David Post :Next Island MMO is relaunching

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Yao-Te, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    Next Island and David Post is at CES 2017


    Also guys from BIG are streaming towards the booth at CES
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  2. I can't find the streaming link. Got any working link ? Or video that was taken ?
  3. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    It's just in game stream material that is featured in the booth afaik.
    No stream from the booth to the internet I think.
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  4. [dramatization]
    Thanks for sharing, but I dont SEE anything else then Entropia beeing played with a simple Next Island overlay.

    Then again, what else can struggeling Planet Partners do at CES, then acting vanguard with "their" product,
    talking about beeing unique, beeing able to make $ by playing, showing a decent 3D game,
    that once again / always noone ever heard of before (;D) with heavy grinding abilities on top of it.

    I dont call that innovation anymore. Always the same since 2009.
    Innovation died long ago with this system and seriously, only Arkadia has the $ and manpower to
    play the music on this ever sinking ship.

    Dude, where is my content ?
  5. Well, that escalated quickly.

    I am deceived. Wait no, I am used to being deceived, nothing to see here.
  6. San


    Was about to mention $$. The booth must have cost a pretty penny which makes me wonder about priorities. Promoting a product you haven't developed yet? What else was there besides the little showcase from bygone times? Can't find anything with this search.

    Edit: With "bygone times" I don't mean anything negative, quite the opposite. I love NI for preserving an air of the old game, as far as that's possible on the prettier but feature-reduced platform. Hope they don't go and destroy it, too.
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  7. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    So what we know is that Blastoise @Meculus of BIG is the "Director MMO" for Next Island. And the company behind is VWR LLC whose director is Grymith Salty of BIG.
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  8. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...


    So, the new NI is located here according to the CES website:

    This happens to be the same address as Nexpert News owned by Katlean De Monchy who is David's wife (??).

    Some interesting contacts on the CES website as well:


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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well... if it does amount to anything. I sure hope they concentrate on the story/time travel. Those were good USPs (stabs self for using that phrase)
  10. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    hmm next the queensboro bridge. Low rent area, lots of traffic, I exit nyc and drive back to boston right next to it.
  11. Soooo,

    Troy Dunniway, a former Westwood, EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Midway, Disney Studios employee, is now with Next Island ?
    This is not the 1st time an "external game designer" is involved with Planet Partners. ND once hired an artist that was working on "Gears of War" for example.

    Keep in mind the "Next Island" facebook account wrote : ""We" are in the employ of Mr. Post."

    Lets SEE :

    Troy Dunniway is/was involved with 2 other companies according to linkedin :

    -Nekcom, a chinese game developer (silent since 2013, when they released one of their 3 iphone games)

    -"Trojan Interactive" - His consulting company - Here he enlists "Next Island" as one of his previous clients.
    (You can also find 3 other iphone games by a company called "Trojan Interactive" (2013).No idea if its the same.)

    Now his linkedin account links to http://uxmagicians.com/
    ("Bringing Asian games to western markets")



    Would Troy actually be avatar "Grymith Salty qq" ? Or "just" a hired professional working as CCO for them now ?

    BiG is :
    Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro aka. Kasper Wittrup (on facebook) aka. Ms Kazzza Milla Starfinder aka. Shaun Klein from California
    Mike Freyr Perry (? from Holland)
    Ruthless NZR Tony Demanoe aka. dekel abeles (? from Israel)
    Grymith Salty qq (? from Nevada)


    Mr. David Simmonds (MindArk) is also included. So that means MindArk is at least "watching the process closely".

    SEEing minimal progress on facebook (NI PC Version) and a real ugly BETA of the IOS mobile version of...what is supposed to be Next Island as well...but trying to be Second Life (?)...feels somehow very very awkward to me. Keeping in mind they went to CES 2017 with...this... :S

    Feel free to check out the mobile version of Next Island by yourself :

    So, who would this "John Say" be that uploads these videos ?
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  12. narfi

    narfi Lost

    hmm i was pretty sure blastoise and starfinder were seperate people...... i know blastoise is american but thought starfinder was german(?)
  13. Hes the Starfinder behind Entropia Tracker...so maybe its another Starfinder then the "Kazzza" one ?


    I admit, reading :

    Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro aka. Kasper Wittrup (on facebook) aka. Ms Kazzza Milla Starfinder aka. Shaun Klein from California

    ...is quite the confusion. ^^
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  14. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    Yes McCormick, please edit your post... It is way confusing, the official post on Cyrene forums is much better ;) (Blast != Starfinder)
    McCormick is right about the Entropia nick, (full nick is Ms Kazzza Milla Starfinder though)
    narfi is wrong about where Starfinder is from... not far off though...
  15. narfi

    narfi Lost

    as far as i can remember... (not that my memory can be trusted)
    Starfinder (Ms Kazza) developed the original Entropia Tracker

    Then through some sort of arangement I do not know the details of, Blastoise put together a crew who (with Starfinder?) built upon the old Entropia Tracker and its database to build what we now know as Entropia Life and its associated suite of applications and databases.
  16. Blastoise is an old friend from a long time back... traded with him a lot several years back... Back then I vaguely remember him inviting me in some message or thread somewhere to 'test' out some sort of chat bot program he had some programmer working on...If that programmer turned around and started doing legit stuff like Entropia Life instead of some bot crap that's cool... If he's also responsible for all of the bots we keep hearing people post about, that ain't so cool.
    old private chat log from 2011 (Sorry if this hurts you Blast, ol buddy, but spam bots, etc. ain't a good thing... Hope you've changed your ways these days):
    Not sure if that thing was related to this one but suspect that it might be since it came out around the same time:

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  17. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I have a lot of respect for Blastoise, and as far as I know he has done everything to stay above board with the projects he has done.
    If he is involved in Next Island now, then that is great IMO, and look forward to seeing what he can do.
    I support all player involvement in such a difficult arena, just as I support Neverdie.

    Living the dream we all have :) (even if its not all they may have dreamed it to be)
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  19. Another 7 months have passed, SEEing the desperate (daily) posts of the facebook account, trying to advertise the EU-part with old screenshots...no more news about the "mobile version"...no direction, no story...all old stuff...

    next island compilation.jpg

    1.)-3.) the old mobs in the same room just with different names
    4.) restrictions removed of Ancient Greece...jesus christ
    5.) A Calypso Octagon...yay
    6.) Female Trade Terminal...super...

    Dont get me wrong, I know its hard work...but where is the work ?
    I know even Cyrene and Arkadia suffer from Mindarks restrictions and cannot release what they would like to.
    All the early promises died long ago. And I wouldnt call tempering with text files and "ancient greek" settings real progress.

    Next Island...whats next ? Shall I feel sorry for the investors as they get raped by MA now ? Or was it their own fault ? Did they get blinded by the light (again) ? Knowing these questions will never get answered in public...but beeing aware of what these guys might answer...this ends up as just another typical situation inside the world of MindArk...unfinished, without love...without any real progress...gratz !
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