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Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by GeorgeSkywalker, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Ok here's a solution which may work, for the betterment of the EU community, FPC/MA and the future of CP.

    This would require the co-operation of FPC to handle the bids on behalf of the community.

    The idea is to let everyone in the community to buy a share in CP. Anyone who wants to take part in the community bid would give their share of peds to an MA/FPC representative.

    The MA/FPC representative would place bids on CP on behalf of the community. If the community total is not enough to win the auction, MA/FPC representative would return the exact amounts donated to their rightful owners.

    ~ This should overcome scamming and give everyone a chance to particpate and it would truly be a good seasonal present to the community.

    ~ What if the community bid wins? how will it be managed? These questions would need to be resolved. I would suggest the larger contributors have a bigger say in it's running. If the community does win then it stands to logic the running ought to reflect the community wishes.

    ~ It's at difficult times like these that the community can come together and this I believe would be of benefit to the whole community and the platform. It would also set a new record in terms of human co-operation...

    ~ Where there is a will, there is a way! It is time we came together to secure our future...

    ~ an identical thread to this is here:

    ~ A pm, and support case have been sent and awaiting feedback from FPC
  2. That is a great idea, altho i doubt MA will handle this ( they are SELLING it, they shouldn't be responsible for bidding, really - they could always be accused of driving the prices up because they KNOW how much the community is willing to bid)

    But... find a trustworthy person that deals with all the "giving peds back" and distribution of generated taxes and well, i'd definitely buy a 1 or 2 /10000th of CP :evil:
  3. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    the FPC representative would only be a mediatory and only be bidding with what the community has donated. So your statement is completely incorrect.

  4. Nonetheless he would know what the community is able to bid...

    would be easy to find some anonymous guy who bids X-1 to ensure the community doesn't buy it below its available cash.

    This is the second time you label one of my post as "incorrect" whereas it seems you didn't really understand what i am trying to point out - is my english that bad? :baby:
  5. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    :headscratch: I have no idea what your on about. What's an X1 got to do with this? Are you implying the FPC representative would buy something else with the community money?

    What are you on about he would know what the community would be able to bid? If that's a problem that can all be made public. I see no problem, or conflict of interest. Like I said the FPC representative would only be bidding with the money the community have given him/her to bid on CP.

    It's like getting a bunch of players pooling their peds to bid on CP. Instead of a player bidding ...which would be open to a huge scam. We get a reliable intermediatory an FPC representative. What's so problematic about that?
  6. X = total funds the community raised to buy CP

    X MINUS 1 = the bid that would be neccessary to make the community representative bid ALL funds, hence maybe buying CP overpriced (forced to bid more than a "real" buyer would bid)

    And even if you trust FPC to not do such things - i am sure you will agree that knowing what others are able to bid IS an advantage if you plan to buy CP.

    There has been countless times where info leaked out of MAs offices, maybe check how many people sold their FAPs shortly before MA introduced (L) faps, check how skill value went down BEFORE they announced the first double skill event... yada yada...

    Your idea isn't bad, not at all, but your concept needs to be reviewed:

    1) Find someone who is willing to administer CP and hold the funds/place the bids/refunds in case someone else wins - maybe make a poll to find out who the majority of the community would trust.

    2) Then announce that you accept money for a completely set up an thought-thru concept.

    I'm sure lots of people would love to buy a part of CP.
  7. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Ah i see where your coming from. Yup that is the risk the community runs.

    I don't think the community can do such a bid with an in game player doing the bidding. The trust factor isn't there, this is what gets to me after a scam people say don't lend to other players so why even suggest lending anything to players in the first place. That's a non option from the start.

    Insteading of leaking the community bid or keeping it sercret, it could be revealed and made public on the outset. I don't think MA would bid against the community. Another player may, but they really have no benefit in doing so either. They could do it out of spite, but would need a huge ped value to do that, and the upper class players who are seriously into the game would be foolish to "piss" off the whole community. So they would only do it if they intend to outbid the community in which case the community bid would have lost.
  8. Would be a hell of alot to manage when it comes to tax payouts to the co-owners. Interesting idea but I think too many obstacles to make it work properly.

    Also if every active 1-2hour a day player would pay 3k each to the community fund it still wouldnt be enough money to win vs a lone investor sporting 1,3million peds or more
  9. aridash

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    its too late in the day to arrange now, but the only realistic way of having broad community ownership like this would be to setup a Limited company and issue shares for investment (or loans, better for tax, though more problematic redistributing profits). Company then owns avatar and while there is still a little scope for the company director/organiser to run off with the deed, you'd have formal legal redress though the courts.

    We know what MAs opinion is on shared ownership, and eve nif they were to have a change of heart its too short notice to arrange something properly.
  10. Well it would be nice if there was like a system such as a "Company" where people can put together a fund for investments with all funds locked within the company so no one can steal the cash and only way to spend the company funds on a investment would be a majority vote system
  11. Natasza

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  12. Good point. A RL registered CC, with the legal rights and clout.
  13. Dab


    This discussion brings up an interesting thought.

    What if, let's say Next Island, were up and running and one of the partners or the company itself decided to buy CP?

    Since Neverdie already owns CND, this would seem to be allowed.

    Also, what if a future partner, let's say a founder of Planet Postmoderna, were to start buying up Land Areas on Amathera?

    If this is forbidden, won't Neverdie need to sell CND before Rocktropia goes live?
  14. I dont see why it would be forbidden but I could see NeverDie selling CND to pay for his projects poor outcome
  15. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    Lts wait and see , if MA manages to hire a PR genius and get some people to spend money ingame, New people....

    Anyway, If I was ND, id def think about taking the money and ffing off. alot of unnessecary risk atm.
  16. LOL dunno where this comes from, but CND wont be sold, just upgraded. Besides, if the community needs a trusted representitive , to run it on behalf of the board of trutees, you have one right here in forum. I am sure Entropia Law wouldnt mind and everyone could be sure of Legal coverage also.:vampire:
  17. If MA ever did this sort of thing... they should re-implement the PED Exchange and use real buying projects like this to make it work instead of fake companies as was done before, which caused the whole thing to collapse...
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