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Creeped out by coldness - Anyone else feels the same?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Pirx Danford, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    LOL! A ghost returns :-) You probably remember that I founded a soc "Grumpy Old Men" in the past. Unfortunately noone joined it :-(
    Meanwhile I left that cruel world already a few months ago. Let's hang out here, occacionally drop a line in "The Club of Complaining Elders" ;-)
  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Maaaaaan! Good ol' Master Dale! Calm down! MA decided to transform PE into a complete different game. Okay. Speaking "Love me or leave me." Well, you left it, I did it. Other elders did it as well. It is no longer "our" game. Probably a horde of new players enjoy it, dunno. No need to shed tears about. It was eight years fun for me ... and it was really more than just a game. Now it's over. They don't want my 250 ±50 Euro per month deposit any longer. So be it.
  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    ROFL! Agreed! Cannot put him to ignore list. I am OZTwo-adicted as well.
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    heh Jamira so you are still there ;) if only barely ;)
  5. Doesn't bitching about bitchy negativity just create more negativity?

    not really inventory calc but tree view is nice tool for sorting out the mess a bit
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  6. not sure this forum is really a venue for that input since I doubt Mindark devs ever read here... would be nice if they'd prove me wrong with a reply someday, but I don't see that happening.

    Sad that MA feeds in to 711's censored forums by only participating in them... Funny feeling to actually have been censored out of existence by mods over there with the naughty word filter on two of my blogs, much as entropiareality once was... luckily short links still work, at least for now. I was contemplating just making a bunch of clone blogs all of them with planetcalypsoforum in the names so they'd have to filter out their own website name to get rid of it. :rolleyes (2):

    See what I mean. Bitching about bitching, or trying to censor the hell out of people so they can't say a damn thing, just causes more negativity/angst/anger/whatever... mental inflammation/flame wars/whatever you want to call it. In theory if this virtual universe was so great, the negativity anywhere would not matter since there'd be one percent of it vs 99 percent of positivity everywhere overcoming that little negative stuff... as there would be a stadium of fanbois for every one person with a negative comment, but that's not happening... and there's a lot of reasons why.
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  7. I also posted this thread on PCF and I assure you that both threads have been read :-)
  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    MA's PR agency copied the stable auction results word for word from here, so at least one of those two reads here.
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  9. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    to bad they 'forgot' to mention they got it from here
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  10. First Traction PR gives away press releases to a special someone an hour before the rest of the world a while back, and now they are just copy/pasting stuff from community websites and calling it their own. Some 'real professionals' there it would seem...

    Sue em for copyright infringement or whatever... of course Mindark could potentially counter-sue so probably not a so-good idea? Maybe send in some support tickets on it. If nothing else it'll give you a good laugh when the support team replies with some silly response. I guess you could also always send him a pm if you have a pcf account. http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...Real-Ads-OMG&p=2112761&viewfull=1#post2112761

  11. But then again we did have Viper here taking control of the forum and all..not good PR for MA? :openmouth:
  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    All content on EP is released under an open source license. They're free to lift it for their own use.

    But yeah. An attribution link is common courtesy for anyone who takes themselves seriously.
  13. "If you dont like 2014, go back to 1990."
    The standard advice by the people, that no longer have sympathy for our words.
    These people simply go with the flow. It seems.

    But Calypso isnt interesting because it looks good, or offers vehicles,
    it is interesting, because it offered immersive history.

    The "revolution" got silenced by PCF. The "go with the flow"-people cheered, when we left.
    Many of us finally got thrown out of PCF. Some of us met again in here.
    To be honest, in dead silence. The Old Republic is no longer what it used to be.

    Then there was a "new Calypso to explore"...

    Noone is reading this, except for some survivors, escorted by dropouts/fanatics of the
    "go with the flow"-people.

    We all started as carefull as possible on PCF. Be it explaining or complaining.
    Be it offering ideas, be it disliking "updates".
    Be it feelings revealed, be it anger whooped up.
    "Send in a support case, thats how it will work" they told us.
    The more, the better, they said. Official answers to forum-ideas were always very(!) rare.

