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Theryon Wars: Community Q&A: One Week

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Ordaz, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. We can't go live without a minimum amount of economy-related items: Mobs for hunting, deposits for mining, BPs for crafting, quests/missions for... for... oh, well :tongueout:

    Having these in place doesn't automatically mean the economy will work by itself, you know. To help advancing one step at a time there's one single type of item with no "automatic use" out of the box which we'll need for the future. It's a resource you won't be able to use with BPs for quite a while and you'll have to find out what it is, among other things, by yourselves. For the rest of the items and resources, I hope we can stick to "no blueprints without materials and no materials without blueprints". I said I hope, I'm not sure we'll be able to but I'll try.

    This approach is somehow like a mine field. It limits us, narrowing our growth options. If from the start you get items, BPs and ores to make a living, adding more ores and BPs with similar stats just won't do: they must be more attractive than the original ones for you to really want them. Design-wise, it's quite a challenge, taking also into account that with a limited amout of combinations we must provide a meaningful and whole system from day zero.
    Else, you won't get the economy to start rolling.

    Mmm... too long a question, hope it worked for you, Softhart :wink:
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  2. khaos

    khaos DnB'addict

    Possibly a good idea for this: buildings with a function in other factions can be destroyed. When the faction whose buildings were destroyed needs the functions related to the building, they would have to rebuild them.
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Thanx for the answer and thank Rafael for me as well. The reason I asked is that banks will be a lot harder to get money from these days and an online game is something the big short of any bank will not understand. Of course I do not know if you guys even went to a bank or are financing the game with your own money or private investors (do not need an answer there, unless you wanna tell us).

    Ans yes it is not a typical question you'd expect from us players and I had not thought of this before, it just poped in my head.
  4. That's a bit close to our approach... What we'll be needing (not now, just soon in another thread) is making sure the way we've thought of for you, players, to help rebuilding your faction's facilities makes sense and pays the worth for you to actually participate in the "war effort".
  5. I'll tell Rafael :x3:
    Just in case, we're not the typical game studio or PP for that matters. This Christmas the company gets 2 years old and it took another couple of years of preparations before actually founding it. During this time we've made smaller games, Anmynor, military simulations, augmented reality programs and content, aerospace industrial design... We were also awarded for our developments in artificial intelligende R&D. And we also have a project on virtual worlds in cloud computing. Plenty of things, right? The trick is, keep "additional" projects short and manageable (bite less than you can actually chew) and choose projects from which you can learn and become a better professional/studio. We now have first-hand real-life info on the latest military tech and aerospaace research. Theryon will be sci-fi both in EU and beyond, but the day we decide to go "hard sci-fi" we'll have an advantage no-one else can be proud of having as for today.

    Quite a long reply for no actual question!
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  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    but a good and clear reply, thank you very much for the info !
  7. Thanks for the response :) I'm hoping to see some permanent story line destruction where the avatars destroy some enemy base or something along those lines =P
  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Mh... destructible environments should a least be possible in specific instances...

    My question: With T:W (yep, it's abbreviated like that form now on :tongue (2):) also being focussed on space battles for what classes/type/approximate # of different models of spacecrafts do you aim at on launch?
  9. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Will there be treasure mining or archaeology type of things?

    Theryon has a nice bacstory to it. Would be fascinating to explore that side...
  10. I Love destruction! My motto, if it isn't broken, break it! LOL at least in Virtual Life :) What happens with broken environments? Fix them so I can break them again :) Who fixes them? The Planet Partner :) And of course there is NO limit of destruction! :)

    Now those are the answers I would want to hear :) But, ok dream is over, I snapped out of it............maybe :what:

    LOL I am not sure it did work for me.........I guess my concern is if I move to your Planet will I be able to play the game with the resources you have on your planet and not have to resort to going to another planet to get the resources I need? Will there be guns and armor that are effective on the mobs that will be there?

    And you mentioned you can't go live with "a minimum amount of economy-related items" whats is the minimum? Is that something you set or MA sets?
  11. Q: What do you think about adding free activities(events daily or weekly) within your planet?

