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Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by Softhart, Nov 22, 2010.

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    My first thought was, yeah ok so your involved with it. But is this club now a franchise??

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  2. Fox



    Please not!
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  3. I have no problem with this. The Club Neverdie on Rocktropia is well built, and full of amenities. Hopefully this one will have the same.
  4. The one on Rocktropia is just a service center............that isn't a "Club", unless its been changed.
  5. Fox


    Did you try to take a sip of a cocktail in this "club"??? It is a hidden Televator system, nothing else!
    So, no. There is no Club yet on Rocktropia.

    And then, I want to have fun on NextIsland. And sorry to say this, but NDs music is nothing I would call so...

    He has an entire planet to "club" there. His fans can go there. We just don't need a mini CND on NI. :/
  6. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I have to agree with Fox ... I think Next Island should be free of any "other planet" related anything, and stand independent. Just because the planet is being developed at the Neverdie Studios, it doesn't mean that ND has to put his name on everything, or in everything. I think this is really too much, and gives the impression of being self-serving. This is David Post's planet - how about honoring the visionary who is bringing this new planet to life. Having a Club Neverdie on Next Island just spoils it for me.
  7. Fox


    You mean "Club Post"? *g*
  8. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    lol ... nope, didn't mean that at all ... doesn't necessarily have to be a club, but maybe a Tiki Bar on the beach more reminiscent of the environment. The Club Neverdie brand just does not fit as far as I'm concerned, and wouldn't fit in any of the time travel locations that have been mentioned already. Club Neverdie was originally a big flashy club on the asteroid connected with Calypso, and now the name is used on ROCKtropia, but the location is really not a club in the sense of the word at all, but ... it would certainly fit the theme of ROCKtropia for sure, and I say that's where it stays. Unless there was a behind-the-scenes deal made, I think that a Club Neverdie on Next Island is just wrong.
  9. exactly!! ....
  10. The thought of seeing Jon's name on everything just killed any enthusiasm I had for going to NI... If he's going to have his avatar name emblazoned on everything that his shop develops it will become very old, very fast.
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