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ComPet Income

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. I posted a "lol" with a smilie under Ricks post, where he assumed :

    Maybe its because the game has generated more revenue than cash deposits...lol

    SooOooOOo, his "lol" wasnt frivolous enough it seems...but my "lol" surely made their blood boil. ;D

    Love this show. Thanks guys@MA!

  2. I wonder who whill loose his job at A-Team after the chat logs have been checked... ;D

    deed payout lol.
  3. The weirdest thing is.. the deeds still sell.
    BTW I did get the 100 ped inside compet.
    But later the app got updates and OFC my peds weer gone again.
  4. Happy 1 year anniversary, of the waiting for the ,promsied more then once, compet deed payout ! :'D

    And happy 3 year anniversary to all compet deed owners out there !
    Stay tough ! :D

    Anyway, it seems we got to wait for the 1st payout a little bit longer...
    Because, as always, MindArk is working hard(ly) on marketing now. x'D

    (Taken from the latest, so called compet-newsletter)


    marketing and content.
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  5. Kemlo

    Kemlo Zone of Silence

    Marketing words used in above...

    Marketing 'Push'
    Marketing 'Efforts' (twice)
    Marketing 'Campaign' (twice)
    Marketing 'Profile'

    I think this all means that it's not going well.
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  6. This is the standard way of M(ind)Arketing with Entropia Universe, since 2009. Except for some random banners many, many years ago (you can still spot em, cookie based blah) there has never been any substantial efforts/pushing/campaings/profiles.

    Facebook Emissary Program anyone ?

    Whatever, they tell you they do, without ever progressing into any direction.
    Marketing aka. publicity stunts were much, much stronger in 2006.

    Lean back and enjoy the show, you cant do much more.
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  7. Their forum is dead by now and we never heard about "compet deed payouts" again. ^^

    Instead planet Arakdia started to sell of a "new" area with 7 "new" mobs, for 1,2 million us dollars via crowdfun...uhhh...pyramid scheming.
    ETA, 3rd quarter of 2018.
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  8. All the work you seem to be putting into the posts today..just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I hope you are having a FUN day. :)
  9. If noone would put any kind of effort into forum posts, forums would be extinct. Forums would be useless.
    Online discussions would'nt evolve anymore. For now, I still enjoy putting my "work" into these posts. And if only 1 person agrees or enjoys what I post...then Im doing something right. :)

    Im aware I wont change the world. But I can add something to it. :)
    Its not my fault Arkadia decided to announce this pyrmaid-scheme on xmas.

    Merry Christmas to you too ! :'D
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  10. Yeah they are always fun. But what is interesting here is how much MindArk made on this deal. Not only now with the planned added land area which I'm guessing cost Ark in the millions, but as well Arkadia Team will most likely have to pay out even more to Mindark to speed it up and get the land area out in time. My guess here is this is why we have not seen anything from Mindark this year. If Arkadia didn't do this, we most likely be seeing a 10 GOLD quads on auction.
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Uh huh. MA has been too busy with ComPet, Virtual Reality, and a new crypto currency.

    How come you haven't realized this is typical MA modus operandi yet? They announce somethng by means of a press release, dedicate a fuckload of time, money and resources into it, and eventually nothing comes of it. They have done this time and time again, yet you point a finger at Arkadia for the lack of development in 2017. 2016 also really didn't have much to write about. Ever since Compet has been announced, development on EU as a platform has been greatly scaled back. But sure, all someone else's fault.
  12. You are very right, but I wasn't pointing a finger at Arkadia for why MA as not been working on EU. What I said was that due to the simple fact that Ark had given them a load of money for the new moon project they didn't need to sell us crap like a Gold Quad Wing.
  13. Mindark cannot sell us anything. They have to first get the names on last year's statues. It seems to take more than a year to get an avatar name on a statue ingame. Seems really weird because they could simply copy/paste the code for a landarea marker.
    that is basically the same thing.
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  14. Yes your right there. But they were, sorry, are going to put the avatar as well on the statue which wouldn't be that hard at all. What I found more odd here is that no one is really bitching about it. I don't think that many were sold, I think like 2 -- but still you think there be someone bitching about it.
  15. Maybe because selling quads means not developing the game ?
    Maybe because selling statues means not developing the game ?
    Maybe because selling compet deeds means not developing the game ?
    Maybe because selling arkadia moon deeds means not developing the game ?

    Maybe lying to the customers about payouts since 2014 also means not developing the game ?

    The lies are strong with MindArk, but some rich "investors" wont open their eyes (yet).
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  16. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    You are the best example how easy it can be to grab 3d geometry, OZtwo. I just own half a dozen grabs of your ava. It should be pretty easy to use such models to replace the dummy statue.
  17. Yes, I know. :) I was thinking about my grab as I was typing. Way to easy. :)

    Than again, can you go in and grab the base of a statue and put me on it? :)
  18. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Sure, that's easy for me with grabbed geometry of your ava and the dummy statue. It should be easy for MA as well or even Arkadia Studios. Do I have to go to Arkadia to grab the base? Or can I find it at Calypso too?
  19. No, I think only calypso had the statue sale. Be funnier then hell to replace my forum image with that. :)
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
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  20. The "real information" about Compet Deed Payouts will be "introduced" in January. Says Freyja.

    Whatever that means...lets wait and SEE...

    The 1st payouts got promised exactly 1 year ago. In January 2017.
    We own Compet deeds since 2014.

    compet deed payout jan 2018.

    So, maybe the russian guy on facebook was right after all ? Even if Team Compet said "it is not true" ? So many teasers and fails since 2014...and this is just about Compet...

    deed payout lol.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018

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