    For example: Space fort defence where all ammo and turrets are accessed for free and have no monetary value. The reward could be comprised of a 0.01 Ped TT item value to be used as a prerequisite to enter special non-free events.

    Another example: something as simple as a functional pool table.

    Think this would be a great incentive for avatars to log in daily keep the community more active.
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  12. Any time, thank you for this arc of Q&A; it wouldn't have been easy for you to find this out on your own (low profiles and such...) so you now know us a lil bit better.
  13. Mmm... I'm not really sure I get this. What would you like to be permanent, the storyline or the destruction?

    The storyline shall evolve, though we must maintain at least common elements and "historical facts" in the entry point narrative presented to new players. On the other hand, unrecoverable destruction of settlements, fleets, stations... that's EPIC and would require the participation of a sizeable amount of players on both sides.

    Epics must be told and we want our players (that would be you) to be the protagonists, not some NPC with an idle animation...
  14. Tass, an idea came out about destuction and instances. Say there's a mission and inside the mission instance 75% of the players destroy a given facility. Then next day/week we set that facility to go boom.
    It just felt too "fake" for us right that way...

    Thanks for remembering the short T:W form! (It should save us all some tapping).
    I'm sorry, I can't discuss the amount of vehicles we want to/will have on launch :speechless:
  15. We have planned "field research" and "exploration missions" which come close to what you mention without having the same mechanics. We don't really want to import the treasure hunting mechanism to T:W "as is", but there are indeed hidden treasures in our planet. Treasure hunting is an enjoyable experience, I have nothing against it, all the contrary...

    Our approach to archaeology is closer to beacon missions than to mining, but has a bit of both.

    Mistery Tip: The tilting of the planet will influence availability of sites to explore and field research missions. No more details for now :tongueout:
    (You can make up your own theories but I won't confirm nor deny any time soon)
  16. I meant permanent destruction as a result of avatars playing out the storyline the T:W team develops.

    "unrecoverable destruction of settlements, fleets, stations..."
    Yes something like this :)
  17. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Fascinating. Instead of theorising I can do better factual data :)

    Question: The Earth's axial tilt varies between 22.1° and 24.5°, with a 41,000 year period. What will those values be for T:W?
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  18. Ido


    A blend of PvP and PvE ... does this mean the game will be influenced by actual PvP activity by the participants .. like 2 sides fighting over land etc ... requiring permanent engagement of the players to take over territory and defend it?

    That indeed would be something different if the PvP would affect the game situation ... Else if you just add pvp zones and killing mobs i don't see how that is different

    To become a planet partner MA requires you to bring in a fresh new concept or angle to Entropia Universe ... to attract a new audience etc...

    Calypso is what everything will always be compared to ...
    Rocktropia has its music
    Next island its time travel
    Arkadia treasure hunting

    T:W will have ??

    I'm asking what is your new angle of approach?

    I love this interactive Q&A ;)
  19. Does TW plan to have sweat as a core feature or some sort of free(or low cost) gameplay for those who don't want to spend much ped?
  20. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...


    That is a challenge right there and I have been thinking about that.

    Because of the tilt of the planet one side of it will be pointing to the sun and is therefor to hot to explore.

    "It will influence the availability", so we can do some mission some of the time, but not all the time. I guessing it could be that missions will only be available during night time, when it is cool on the surface (might be to short for some missions) or just during winter. The problem with just in winter is that even then the planet would rotate around its own axis and half of the day each side of the planet would still be facing the sun and therefor be to hot.

    The only think I could think of is that the planets axis is horizontal (or close to that) and rotates around its sun. This way each half of the planet will be facing the sun for half a year. Depending on the size of the orbit around the sun we could have a few (earth) months to do these missions before we have the same amount of (earth) months where we can not do them. This would however also mean that we will not have a quick day/night cycle, but one of a few (earth) months, so a long period of darkness and a long period of light, could be interesting.

    What ever it may be, the idea of missions with a time limit is pretty cool !

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