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  1. U have a point, but the autoloot capability differs greatly between LARA and Sophie. LARA only has 5m and Sophie has 32m. 5m autoloot is near melee range and pressing F to loot is a lot cheaper than, you know, spending peds raising LARA until it gets its puny 5m autoloot. 32m autoloot is pretty useful when you are grinding mobs with dense spawn from far away.

    I agree tho that they want to sell off moon deeds as soon as possible so they can make great PR about it (which probably will only last for weeks until the hype settles down again)

    Looking at MA and how they handle the game, it's quite a possibility.
  2. Tadaaaaa,
    Next Island posted another "sneak peak" on facebook today. :O

    A new guy in the Entropia Universe group on facebook, made his 1st post !

    Andy Rogers surprises us with yet another compilation of the same old NI places and random Entropia activities...
    calling it sneak peak once again...just like they did in 2016 already. Congratulation !

    THIS is how you manage a planet inside of Entropia Universe... x'D

    ni sneak peak 2020 lol.jpg

    Enter the matrix :

    -Next island went live in 2011

    1 year of silence

    -Next Island died in 2012 (bankruptcy)

    2 years of silence

    -In 2014 Mindark called it their "Outpost"

    2 years of silence

    -In 2016 David Post announced the relaunch of NI
    (which never happened)
    -Big Industries posted old screenshots as "sneak peak" in dec. 2016, because they "joined" David Post

    3 years of silence

    -Mindark posted photos of David Simmonds, David Post & his wife and Shaun Klein (BIG Industries and Deep Token advisor) for a New York Meeting about Next Island'n stuff in jan. 2019

    1 year of silence

    -A guy called Andy Rogers posts the same old NI stuff for the 3rd time and standard EU stuff in 2020, calling it "sneak peak" once again.

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  3. Must be huge after 9 years of development :whistling:

  4. Just look at those old screenshots and the "latest" sneak peak...you can feel the 9 years of hard work...almost... x'D
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Hey now. If David Simmonds is involved, surely that means that whatever the outcome will be, it will live and breathe quality, and blow your fucking mind. Has he ever let you down before?
  6. I just checked the video, and the video quality sucked, and ofc I can't tell any differents for the time they took for developing to this stage.
    Seems the system that recorded the footage is from same era, 9 years old probably.
    That would explain why it took 9 years? :whistling:

    Discription on Youtube:
    Next Island releases a new and improved Ancient Greece server including 8 new/improved Mobs, 3 bosses, a story rich main quest line and the first upgradable armor set within the Entropia Platform.
    Shares of Ancient Greece are available for purchase through the Entropia Share system.
    Create your account today through NextIsland.com

    So basicly it's hyping to get your ass over there, and grab the first upgradable armor set within the Entropia Platform.
    Stats on it probably will be not that great ofc, as the MS has to determine that.
    And ofc hyping the shares.
    So people are rushing over there right now, as they wan't to be there before the servers go down for the release tomorrow. :headbang:
    Meanwhile i'm on [​IMG]
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  7. Next Island shares will generate more profit than you will be able to cash out !

    9 years of development + 8 old (improved) mobs + some well known douche bag "investors" cant be wrong. ;)

    What this game really needs, is Toulan Shares...generating -1 pec every day ! :D
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'll buy one share if it is tradeable.... maybe... if I can be arsed.

    I had a look at the video's the first one indeed doesn't show a lot. The 2nd one does demonstrate there is real change even if not drastic (mobs, quests, items and estates/housemodel). I like AG though so I'm interested... now if only MA hadn't TOTALLY FUCKED the control system already. (sigh!)

    I'd like to see a revival of the time travel story but I suspect I am on my own on that one... I'm not expecting any new quest lines to be doing something like that. AG/NI quests should be intertwined between the 2 time periods, cool stuff could be written but no no I think this will not happen. Likely any questline will be go here kill money making gorgon uba mob and tentacle monster.

    Hopefully Kira Red can tell me if anything worth while shows up... but I doubt it will have.


