Cop-A-Chopper (Wave #2)

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  1. Cop-A-Chopper!
    Welcome to the second wave of Cop-A-Chopper!, a Gungnir Mk1 (C,L) giveaway event, brought to you by
    BIG Industries. There will be two (2) Cop-A-Chopper events in this wave, and the winner of each will cop a free helicopter!
    The First Wave
    The prizes are worth around 5-6 PED Trade Terminal Value each, while their actual worth is estimated to be roughly 13-15 PED each. They should last for quite some time, if not often damaged in Player Versus Player environments. Upon request, I can also provide an explanation of how to acquire free Crude Oil at an Oil Rig, which can be refined into fuel for the chopper.

    Camp Icarus (near the large building).

    Times (all in EU Time):
    Monday February 25th 19:00 | Tuesday February 26th 1:00

    The events will be fairly brief, and will consist of a quick explanation of a few ongoing BIG Industries events, followed by a simple trivia game. I will remain at Camp Icarus for a little while after the event to answer questions related to Entropia.

    Trivia Rules:
    The trivia rules are simple; I will ask questions in the local chat channel. Answer two questions correctly before anyone else does so to win a chopper! Participants may guess the answer to a single question as many times as desired, until the correct answer is announced.

    Anyone, excluding myself, is welcome to participate in this event. I am the only person who will know the questions in advance.

    A single participant may not win both events in a wave, but winners in previous waves may win up to one event in this wave. The chopper with the higher Trade Terminal Value will be given away at the first event of the wave.

    This event is sponsored by Meculus of BIG Industries. Please send any rep's or applicable comments in this direction.
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