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Crafting and blueprints. Do's and Don'ts

Discussion in 'Tutorials & guides' started by Manny, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Hey Gretchen,
    You wont even be able to bid on items from other planets. As for crafting it is expensive, you tie up alot of ped in crafting materials and crafted products waiting to sell, and until you get good you don't stand a chance of making PED off it. But I will give you the same advice I give anyone I meet in game, if you can afford to deposit and loose 150$ I would suggest you do, deposit that money, use it to test your own ideas, you'll make mistakes and loose PED because of those mistakes, but you'll learn from them.

    EDIT: That worked for me anyway, putting some money in to test ideas expecting to loose it all, I'm not sure if it will work for everyone, it all depends on how a person learns new things.
  2. absolutely. I've been paying to play games because fun is worth money from the 90s in Everquest, pre-Kunark. Only difference between this and monthy games is you get to choose how much you spend. Mining probes is what makes me wince.

    I was trying for the simple I conductor blueprint because my Ziplex Z1 Seeker is at T0.9 and wants a huge shopping list of stuff. But reading into it, I am not sure I need to stress about unlocking a slot for an amp, 8 days into the game. I didn't see anything in the guide that raising the tier and unlocking the slot improves the device unless the slot is used for something. By that time, I may well have gone to Calypso and bought the 1 pec blueprint from the techie. Or be using a higher mining device. So not going to sweat it.

    There's 1 copy of the BP for sale on NI and it's bid on by the same person who I sold mats to and who is my first person on my contacts list. I'm not going to get into a bidding war with a newly met purchaser. And again, I am no longer convinced it's a critical need. Again, appreciating all the newbie guidance :)
  3. No, your blueprints won't be looted if killed in space. Only stackables other than ammo and mind essence would be looted if your ship is blown up, then there is like a ten second period where the pirate has to shoot and kill you before you die of lack of oxygen for you to be looted. As said above, crafting is very expensive and slow to skill up. It can potentially be profitable, but you may also need to pay a fairly hefty price for a good unlimited bp in order to do so once you are skilled enough. Being that your on NI, its not a bad idea to use low markup resources that you mine or loot, such as oil and lyst to just craft them away. Old advice was to craft basic filters until you unlock blueprint comprehension (level 10), then move up, not sure if this is still the way to go. If crafting is what you really want to do, chipping is the way to go. Much faster and probably cheaper in the long run, however you don't gain any bps this way either. IF NI ever makes their own bps there will be more options. From the posts you've made so far, I love your enthusiasm and hope you stick with it. Entropia is a truly unique game with lots of possibilities.
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I think that with the current price of lysterium basic leather textures might be a cheaper way to skill crafting. But if you get a lot of lysterium and oil while mining and are not able to find a good trader or crafter to sell them to, then basic filters are a great way to convert what you mined back into peds while getting some skills along the way.

    Chipping for a specific goal is definatly the way to go. I looted some discovery armor plate prints last year but didnt have the skills to use them, so I chipped in what i needed to use them. A couple of weeks ago there was another very specific print i wanted to use but was 1 level short of maxing it, so I chipped into that as well.

    To start out though, just trying things out and learning there is no need to chip at all. Just play within your skill limitations and have fun :)

  5. red


    right now, all the books and prints sold on next island by the technician robot are generic - common to all planets. what seems to be happening is that planets develop their own specific limited prints and a specific book to put those prints within.

    there are many people, here, waiting for next island to develop and release their prints - as they are expected to use the crystals and native animal parts.

    as for what to craft, you'll likely want to focus in a single area. otherwise, your skills will be spread out quite a bit. not that there is anything wrong with that - it's just expensive. however, being really good in a single area does allow you to be okay in the others.

    skill return is proportional to what you risk in terminal value. so, going with filters isn't the best plan these days, unless you have huge piles of oil and lysterium and wish to focus on mechanical components.

    there are also different "classes" or crafting areas. components, textures/tailoring, and finished goods (weapons, attachments, armour, tools). the skill trees are slightly different for each of these in that they don't overlap as much, so it is certainly best to keep to an area. I don't remember exactly where enhancers, furniture, and vehicles fit it, as I don't do enough of those and haven't bothered to investigate.

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