    Such threads as this one, have been well visited in 2005/2006 and have been supported by a huge part of the then mature community. MArco was the last official with dreams, dreams that would never ever become reality anyway. But he jumped into threads the right time and people got all excited (about his dreams & visions, that would never become reality...but we werent aware of it back then). He did not join discussions too often, but he also didnt stay away for too long.

    Various names of (probably) MindArk employees showed up on the forum, posted this and that and while you just learned that they exist, they already dissapeared. Why would I still trust their communication this way ?

    Working close together with the community ? Who ? Where ?
    Seems like it is way easier to work for the "go with the flow"-people, tha twil lnever complain about anything. ;)

    Decisions are already made. I learned that. But it didnt make me leave 100%.

    Why nearly noone "answers" these days in entropia-planets ? Because there are not enough people left, that would show sympathy for every single word you/me wrote. Many of them will even fail to understand, as they havent been around for more then 10 years (AxeMurderer was partly right here). Many of them dont care for such threads. Many of them arent even registered on a forum. And then there are people, that will tell you, that you are doing it wrong.

    I read through your thread on PCF, while I promised to never visit that forum again.
    Everyone remebers the "good ol times" and instantly starts to talk about it. How great it was.
    (I especially liked the idea to bring the babblign back and let each Planet have different "langauges" if you got born there...but it wont happen) Seriously, over the past 5 years this "language idea" was the best I have read about. Best, also because it was part of a "great product" back then already.

    You clearly pointed that out by saying, that you are creepd out right NOW!
    I also have to get out of this "Boat" in every discussion. (Stop beeing nostalgic etc.)

    But instantly someone jumps in and says, that it is ONLY the nostalgic part, that we cannot forget.
    Someone else says, everyone after 2009 simply cant feel it...while he is partly right, he only partly understood what you were up to. Or he did not want to understand. But somehow he said, "I understand, others dont" :p

    Your thread has nearly 1600 views on PCF and 36 replies within 5 days. I always wondered why so many views, but only a few comments. Same counts for my posts of the past, especially videos. Are people shy ? Or didnt they like what they have seen/read ? And why didnt they post that they didnt like it ?

    Vehicles took ages, fishing and taming got put on-hold...but mob-pills just entered the game out of nowhere. They probably planned this secretly for decades and it became ready just after a short demonstration and a short introduction. ;) I dont even SEE any sense behind that idea...but Im sure others will.

    Noone knows about the powers of shareholders like Wasto AB or C-G Bothén AB.
    And what about the other 900 shareholders ? Probably the same 900 shareholders as they existed in 2005 already.

    And what about Bridge Investment and Benny Iggland ? Who knows.

    Entropia changed dramatically and telling me to shut up or to leave is still like :
    "If you dont like 2014, go back to 1990."

    Discussions about the deepness of Entropia are rare these days. (as the deepness is buried in the past)
    Discussions about the MMO factor of Entropia became rare.
    But thats what it is, an MMO and I loved the mature discussions about it in 2004/2005

    MindArk jumped the "Candy Crush" train way too late, even doing it the wrong way.

    And thats not an opinion, thats a fact. :p
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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Invoice them for "Copy". After all, this is what copy writers do! They write things for people that are often for used as promotional material. They get paid for it.
  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Hi Mr McC. Good post. First point on CCS, not decades (unless MA had it in mind off their own bat) sorry that was me (and Dorsai) 8 years ago. http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?15848-Play-as-mob-Here-s-how!

    I'm still waiting to compare the proposal with the eventual implementation. It's been 8 years haha, I can wait a bit longer for it to a) to be properly in the loot and b) not cost the frikkin' earth ;)

    Discussions of deepness and ideas and so forth. I miss those, as you can see from the play as a mob post 8 years ago I used to be well into trying to think up and all around the game design of a feature. But these days I think I might as well be doing this:
    note: wanted to include the vid clip (Garden State) but all instances of it on youtube and other sites have been blocked. (Its only one scene FFS. This is taking anti-piracy to a stupid place. Thanks Zack)
    As for the candy crush train. Well true they are very late to the party there and it probably won't be very popular (an opinion). I personally wouldn't be surprised if Crumpets never made it off paper though.

