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ComPet Income

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    And payouts are monthly, correct? So in 31 days, the total revenue share of Compet was a whopping .2 cents per deed?

    And people are buying Deeptokens from these people why?
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  2. Monthly, correct. So, in case all of the 200k deeds got sold, MA had to payout...uh, MA "lost" 4000 PED aka 400$ of their 2 million dollars...means, no champagner in the office this morning. ;D

    So, if we got 30% ROI of the initial investment *lol*, it would mean, 400$ x 3,3333 = 1333,33 $ was the total income this month for MindArk. If this got deposited by the top 10 players uh, investors, they all dropped in about 100$ this month.

    Regarding the DeepToken :
    People will always buy stuff, that they never heard about before...if it has some nice PR bullshit attached to it.

    Remember, every time there was reports or interviews about Entropia...the reporter has never ever heard about Entropia before. Since 18 years. Makes you wonder ?

    So, again some people have heard about Entropia for the very 1st time. Crypto and gaming...what could possibly go wrong with that kind of announcement ? x'D

    Finanzinspektion 2.0 anyone ? ,-)
  3. "Champagne in the morning are drinking only aristocrats... or degenerates."

    (Diamond Arm (1969), a legendary Soviet comedy)

  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Buy Crypto currency is the truth the way and the light...
  5. Epic Update:

    There are no more payouts for the compet deeds.
    The forum has died.
    The forum gets flooded with spam now.

    compet flood spam.

    I bet they work hard on the relaunch right now and... *lol* x'D

    I hope you guys bought lots of te*lol*port tokens and Deepthroat Tokens... x'D

    Jesus, I can no longer understand how people can still support this company with their money, except for those that are afraid of their previous investments and those who use the Terminator weapon.

    This is madness...and a gigantic scam.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    What I don't understand,... is how the price of compet deeds hasn't shot through the floor yet. Crikey it is still +32peds.

  7. Dont forget they announced a relaunch wistrel x'D
  8. resellers and deed deed holders don't want it to tank, so it won't.... 2 resellers can just keep buying from one another and their alts til kingdom come at inflated prices so it'll never go below a certain level.
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  9. After screwing with all investors since 2014 (!), spreading many, many lies...they even dared to re-announce a reboot of compet...MindArk today announced the official death of this obvious (was obvious in 2014 already, but MA needed to pay a big marketing firm in order to understand that) dumb idea.

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
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  10. Is the switch to AMDs a good deal?

    I suppose it can’t be a bad deal?
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

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  12. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    So....Let me get this correct. 6months ago when 1 guy who is not MA official (McCormack) says that Compet IS dead.... then yesterday is this:

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  13. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    If admin can fix that screenshot (its of PCF Ludwig) saying Kim been working back on EU ''for over 6 months''. Any1 else here see WTF is wrong with that???. So for ''over 6 months'' they kept a dead game going collecting their f*cking money for their Bahamas holidays???? AM I THE ONLY ''IDIOT'' here to see this???. Oh but wait

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  14. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    Look AT THAT SCREENSHOT. When their are fanboys (or are they really MA employees/family????) why even bother with anything to do with this fu*king scam ???. I love this forum because its a breath of fresh air. People can say what they want. Is also good original posts things about boats and things. Some people (not ''real'' fanboys are ….VERY p'ed off).

    Hey. I am an ''idiot'' though so what do I know :). Alt thread I will ask (I am sure I will be ''an idiot'' there also). Cool.

    Note to admin. I just clicked upload a file. It shows the photos if others can see then I guess its cool
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  15. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    Finally on this. McCormack said it all already but I WILL say it. BEFORE the Conpet Investment THEY SAID IT WOULD BE FUC*ING LINKED TO EU. THAT WAS THEIR 'ROADPLAN'' or whatever you want to call it. MANY screenshots as proof about this. And STILL fanboys (who by their OWN admission did NOT invest in Compet (because all their $$ is in their in game bank and LAs huh???). So if you was told smartypants that Conpet WOULD be linked to EU YOU would have invested all those years ago. Fanboys/sheeps….yes I was a Conpets fan boy I invested (no I am NOT Rick), worst thing is = they WILL get more victims for their next scam grab. McCormack said it all on the OFFICIAL conpets forum (I WOULD like to know how Mark KNEW 6 months ago that game was officially dead (apart from their forum being dead...)?

    This is just all silly. Its a blatant scam run by scammers and I would bet a few dolla that some of those big PCF fanboys are somehow tied into MA. So dead deeds for deeds that cant be traded. Ya amazing success that new moon is!!. Big rep from all the fan boys to MA!!! (or all the MA friends and family?) :).

    Oh wait. I don't work for a University but I don't want my boss to get a nasty email like that blogger did :) . I am scared (sarcasm) :)

    If it was not for people like Mark and this forum others would not know about these scams. Maybe the guests who visit this forum will 1 day speak who knows (I hope so). Last thing I am saying about negative things like this and alt accounts for ''hot'' girls....

