David Post :Next Island MMO is relaunching

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Yao-Te, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. And WoF.

    I’d still be playing if Hurrikane still did these.
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    We did some naked cow fisting in the past, where a few groups would get together and use powerfists on armaxes, without any armour. We typically went to the town with the buildings you could actually go into (forgot the name), where there were lots of Armaxes with a few gokis in-between. I liked the town, because you could enter some of the houses normally. If you knew how, you could also enter others (basically moving through the walls of the asset).

    Unfortunately, that area also contained spiders, so we also fisted spiders. Great fun :)
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    I was walking round Nymph last night. Wishing I could go through those doors. So many wasted assets... sigh.

    PS yeh I remember the old Naked Cow Fisting thread from an older forum :D
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  4. Happy 3 year anniversary of...the relaunch, that never happened. x'D

    pps 2018.jpg
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  5. I tried to contact with him several times about it in the past, but you guessed it, no reply
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  6. So, what was sOooOOOoon in 2016...turned into absolutely nothing in 2019.
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    I just don't get Nextisland... I mean company went bust, staff given boxes to packup. Meg posted about it. So then what? Map lies dormant and gradually decends into a mess of bugs with noone at the wheeel. MA eventually make some adjustments to cut back on the support tickets they getting most likely.

    Is someone benefiting from it? I mean... if I decay something from there or hunt there or something who gets that? obviously MA get half but the rest? MA can't fix? Don't want to fix it? too busy with Calypso to fix it? Not allowed to fix it? Is original owner still funding the existance of the Map squares? or do MA have them now?

    So many questions... what happened to that AMA with the new CEO? I'd like the 2nd A to include Next Island (and not be full of total bullshit)
  8. Mindark declared at some point that next island would be kept alive "as is" .
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    Completely removing a planet would mean another kick in the ole public gonads. At least this way they can leave it up as a partner on their website to impress potential future interested parties (who would deserve whatever they got coming from them if they don't bother doing their due diligence on the financial state of the existing partners (and should anyone have such ambitions, feel free to reach out to me. I'd happily put you in touch with a few of them who would give you their honest opinion on what it's like working with MindArk, rather than having MindArk arrange such a thing for you)).

    I'm not expecting anything groundbreaking to happen to/with it, though.
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  10. 50% goes to mindark in any way
    25% goes to the planet you were born on (also mindark in most cases, maybe some Rock/Ark)
    25% goes to the planet you play currently

    but also we don't know about space, global instances, and maybe even planet instances (like saldiresh doesn't count for AUD)
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  11. The planet has a new player experience now which makes a lot more Sense than the "Crystal center". The old town was removed, so you won't get your hands on a NIP if you didn't have one already.
    It involves going down a Path and you meet different npcs along the way. You get some new freebies there.
    1 new Mob was introduced and a reskin of the chimera, which lives in a new desertland in the north.
    I managed to Stay for a day.
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    Word around the campfire is that David Ssimmonds recently was in New York for a meeting about Next Island.
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  13. Sorry to dissapoint you, I got hands on the campfire video :

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  14. There was something about one night comedy club stream in game I read about somewhere recently but there was not much info on it
  15. This all sounds soOooOOoooOo promising guys... x'D
  16. It's simply a dead planet.
    It would be wise to merge it with rocktropia.
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  17. What do you think should happen San?
  18. Noone @Mindark cares, what you guys think should happen...I guess thats clear since 2009...
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