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    Well I guess they can take it from here on this end, now we (as in all EU people) need to start filling the missing info and we (as in the EP people) need to figure out the missing systems in the wiki.
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  2. You know the more I look at all the creatures threads the more I dislike the setup. Still too much to scroll thru. I think all the information should be on the first post. I just was over at Cyrene forum and liked the way this one was set up. The info is there picture shows and if more info is need you click on the link to the wiki.

    Just my opinion :)
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    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Yes over at Cyrene Forum we have Chazlow working hard on the setup of the data displayed on the forum and as you can see there everything can be changed.

    These threads need to be a community effort unlike some of the creature threads on other forums where just one person can change it.

    I'm sure we can manage some example in here so we can figure out the best way to do this.
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    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

  5. I would like to help but I tried to edit something on the wiki and I don't know what I did cause what I wanted to happen didn't :).

    I can get screen shots but not sure what else I can do to help.
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    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    well we are in the process of making the wiki easier editable and have made a lot of forms for different data. Creature info for example is very easy to edit these days and so is TP data and we are working hard to get all the other stuff up and running.
  7. Looking at that table I don't see the need for some of the links as it takes you to the wiki which only gives you the same info. And why the box with "search for this page title" there is nothing there. Still preferring the cyrene setup better.

    Will wait to hear other opinions.
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    the "search for this page title" is there because there is no info yet on that section of the wiki, that will dispensary when there is info in that section of the wiki. These boxes will also appear on CF if not all the data is there yet.

    The links are there so people can find the page where they can edit the data easier.

    look here:

  9. Ok, trying to add a picture to the red papoo you added above. I clicked on the red Papoo link above and I sat there and waiting 2 mins for it to load. All that shows now is a empty black box. You have logs for the wiki right? I also tried added a picture a couple weeks ago and couldn't figure it out. Very frustrating to me.
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    Ah yes, well for now you need to shift+click the link, so it opens in a new window.
    There is also a little issue it seems with people that come from here who are not logged in in the EP wiki (neither am I).

    So I think for now you need to go to the EP wiki trough EP or click on the 'Powered by EntropiaPlanets Wiki.' and upload your picture there.

    Not sure what sort of picture you have, but you can upload a file here:

    and you can add it to the media section on the bottom of the page like this:

    If you have a Red Papoo profile picture name it like this Moblist_thumb_Red_Papoo.gif (be sure to make it a gif file) and upload to the wiki and it will appear in the right spot automatically.

    I am aware of the fact that adding stuff to a wiki needs a bit of practice and that's why we are getting all these forms in there, but it is a work in progress.
  11. So any mob picture I add I use the naming convention Moblist_thumb_Mob_Name.gif? EX: Moblist_thumb_grey_papoo.gif, moblist_thumb_Pirate_skelton.gif? Will give it a try tomorrow :)
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    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Well soft not any picture you add, use that convention for the profile pictures, any other pic you can use any other name as long as you put them in the <gallery> tags like I told you and you should be OK.

    I would however wanna ask you to use some useful name. What I did for the images is call it Mutant_Boar_Natural_01.jpg so that you can see it is a picture of a Mutant Boar in its natural environment.

    Also be sure to use the full ingame name for the profile pics including CAPS, Moblist_thumb_Grey_Papoo.gif
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