    Prevent scams don't try and cure them. Other people (is 1 that comes here to this forum that should speak up he never has though...) should speak up here.

    Xmas = Deeptokens round 2. Same suckers....

    Easter 2019 = Conpet 2

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  16. Thank you for the flowers. Chill x'D

    Honestly, what is obvious to some, is clutching at straws to others...hope dies last.
    If you invested a lot...and it looks bad, MindArk posts barely enough "sweet lies", to make the investors stay....and even invest more...and more...just like IRL...

    Its really not that hard to predict things in here, when you are around for 14+ years. I know of alpha/beta testers from the year 2000, who basically chatted about MindArk exactly like this...18 years ago...and some are still around...because...18 years man, 18 years...

    You dont just uninstall Entropia, if you have "invested" ten thousands of Euro/Dollars in this game...always hoping to "get the big one this time", with your very next investment...

    Compet was just one (big) obvious example.
    Feel free to look at my "blog" list.

    MindArk reduced communication to a decreasing minimum...so IF they post something, its always like a god talking.

    As I said, posting just barely enough, to make some fanboys pants wet. Again and again...
    On top of it, the repetitive, bs pr-gags...they always work...if there is enough "family" on the forum, predicting "it will work this time".

    Aaahhhh, the family...

    -If you would know how many avatars are shared by large groups of people...so the avatar can hunt/craft 24/7...

    -Or how many avatars share the same uber items...ending up on the forums now and then..."I got scammed by a hot gurl...aheee...a friend :'(" -> This happened so often...you wouldnt believe it...sometimes people donated PEDs to the "victim"...the "victim" then happily shared the PEDs with the "scammer"...and so on...just some sad individual cases here ofc. ;D

    -Or if you would know, how many bot users/exploiters are among the ubers...and they still officially play.

    -Or how many uber avatars "changed owners" by now...sold via paypal or for cash at a pub...officially, with MAs knowledge...and without MAs knowledge. (oh no, they cant cash out...lol...get a life...)

    -It is no secret there are insiders here...it never was. But it was more of a... "myth", back in the days...now you just have to read and connect...

    Well, actually it IS obvious every fucking time these days. Sometimes it even gets posted straight on the forums. But you got to dig deeper sometimes and not just take the MA PR-gags for granted everytime, without asking any questions.

    Then again, the "family" will support you with lots of positiveness here, so you wont have to ask many (stupid) questions anyway.
    "It will all be good (this time) !"

    Next stop...xmas pr-gag...if any...or the "round 2" deeptoken sale, followed by the IPX and/or the 2nd MindBank disaster...maybe some Neverdie running gags inbetween...you never know. ;D

    I know there are worse things on this planet...but you got to start somewhere...now lean back and enjoy the show of swedish tradition and excellence...love that one x'D
  17. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    Policy here (as Admin said) Mcccormack is that names CAN be mentioned go for it :). I think most here know anyway but hit it don't chat riggles name names please.


    1 Big fan boy Mastermesh said he DID email PWC (a very well known company). MA said that PWC compet audit would be published. Any news...…..? We know the answer.

    Whatever you call conpets it WAS stated that it WOULD be linked to EU. THAT is the reason why the fanboys paid up to make their pretty penny.

    Also has steam been informed that conpets is now officially a dead game?. I think future customers of Mindark and their aliases should be informed on Steam that they release games on steam then stop developing It WITHOUT ANY OFFICIAL NOTICE TO STEAM OR ON COMPET FORUM.

    I will go as far as to say MA are linked to Swedish Gov in certain ways (well they got a 200k ''grant'' so they are). hmmm. Is there maybe...'mafia' or some big boys involved in these scams its why they are ''protected/untouchable'' ?. Swedish Gov giving big money for....umm camera deeds?.
  18. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    At the end of the day. We cant go against them. Tried it. Swedish Gov and that other Swedish place protect Mindark. Please some1 inform Steam though because I doubt Mindark have. At least Steam wont ever promote 1 of their ''games'' again ;)

    Anyway there is humblebumble and Razor. $1 for game we can try them out. Also we should all build a boat (or at least try) :).

    Truly shocking. I have not yet traded my deeds (why? trade these for something else that its dead? no thanks). What is the most bad is what ludvig said - Kim been back working on EU for 6 months. So why not SAY THAT ON OFFICIAL CONPET FORUM? NONE OF THEM EVEN BOTHERED TO POST NOTHING ON CONPET FORUM IN MONTHS. ALSO ILL BET YOU ANYTHING YOU WANT THAT THE DEED PAYMENTS WHERE JUST RANDOM MIN PAYMENTS

    Your email Mashermesh to PWC??? the result??? (I know you gone very silent about this but YOU said you did it months ago).

    Mastermesh if you did NOT email PWC please can you just confirm because is no law in PWC confirming if PWC are auditors for Conpet ;)

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