to the delivery quest. It can just be a simple trigger for a box and a quest. if a person logs out half way thru the delivery and returns from 2 week vacation in the middle of the quest it wont affect the whole delivery problem. Least it should be that way...
  12. Tass

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    Galactic tranport done right? Check out the Elite Dangerous Premiere live stream, we host it on EntropiaPlanets, which means we still have the EP channel chat to discuss with fellow EU players:

  13. That is why I think it's important the fees for "direct delivery" are not set too low, it should cost a bit to have that options instead of buying from the local market.
  14. NotAdmin

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    MA simply won't allow that. It'd be awesome to have a planet that doesn't end up polluting the loot with all the worthless crap, and instead has its very own ecosystem, but that'd mean MA wouldn't be able to fuck with the economy.
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