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Entropia Support News: Deposit Methods Update

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Oct 24, 2019.

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  2. In short :

    "We tried to convince PayPal for 1 month, that Entropia is serious business only. And failed."

    Unfortunately...Unfortunately !!!!...Uuuunnfforrttuuunaatteellyy..... x'D
    ...Paypal is not interested in dealing with certain virtual online currencies / casinos anymore, as they updated their policies.

    unfortunately paypal.
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  3. Fixed the typo for you. :wink:
    Hence why they never did any serious attempts to advertise it, as they knew they would come into the spotlights at some point.

    Imo it's just a matter of time, nothing more, nothing less.
    Keep *cough*"investing" people :whistling:
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  4. And not a single word about the compromised merchant ?

    But the best thing is, the "investors" on the other forum right now :

    "Ah, no problemo MindArk, what about adding bitcoin next ?" *crowd cheers, totally ignoring the DeepToken disaster*

    Quite disturbing, how those egoistic fanboys / PR-players are reaching for straws...only trying to protect their previous investments, avoiding all kind of negativity and nip everything in the bud.

    Oh those unstoppable, "intelligent" business people on PCF...:loveshower:
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  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Interesting they are thinking of adding crypto currency support... what could possibly go wrong? (I seem to remember steam added bitcoin once but took it away again almost immediately because the currency fluctuated so much that values would change just during the time it took to complete the payment process!).
  6. Imagine that the diehards can't gamble anymore, their world would fall to pieces.
    And ofc MF only want's to try to keep the $ flowing in.
    Well they will be in for a rough ride to get people to deposit with that. (only diehards)

    As with crypto currency, those who are in it with their money, will defend it till the end, and say that it is a great thing to do.
    Yeah right, if you love gambling. lol
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  7. Imagine our presidaheee gawwwd messi91 would have to switch to his local "gambling-association", after EU shut down...with all his skills and business knowledge'n stuff... :O

    slot machine.

    ...or another Linzey coffeeshop. ;D
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  8. Liu


    PayPal out sucks and means a lot. I guess many players will hesitate deeply before depositing again. Including me.
    A lot boxes will remain unopened.
  9. Seriously, since paypal is not usable anymore, I haven't been logged in to EU and been playing other MMOs. It's amazing that even the most mediocre MMO looks fucking amazing after playing eu for quite a long time
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  10. Everytime when I look at my F.A.P. textures I almost want to cry, the textures are still the same as when I started in 2008, they probably are the same from the start of the game.
    And then ofc they never do anything to optimize the game, all my games run smooth, except this stupid game, yes when finally everything is loaded it's np, but just the amount of time it takes to get loaded. I have NVME, SSD, and a almost as fast as the SSD, mechanical drive.
    I said it before, i'm very happy that I don't play anymore, I just log to count my pecs, and then leave again once a week.

    If I realy would like to gamble, I would go indeed to my local casino, at least there I know they are monitored by the goverment.
    (At least in the past, I don't keep up with these things, as I don't go there.)
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  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Adding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a mistake. There's absolutely no way to budget for their volatility.

    Hey, here's an idea, MA. Why don't you, financial experts, sign with Libra now everyone and their grandmother is abandoning Zuckerbots' failcoin? Neither of you have any problem fucking over as many people as possible, so it'd be a match made in heaven for sure!
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  12. Still no word about even more failing credit cards.


    Ranyard: "Maybe time to exit for me..."

    MindArk: We will re-enable creditcards one day.

    Ranyard: "Okay cool, I will stay then, thanks for the communication !" :D
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  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Who wants to withdraw anyhow... ;)
  14. Liu


    With the mayem coming ,I guess they are wetting their pants.
  15. Dab


    Why can't they just let me use my Deeptokens to deposit with?
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