  16. I even remember this post "Play as a mob". =)
    And I remember that I wasnt sure what to post inside that thread. ^^

    While I try to think it could be funny to "kill as many players as possible" (only possible on special MindArk days), I can already SEE the exploits coming with this...profession, followed by "Collecting meaningless amounts of additional skills...for nothing".
    (except to be able to control Zombie Kong one day...whichever direction MindArk will choose with this...profession)

    Next goal, "tame Zombie Kong".

    And as it seems that this CC(C)P will be (heavily) connected to your information skills...it is an infamy that scanning (mobs) got nerfed beyond useless. Feel free to SEE my robotology thread about this matter (again).

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  17. Hey McC great post!
    Its exactly like that - its not about nostalgia, the examples of the old stuff were only just that, examples of something that was there and has not been replaced but completely removed.
    It is okay to remove features - I really don't have too much an issue with that, if something new replaces the feature.

    I still like EU as an idea and I still believe in the uniqueness the RCE approach has to offer.
    But a game in which hanging around is no fun - worse - not just being boring but really creeping me out and making me feel uncomfortable - not out of nostalgia because I remember the greatness (some things really weren't so great) - making me feel uncomfortable as it is right now - that is not a place I will invest time or money in.

    So in order to regain me as customer MA has to apply changes and I believe its not just me but many a great deal of people. I might be wrong... they might have enough customers who are exactly looking for a game like this.
    But that is no reason for me to endure the game in its current state... so I offer them insight into what is keeping me and others away and hope they will listen.
    Its the least I can do as thanks for providing me a great game for 3 years... maybe MA even listens, but even if not - until I have sold out completely I'll make such threads and give them feedback on my impressions and reasons.
    I am not expecting them to listen but I can hope.
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  18. Me and others kept writing like this since 2009. We stayed unheard.
    Also the "go with the flow"-people stayed unheared with their wishes.
    Go figure.

    Sure I read posts of people that left in 2005 already, because they had enough and moved on, because they were loosing huge amounts of money etc. but thats truly different compared to our passion (problem).

    A lot of people I met in 2004, are still here. They dont post much on forums or dont even have a forum account.
    They usually understand what Im trying to explain and encouraged me to not to stop doing so.
    Also these people from 2004 know me way better then "other" Entropians, that joined many years later

    It is 2014 now. Im not alone, but many have left for good and have never been seen again.
    Others joined.
    Hope is vanishing since 2009. Not much is left.

    I know the past wont return.
    But maybe the lovely details, the features, the overall feeling. *joking*

    Instead of advertising hypes like Treasure Island or Club Neverdie or Crystal Palace or Monria...maybe hype Akbal Cimi or do INDEED release a f*cking awesome render trailer with robots and humans and stuff. A trailer as mentioned in 2007 and again in 2012...with a real actor as Sayah King again...then Team Arkadia had to do an trailer, which felt like fan made...with ingame material...and wasnt that bad because of that. ;)

    Anyway, instead of buying a castle wolfenstein next time, maybe finally invest into a fooking cinematique-trailer as promised !!! >_<

    Then again, MindArk never used advertising or trailers after the release of the Sayah King video in june 2002.

    "Jan & Son"
    MArco is gone.

    The creative people fired,
    Mister Klas Moreau hired.

    A thing named cashcard,
    vanished like a fart.

    The promised land of milk & honey,
    a bank without the money.

    Empty space no NASA,
    and MA failed with ESA.

    And Entropias fate,
    about to turn into cheap bait.

    I shoot,
    no loot. etc. ;D​

    Cheers !
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  19. While I agree, when I read phrases like this, I remember Legolas's quote from Lord of the Rings,
    "Do not cast all hope away. Tomorrow is unkown. Rede oft is found at the rising of the Sun. Thus is it spoken: Oft hope is born, when all is forlorn. Follow what may, great deeds are not lessened in worth."

    Here's looking to hopeful future a little... http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...ts-Community&p=3281657&viewfull=1#post3281657
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  20. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    and a quote from another movie that sums it up. From Risky Business.

    "Sometimes you gotta say What the F$ck"
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