  9. Please SEE all of my next posts for all the details :

    -Its "VWR Consulting Inc." (2 employees)

    -Shaun Michael Klein aka. Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro is the Director

    -Patrick Tyler Fesler aka. Patrick FEZ Tyler aka. Grimyth Salty qq is a Project Manager
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  10. Grimyth looks quite younger on pcf :P

    So forum avatar-name "pfesler" (Patrick Tyler Fesler) has the avatar info "Grimyth Salty QQ" in his forum account, but announces "Patrick FEZ Tyler" as the main shooter (himself?)...and his avatar "Grimyth Salty QQ" as teammember (also himself?) ? And I also got told "Lady Nova Blue" would be one of his alt's. Got ATH 11/27/2016 (all opals)

    fez salty grimyth2.jpg
    Fez, Salty, Meculus (Vegas 2013)

    david las vegas meeting.jpg

    Yet there is still "another" Grimyth Salty on PCF...see below..which is the original...

    Can someone enlighten me ?

    grymith pcf account.jpg

    grymith pcf account 2 skippie loan.jpg

    That would mean they grabbed their own prize money...

    grymith pcf account nova prize.jpg

    He is/was using 2 accounts on PCF :

    grimyth old and new.jpg
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  11. "Patrick FEZ Tyler" aka. Patrick Tyler Fesler (USA)

    patrick fez tyler.jpg

    grimyth fez raptor el.jpg
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Is there a 5 page cardboard pages version of that one? I'm not sure what I'm meant to have learned from it? Is this simply (ok I appreciate it isn't simple to do all this detective work) identifying the people who are now running Next Island?
  13. Yes, avatars and reallife people behind a MMO (planet).

    Shouldnt be that hard to find out...but...you know...

    Its actually "VWR Consulting Inc."....2 employees...

    Director of Business Development

    Shaun Klein aka. "Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro"


    Development Project Manager

    Patrick Fesler aka. Patrick Tyler Fesler aka. forum user "pfesler" aka. avatar "Grimyth Salty QQ" aka. avatar "Patrick FEZ Tyler"... (?)

    So if David Simmonds actually met "Lady Nova Blue" at Vegas in 2013, why do people claim its an alt of Patrick ? Got sold ?

    VWR consulting patrick and shaun.jpg

    Both worked (or still do) together at http://www.novatileandstone.com/
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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    What does it stand for? Virtual World [something beginning with R?]

    I wonder if they'd be up for an interview XD

  15. Virtual World Resources

    Have a look at my updated "BIG PICTURE". Its all in there tonight.
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  16. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    So the devs of Next Island are running multiple regular player accounts in EU? Sounds great...
  17. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I think we have to use the phrase "dev" with a pinch of salt here. I've had a strong impression, based on past comment from the likes of Cyrene staff, that the Planet Partners don't have a huge amount of access to core systems. I imagine them more as artist outfits.

    I can only imagine that whoever is looking after NI now only has ability to fix/add models/terrain/mobs/missions etc. OK likely that still gives some advantage as they'd almost certainly have access to some sort of mob spawn distribution tool. But other than that, aside from knowing the "content" without having to investigate it first. There doesn't seem to be a massive advantage.
  18. While I partly agree with Wistrel here...these people run "BIG"...one of the biggest raffles ingame.
    And while other raffles got closed recently (come2my land and hunt & if you global often, you may win stuff)
    this one, together with other BIG scams *lol* are still running.

    One of the BIG guys (Meculus aka. Shaun Klein) even worked as Bitcoin Adviser, directly for Mindark...and showed up on the follwoign photo...

    These tiler boys (Tyler, lol) surely have more insight than others, when moneylaunderaaehhh traveling together with David Simmonds,
    visiting old friends, like Next Island CEO David Post...does he still breath(?)...but there is always room for conspiracy... ;D

    next_island_DSC_9943 (1).jpg
  19. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I was kinda with MA on the shutting down of the specific raffle. While everyone was all like "ahhh everyone does it" really all the others only gave prizes based on game mechanics and whatever level of Chance MA - aka "The House" put into said mechanics. The person who got shut down was adding her own layer of "you have to trust me to spin the wheel for you" on top of the existing game mechanics which, I agree isn't really on, and falls under the raffle guidelines.

    Pretty certain MA only manage to keep away any accusations of running a gambling operation is by keeping everything skill based. At least in part. If authorities were to learn of someone running an unregulated raffle that might be troublesome.
  20. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Things is, Wis. It's not skill-based at all. It's just pure random luck.
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