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    I am not their business advisor, neither is anyone of us. But with a little logic one can derive that, if it was dead, no other company would want to burden itself with the server fees for its upkeep. If they would be queuing up to have it, it wouldn't be dead. If it was true as was believed by many that it was disowned and taken back by MindArk, it would mean they just kept it to avoid too much negativity or for whatever reason, but it can't cost them too much internally. If Mr. Post still owns it as the AMA revealed just recently, then at least the necessary payments must have been made or they found some sort of arrangement they don't wish to publicize. Anything more than that, I don't know and don't dabble in.
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    In 2013 Mr Post had a great offer by a group of players for low profile development of Next Island with a focus on bug-fixing, new player experience and then marketing. The idea was to first invest time and after the marketing get compensated with a share of the revenue, so all with no additional costs for Mr Post. There was a conference call with Mr Post to discuss the basic and contact was made with MindArk. Then nothing happened. My assumption is that MindArk advised Mr Post not to work with this group of people (Mr Post himself said that MA advised him not to work with another group of players also interested in NI).

    Then 3.5 years nothing happened, precious time lost and NI further deteriorating
    Then obviously Big Industries started some low profile development on Next Island with what looks like pretty much the same concept that group of players suggested in 2013. I assume this was promoted by MindArk.

    Another perspective: In 2013 there were rumors that Mr Post still owed money (a couple of 100k iirc) to NEVERDIE Studios, for development of NI, Mr Post disputed this and he felt duped by NEVERDIE. There were also rumors that he owed (a couple of 100k iirc) money to Dajin, a company for game assets started by ex-MA/FPC/SEE Marketing Manager Frank Campbell after the collapse of Calypso development in 2011. At some point Mr Post had switched development from ND Studios to Dajin. There were also rumors that Mr Post owed money to MindArk because the revenues from NI weren't sufficient to cover the server fees. There were also rumors that Mr Post had a big investor before the launch of NI, irrc the sum was ~ 1 Million USD, and of course that investor wanted to get his money back too. So Mr Post was looking for a buyer for NI covering all these sums plus his own investment, needless to say the total was many many times the actual value of NI and it would have required further investments for merely a slim chance on future revenues.

    In 2019 Mr Post is still the owner of Next Island and Next Island is still dead and it's a lot smaller. One can only conclude that whatever strategy directed by whomever so far has failed. In this story Mr Post is partially a victim talked into business relationships that have been rather disadvantageous for him and for NI. After several fails I would advise Mr Post not to listen to MindArk and not get further involved with any entity just remotely affiliated with MindArk. There's no point in working with people whose only interest in NI is pillaging it for their own benefits. Meg/Harold/Paul were actually a great team, what's needed are people like them who are at the same time seriously interested in turning NI into a great planet based on the original concept. Otherwise I don't see any future for NI.


    30th of January 2019 in New York:

    Left: Katlean De Monchy, David Post's wife, random Next Island PR person
    2nd from left: David Simmonds, MindArk's planet partner business guy
    3rd from left: Shaun Klein, head of BIG Industries and advisor of MindArk's DeepToken cryptocurrency project
    Right: David Post, owner of Next Island

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    They should just pass it to the players to work on it
  4. looOoooOOooOOl, thanks for the retro-trip Tass. :P

    That photo gives me the shivers...imagining the whole background story...who fucked whom, NI Mobile Version, Crypto Shaun beeing BiG Industries (Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro) spreading powerfull lies about NI on facebook, ND developing NI - not getting payed etc. trololol...blah...rofl...what a fucking mess.

    And now, 10 years later, they happily stare into the camera again ? Ya, right, fucking bullshit... x'D
    I can already SEE the fanboys crying about this wonderfull reunion...hoping for "content"...
    NI deeds soon ? ^^

    post relaunch Next island.png

    This is so full of bullshit...I want to slap everyone in that photo. x'D
    But please, feel free to tell us more about the New York meeting. ^^

    Dont forget, in 2012 David Post already started (tried to start) his crowdfunding platform "Benjamin Bakery"...
    ...which dramatically failed...and still said "Get notified about Our launch" in 2015...just to go offline...

    Somewhere in 2012 David Post announced that Next Island is in media blackout, until he gets it sold or restaffed.

    benjamin bakery.jpg
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    Quite odd you have to point out the year, isn't it. Because in 2009 at the same location, just with more people and better catering:

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  7. Mindark re-raping an old victim ?
    Holy sh!t... fucking "impressive" Mr. Simmonds... :'D

    Fuck...its really hard to comment on this repetitive bullshit, after so many years.
    Fuck... x'D

    Anyway, thanks Tass, for sharing those detailed infos !
    Thanks for sharing...

    The future of immersive entertainment...

    What the actual fuck ?! FUCK ! x'D

    This is beyond embarrassing...
    Post becomes the new Neverdie now ? ,-)

    On top of it, I really love it, how it is not in the main news, anywhere.

