Planet Calypso News: Colonist Finds Key to 'Grid-Man' Mystery

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  1. An internal CDF report titled CDF Report: Operation ‘Get-Grid’ explaining the mystery of Grid-Man and the new wave of ongoing robot attacks has been found amongst the wreckage of a robot: presumably it was taken by the robot after the slaughter of the CDF troop!

    In the report Grid-Man’s background, identity and connection to the CDF are revealed, as well as his special contribution to ongoing technological developments. It also explains Grid Man’s ‘Grid Theory’: that there are points where the destroyed Hadesheim Power network and the robot Base Matrix network ‘intersect’. These points of intersection — or ‘nodes’ — could in theory be tapped for valuable information direct from the Base Matrix itself. It is seemingly one of these nodes that the latest wave of robots are trying to protect.

    Captain Jeremiah Raznik (who led the destroyed CDF troop) said “It’s imperative now that colonists help us fight to secure the node location”.

    The contents of the report are reproduced here in full:

    Internal CDF Report: Operation ‘Get-Grid’:

    Disturbances caused by an individual known only as Grid Man’ wildly shouting “get-grid” and “beep” were recently experienced in various settlements, leading to complaints about the noise.

    We found ‘Grid Man’ living alone in a dirty shack with hundreds of maps of the Genesis Star Energy power station network covering every available surface.

    Further investigation revealed this individual to be none other than Archibald Levetnik: designer and one-time manager of the Genesis Star Energy power station network at Hadesheim in the days when Hadesheim was a colonist city (before it was completely crushed by the War Titan Typhon and acquired as a robot base). At some point after Hadesheim’s catastrophic destruction Levetnik disappeared: it was believed he had simply returned to Earth. The loss of the network — his creation, his pride and joy and favourite occupation — appears to have driven him insane.

    Yet despite his eccentricities, his specialist knowledge has proved invaluable to our cause.

    It seems the recent disturbances were his way of informing colonists of a recent breakthrough regarding his ‘Grid Theory’. This theory is rooted in Hadesheim’s history. After Hadesheim was destroyed, the robots proceeded to build their own power station in the city’s remains. Levetnik believes the robots partially recycled the material ruins of the old Genesis Star Energy network to create their own power and communications network. In other words, the robots partly built the foundations of their own network ‘on top’ of the old human-made network. If the current robot network were ‘superimposed’ over Genesis Star’s network, it might be possible to find robot network ‘nodes’ at the points where the two networks intersect. In theory, colonists could tap into the these nodes and retrieve valuable data direct from the robot Base Matrix.

    Since his disappearance Levetnik has been searching the wilderness around Hadesheim for these nodes using a crudely manufactured detection device: a kind of ground radar that emits a beep upon nearing a potential node area. His recent success at locating one of these nodes caused his excitable behaviour in the settlements.

    After much pointing and waving of arms we finally managed to come to an agreement. Levetnik would lead a small CDF expeditionary force to the node location, where we would investigate with a view to securing the area and acquiring Base Matrix intelligence from the node at a later date.

    I hope our presence goes undetected. There are reports that the Hadesheim robots are on their guard.

    /Captain Jeremiah Raznik

    Supplementary Note: the technology in Levetnik’s ground radar device was later found to be groundbreaking. It has formed the basis of a new Communications Array currently being developed by Genesis Star. The Communications Array will be specially designed to extract Base Matrix information from intersection nodes.


    ## March 15, 2018 ##

  2. The old Genesis Star Energy Power Station...with its pulsating power grids around hadesheim...THAT was fascinating...even if there never was a Genesis Energy Power Station...*sigh*
  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    This actually reads like a proper event. It connects to the old PE history, and seems to hint at either mining or archaeology, or perhaps another yet-to-be-introduced system.

    How long has it been since Arkadia launched? If I recall correctly, any PP gets exclusive use of a system they design for a few years, after which it will become available for all planets. It could be this is the case with Archaeology now, in which case this was a nice way to announce it.

    Now if MA really wanted to impress me, they'd actually change the landscape around the mentioned area to show the stuff they discuss in the message.
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  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh I read it too and thought, "What the? Someone actually put some effort in to this story, and even read the history!"

    Great job - more please. And indeed add some assets to tie in with this.
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  5. Honestly, right now, while the company behind this "decent story mixup" is initiating their biggest scam in the history of Entropia...I feel a bit uncomfortable, to show any empathy for the company behind it.

    No matter how innocent the "writer" might be. They have gone too far this time and while I called MA criminals before, they finally admitted it, with this fucked up token bullshit and even "the other forum" is slowly realizing, what was going on, for the past years. Thanks to this beyond greedy token idea. Finally MA started to shoot their own legs. You wont SEE that often. ,-) Gratz on making around 2000 $.... *lol*

    Hail to President Neverdie and his ICO ! Hail to education, space, CLD landplots, taming, 3 billion jobs and the future IPX sales... x'D

    Id rather send all of my money to that nigerian oil prince, that Im chatting with, from time to time.
    He also promises a lot and never delivers. But he says he needs my money, to make me become even more rich ! :'D

    SEE ya !
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  6. I've got some bad news for ya :P
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    It certainly is a shame that it has come to this. Shitcoins are the lowest of the low.
  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Yup, strange timing indeed. But that doesn't mean we can't give credit where credit is due, and like you said, whoever wrote the story is probably not someone involved in the scam (I suspect that's primarily Jan and David who primarily cooked it up. It has their fingerprints all over it).

    I actually think it might be sink or swim for MA. They probably are desperate for cash. After all, they don't really have other options anymore.

    Compet was not the success MA hoped for.
    Other stuff they pre-sold has yet to be delivered, or wasn't really bringing in as much as MA had hoped for. I suspect that they see the writing on the wall, and realize that the existing userbase won't bite, due to that, and the Compet fiasco.
    Their groundbreaking skype-with-avatars probably is not attracting the attention MA hoped for.
    Seeing MA destroyed the economy so most items lack any markup, desposits and decay are probably not bringing in the money MA had hoped for.
    The planet partners they shat on for years are obviously not bringing in the new suckers MA hoped for.
    Calypso profits are split with CLD owners, so less money left there.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Won't they post their annual financial review thing in the not too distant future? Can check that to see what goes on maybe rather than guessing.
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