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CryEngine 5.5 released

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Sep 20, 2018.

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  1. San


    Do you think an engine upgrade would bring back the features they promised to reinstate and didn't the first time around?
  2. No, I think it would be a great PR-Gag, to be the 1st, using CryEngine 5.5 on an RCE...with tons of promises...nothing else I expected...what did you expect ? ,-)
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  3. San


    I expect nothing and I don't listen to anyone's promises made in advertising. To me it's just noise. Someone has to beat the drums, so there. (The broken promises to restore a once-existing state are a different thing altogether.)

    The licensing terms for Cryengine have been modernized, though, did you see that? You can start using it without payment, commercial or not, and only start paying a percentage when you make over a certain amount of money with your product. I still have reservations but it sounds rather attractive.
  4. Sad to say we are stuck with this version due to the simple fact that it was a custom built for MA to deal with RCE. So as you can guess, they can't just simply upgrade to the latest version. But yes, I guess it was all a gag.

    A RL project is calling you. It really really is. :)
  5. Yes, Ive seen it...everybody is doing it...and Crytek is really in the need of money.

    Start from scratch then MA...and only pay percentages to crytek... x'D
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  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    You got a source for that?
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  7. Ya, please hand out NDAs and everything ! :'D

    Id love to read into that "customized" CE2 contract ! :D
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Terrain Object Blending: Users can mark Entities with a Mesh Component to become a part of the terrain mesh, empowering more realism, especially with

    I like the sound of this functionality... although i feel there should be a programmatic solution.

    At first glance that looks like a: this bit has same texture as terrain solution
  9. There might be a gfx update.
  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I'm not interested in NDAs, but this is the first time I heard MA would have gotten a completely customized version. To the best of my knowledge, they use CE2, and have built their own customizations. Those had nothing to do with RCE, but more about the seamless map.
  11. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Does cryengine 5.5 allow for mechs?
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  12. MA is the LAW !
  13. San


    I don't know, but now you get the full source code and could add whatever you're missing.
  14. Happened so long ago. But what I can remember is it has something to do with the MMO/RCE system MA needed a custom build and paid Crytek extra for such a version. It was a hot topic for a while since well, first time ever done. The only time MA stepped in on the forums to talk more about it, if I'm right, was when Cry3 came out and they posted a few times that it wouldn't be possible to update due to the custom build that was being used. (yes, at the time they had no idea about such things called Deeds).

    But yes, for you I did post on question about it on PCF.
  15. CE3 = CE2 but, for console
    ""afaik" a modded version"...so he doesnt know

    The only post ever made regarding such an "upgrade" statement.

    And there never was such a statement "MA payed Crytek extra".

    Also we still use DX9...THATS the culprit.

    ce3 2012 blah.

    Another user writes (but again no official links to such statements):

    cryengine 2 2012.

    But ya, I dont believe MA had the manpower to do such "modifications"...still, give us links. ;D




    alexanderchristiansson ce2.


    I also do know of freelancers, that helped converting 3d models.

    But the code of the cryengine wasnt modified by MA for sure.
    Please find the "MA payed Crytek extra".
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  16. Yes that was the post I was talking about after 3 years of us knowing about it. It was a hot topic around 2009-11. And again, I'm not sure exactly what the custom build was for but there was one. If you look at that thread I think I even talked about it before this post.
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  17. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    EU is not the only MMO using CE, though. And I highly doubt that CryTek would build something customised for a single customer, rather than building it and subsequently releasing it (perhaps in an adjusted way) as a standard part of their engine. I doubt MA would have had the funds required to secure an exclusive deal for the kind of stuff that would take the engine to a completely different level.

    My guess is MA attempted to do this kind of stuff themselves, and are now stuck on the engine because of it.
  18. Unless of course they outsourced the inter workings to have Crytek build the new system, and as you put, are stuck with the new code which I'm sorry, but is much more believable? Need to ask, why hasn't MA moved on if they did code it all in-house?
  19. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    If they outsourced it, why didn't Crytek include it in the engine? (I suggested the exact same thing in the post you quoted, but you ignored that part).

    As for why they haven't moved on, there could be a ton of reasons. Perhaps the somewhat competent coders who built it left the sinking ship? Perhaps it was coded by someone incompetent who now can't figure out how to refactor it? Perhaps MA chose to pursue other projects (like, oh, say a mobile game and/or an ICO). Perhaps MA simply figured their product is absolutely perfect, and therefore does not need an engine upgrade? Perhaps MA doesn't have the money needed to perform another upgrade? Perhaps MA chose to prioritise bug fixing and stabilising their product first (lol)?

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