    Really cant wait for the 1st:
    "Its so nice to SEE Next Island getting a makeover/updates/content..." that part of the community also sucks...
    (no, yours doesnt count Spawn)

    Also cant wait for the day, NextIsland beats Calypso, in terms of quality, details, content and...lel...

    I wonder whats /whos written next to RSVP: ^^ :p
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  8. We'll wait it it out with you!
  9. Tass

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    Mr Post's email address and phone number, I've blurred that info because it might have been only semi-public and we want to be 110% GDPR compliant :)
  10. Liu


    Thanks Tass. Great deal of info in your post.

    NI was my first tower, which was bugged at the time and was no tower actually. But I loved it...always feel sad and nostalgic when I read about NI.

    Btw, in the AMA it has been said that SEE didn't buy Calypso in the end...true ?
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    Yup. SEE pulled out after having been at the rudder for a few months. Officially nobody knows why, but seeing MA had to pay SEE a settlement, you can probably do the math.
  12. A typical random scam/screw-up, forcing players to spend some pecs/peds...just to dissapoint them afterwards: ^^

    next island pets bug auto loot 2019.jpg next island pets bug auto loot 2019.jpg
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  14. All the people that are currently crying, how unfair and predictable Mindark is ? ;D

    All the people that still believe Next Island gets it promised relaunch ? x'D
  15. Kinda sad to see how it backfired at NI. I believe NI really intended to have that buff on L.A.R.A pet, but somehow MA decided to not allow that kind of buffs on that pet (the buff got through screening process, and they decided to change it a week after it's released, after everyone spent their time and money in getting and training it).

    This whole fiasco seems to be a competition between Calypso VS other planets. When a planet attracts too much attention away from Calypso, MA steps in, checking what could possibly be causing it and what they can do to return them back to Caly, even at the expense of lowered trusts on the planet partner and ultimately, MA themselves. Are the Calypso-exclusive big-time investors involved here? Maybe the LA/CLD owners feel threatened about their income loss due to ppl going and staying at NI instead of doing their usual activities in Caly? I really hope that's not the case

    I hope I am wrong and this is all just me overthinking this problem, but it really feels that way
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  16. It is exactly how you feel. Since more then a decade now.

    Or why do you think playercontrolled mechwarriors never arrived on Cyrene ?
    Guess why there is no NawaForce (aka MindForce) on Planet Toulan...
    What do you think, why every single partnership with Mindark ends up ugly...fucking ugly ?

    Why did the Daspletor cross the streetaahhee...fell onto Calypso ?

    They can do whatever they want...also thanks to the life threatening contracts. :P

    (Not all) Planet partners and ex-Ma employees have spoken in public, but it is very well known that MindArk simply doesnt want the "cool stuff" happening...no changes please, anywhere...also because they dont have the manpower and have failed a lot by now.

    They dont want other planets to be awesome either. (and yes, they arent able to code/create the stuff, planet partners are asking for)
    It is really as simple as that.

    Messing with databases, loot drops, decimal places and item stats...thats what they can do best. As its simple excel table editing. ;)
    Then call it update...done.

    And why distract the phat wallets from their daily grinding and so called events anyway ?
    Imagine someone like messi or Kunrad Solo Reez *lol* would suddenly get upset ? Thaaaaat could be bad for everyone... ,-)
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  17. This is what make me surprised as well. How come has there never been any other Mindforce series other than the nanochips? Does MA not allow PPs to make their own MF series?

    I've also posted some suggestions to NI's devs about creating their own version of MF chips. Guess we'd have to see that (and hope MA doesn't ruin it again)
  18. Oh, we all "suggested" things...since 2001. Takes some research, but it got repetitive over the past decade.
    Always thanks to the "new people" with their..."new ideas". ,-)

    "New" content is mostly based on "reverse engineering", as it was all there in the client of 2000 already. (less work, easy money)


    And if "new content" (aka. systems) is not fully based on old stuff, it mostly turns out as another quick cash grab for MindArk,
    that wont recieve any further development. CLD(x), Compet, IP-System + DeepTokens etc. just to name some of the recent cash grabs.

    The community usually gets a minimal outrage, just to get blinded by the next "cash grab scenario" and "invest" even more.

    Feel free to check the many of my threads here.
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  19. Scan every single animal...to unlock "Codex"....if you scanned since 2004, this is a great feature. ;D
  20. Not completely wrong I would say. It has to do with greed, which is the same.
    Mindark wants you to buy arkadia moon deeds, and if you buy a big stack of them, you get a free sophie pet from the ark moon. Now the arkadian sophie pet has the same ripoff portal 2 graphics as NI lara and cara, so they probably added the autoloot buff to sophie and it automagically was added to lara as well.
    then a week later mindark figured that this won't sell them any moon deeds, so they removed the buff from lara again, while everybody had been taming the next island pets for a week long.
    Nothing to do with calypso, they just want ark moon deeds to be sold out, so they can claim a successful deed launch.
    And people are buying them too, because you see a hof whenever somebody buys one, even though the autoloot feature is many levels away... (level 30 to unlock, "normal" pets are level 17 to unlock autoloot)
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