MSM CND Fashion Show Winners

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    CND Fashion Show Winners
    MSM CND Fashion Show Winners 01.jpg

    On Saturday, May 23rd, Club Neverdie hosted a Fashion Show Contest that found many opening up their virtual wardrobes in search of their most fabulous outfits. Others either contacted the professionals in the community to help design an outfit, or they had skills of their own they could put to good use.

    It must be said that my initial trip to CND was in support of a friend who had entered the contest, and not solely for the purpose of covering the event to write an article. I was there to enjoy the festivities of the evening, and to see how far we had advanced with our fashions.

    However, I did manage to capture a few photos, and particularly the 1st place winners of the male and female category, along with other photos, but must apologize that I don’t have photos of the 2nd and 3rd place winners in these categories. At the end of the show, it was quite chaotic, and people started dispersing, either to hunt, mine, or head back to planet Calypso. It was after the event that many who had seen me there, asked if I was writing an article, so it was then that I decided to use what I had to try to put something proper together in celebration of the fashion show event. I am hoping that some who attended will have their own photos to share.


    There were 30 contestants who had entered the contest for three rounds of judging by a panel consisting of Max HardWrath Mayhem, Mike Freyr Perry, LeeLoo Faith, and Kissy Lexi Shepherd. The male contestants were escorted onto the runway by Hypnotica Trance Blain, and the females were escorted onto the runway by Lazarius Laz Mesetar. The three rounds showcased party outfits, armor, and beach wear.

    The contestants walked the runway and stopped in front of the 4-panel judging table, where they were asked a question about their outfits, like what skin, or textures it was made out of. The judges in turn viewed the outfits closely, and then each judge gave the contestant a number value to be added to the rest of their score. At the end of the contest, the numbers from all judges were tallied, and the winners were announced.

    MSM CND Fashion Show Winners 02.jpg

    2nd and 3rd PLACE WINNERS

    Male Category
    Ranger Sheryo Fenriz – 2nd Place
    Fredrik Fred Leo – 3rd Place

    Female Category
    Serysie Rysie Destiny – 2nd Place
    Alyss Aly Aquire – 3rd Place

    Second place winners received one makeup mask by Trance and Sunjewel, and third place winners received one free makeover from Sorg’s Beauty Salon.

    The first place winners won a complete outfit from Etopia and Freyr as shown below:

    MSM CND Fashion Show Winners 03.jpg

    Quite the fashion statement from two of our more prominent fashion designers. But then, any number of contestants, or those viewing and supporting the event, could have been considered part of an over all virtual fashion plate. It was another one of those moments when you realize just how much talent we have in our community.

    Another moment occurred when I caught Dragons Shadow lined up in their society uniforms. They too made quite the fashion statement.

    MSM CND Fashion Show Winners 04.jpg

    The first place winners also posed in their beach wear:

    MSM CND Fashion Show Winners 05.jpg


    Pink Pussycat Panther, along with Kiri Kiri Hime organized the event, while many others had a hand in helping to make the event a success, such as:

    Kissy Lexi Shepherd - (Judge)
    Max Hardwrath Mayhem - (Judge)
    Mike Freyr Perry - (Judge, Sponsor)
    LeeLoo Faith - (Judge)
    Lazerias Laz Mesetar - (Stage Guide)
    Hypnotica Trance Blain - (Stage Guide, Sponsor)
    Etopia - (Sponsor)
    Sunjewel - (Sponsor)
    Sorg - (Sponsor)
    NBK Societies - (Sponsored prizes for the supporters)

    The fashion show took place at the north end of the big dome area with contestants and those assisting out of sight until it was time to take their walk down the runway to the judges table to show off their unique costume designs. Many of the contestants were nervous, but once they took the runway and heard the cheers of the crowd, they seemed to find their comfort level, and gave us the full fashion effect to the delight of all in attendance.

    MSM CND Fashion Show Winners 06.jpg

    The fashion show was an overall successful event, and congratulations are in order to all the winners, along with much respect and appreciation to those who gave it their best. Many thanks are also in order for those who helped behind the scenes with getting contestants ready for the contest. Here’s to next time … now go get those spiffy oufits ready, because you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute.
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