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    The latest Version Update brings the first stage of the long-awaited CLD Estates system. Calypso Land Deed (CLD) holders will have the opportunity to use their CLDs to bid on CLD Estate plots located in two beautiful new residential locations. New settlements with additional CLD Estate plots will be added in upcoming Version Updates.

    Development of structures on CLD Estates will be implemented in Autumn 2015, with larger plots planned to accommodate more advanced structures with potential commercial functions such as shopping and more.

    Plots are available in four standard sizes and will offer different development opportunities depending on size.

    CLD Plot Types

    • Plot Type Plot Size Start Req. Min. Req. Additional Req.
    • Small 20 x 20 m 27 CLD 9 CLD
    • Small+ 40 x 20 m 54 CLD 18 CLD 1500 x Composite Plank
    • Medium 40 x 40 m 81 CLD 27 CLD 3000 x Composite Plank
    • Large 60 x 60 m 162 CLD 54 CLD 5000 x Composite Plank

    Claiming CLD Estate Plots
    CLD Estate plots will become available on Wednesday, June 17.

    CLD Estate plots are claimed with Calypso Land Deeds. To claim a plot, interact with the Plot Terminal located with the normal Estate Terminal near each plot. ***Note that the Plot Terminals will not be visible until the plots become available on June 17***

    The Plot Terminal will display the Address and current CLD Requirement to claim the plot, along with the time remaining until the next requirement update when the CLD Requirement will decrease (until the minimum CLD Requirement is reached).

    Larger plots may also have an additional requirement in the form of building materials; unlike the CLD Requirement, additional requirements do not decrease over time.

    After clicking the Buy button, a confirmation dialog will appear confirming the conversion of the required Calypso Land Deeds to Calypso Land Deed (X) items to claim the selected plot.

    Calypso Land Deeds (X) continue to receive weekly CLD revenue, but can no longer be used to claim CLD Estate plots.

    Note that some of the plots in the new settlements are reserved for future use and are not able to be claimed. Each settlement features a large bazaar in the center as well as service centers on the outskirts and small 10x10m plots for monuments and other functions.

    Southern Ithaca Settlement

    Southern Ithaca Settlement
    Southeast of Fort Ithaca
    Coordinates: 70886, 85778

    Number of plots: 58
    Size Small - 20 x 20 - 39 Plots
    Size Small+ - 40 x 20 - 13 Plots
    Size Medium - 40 x 40 - 4 Plots
    Size Large - 60 x 60 - 2 Plots

    Livas Settlement

    Livas Settlement
    Northeast of Livas
    Coordinates: 66449, 85449

    Number of Plots: 48
    Size Small - 20 x 20 - 32 Plots
    Size Small+ -40 x 20 - 9 Plots
    Size Medium - 40 x 40 - 6 Plots
    Size Large - 60 x 60 - 1 Plot

  2. 8100$ + Building materials... without knowing what it can do. ;O
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  3. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    you can house your space craft in it and use it to go into spa..... nope. You can put furniture in it ($1000 extra)

    you can show your friends you spent money!
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  4. MitchyMoo

    MitchyMoo Captain

    I know, this is not convincing me to buy these at all at the moment! What do they DO???

    I understand that they're making very clear that CLD revenue will still be collectible, as it should be. However, I can't find anywhere that you'll be able to sell those CLD's like you can now, or if they'd be tied up in this property and become part of its value. In which case (call me a cynic), I think it's a terrible idea since the total value of your CLDs will most likely reduce massively.

    I could go and sell me 9 CLDs today and make 10,000ped (or more) very easily. Would it be quite so easy to get that money once you've sunk it into this... I doubt it.
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  5. Start requirements for largest Plot is 162 CLDs :D (162*150$ = 24.300$)

    Each settlement features a large bazaar in the center as well as service centers on the outskirts and small 10x10m plots for monuments and other functions.



    Yes, they make you get rid of the CLDs, for some unfinsihed Plot Thing
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  6. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, I couldn't resist to explore these spots today. Again I was pissed of the bad graphics. Both places don't attract me to settle there. No impressive landscape there, no swimming pools. Really lame regions. No space between the estates. And some bugs of course.
    What about this stairs?

    Sunken base:

    No TP?
    Seriously ... who would be stupid enough to pay thousands of dollars for that? Beside of this "normal" bugs I agree with MitchyMoo: not much information about the whole plan ... as usual. Learning by doing? (=spending few K$)
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  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Yep, good hint. I should really earn some money irl soon, buy a new 3D printer and offer unique 30" figures for 5.000$!
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  8. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Other points:
    • Wasn't the initial intention to give players the right to participate in adjudications? Correct me if I'm wrong.
    • Will there be modern furniture for such modern houses?
    • Will planet partners be able to adopt the system?
    • Apartments has always been a nice addition. Without direct use. Like nice clothes, haircuts and makeup. What is the use of this expensive new feature? Toys for the rich? "Hey, have a look at my new Mercedes S600!"
    • Busy places in the past were places with trading centers, octagons, TPs and noob spawns close to interesting areas. Port Atlantis, Fort Argus, Twin Peeks, Minopolis, Fort Pandora, Camp Phoenix, Fort Troy. The new settlements won't do such a job. Probably they will end like our former "Cultural City" at Bilton Towers ... abandoned even.
    • What about sharing such estates with other players? THAT would improve the game!
    • Swimming pools, balconies, personal TPs
    • ...
    All in all I doubt MA will finish this new feature in a good way. There will be some or a lot of bugs. This bugs will linger on for years while other new features will be implemented. The old well known story even.

    If I want to enjoy a good looking avatar living in luxury houses, I play Skyrim with all it's mods for free. If I want to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and endless adventures with good story background I play TESO for free (expansions were announced at E3 lately).
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  9. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    Hi Mitchy

    Back on topic...

    Limit the plots to one per ava and let the screaming begin.
    I'll log back one day, but not in a rush to get into the CLD plot thing.
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    You should do that!
  11. Now how exactly does the bidding work? Start Bid at 9CLDs and buyout at 27CLDs?
  12. MitchyMoo

    MitchyMoo Captain

    Heya Dave!

    Looking at the pictures above, I'm not convinced. While the plots are 'free' if you have 9 CLDs I still don't know if you'll be able to sell those CLDs or the plot you bought with them for a comparative price. Judging by everyone's comments so far, I guess not. Which makes it a big no for me.

    I'm broke as it is and I'm not about to throw away $1000's IRL cash for a buggy foundation with little to no functionality.
  13. Did you even try to read the information about it? If you did you clearly did not understood what you read.
  14. Ohh ok that makes sense now.. Cool you got it..hope it all goes well.
  15. I read "Star Req. 162 CLD"....so if you want to "bid" 162 CLDs, you can do that...hence about 24.300 US Dollar. Feel freee to correct me.
    What do you exactly assume that I did not understand here ?

    Just because I didnt get into details about bidding on plots, that get cheaper (lol) every day, you assume that I did NOT understand

    The Start Req. for a Large Plot is 162 CLDs. I didnt type anything else up there :

    162 cld 2.jpg

    If you missed the info from the initial post :

    162 cld.jpg

    If you point to the "make you get rid of your CLDs", well, MA states they cant be used to bid on even more Plots, as they turn into (X) CLDs. It is only stated that you will still gain CLD income, but that you can not bid on any further plots with (X) CLDs. It is nowhere stated how these (X) CLDs can be further traded to other players or how you can "get rid off" plots or (X) CLDs. Hence I typed "make you get rid of the CLDs".

    Again, what do you exactly assume that I did not understand here ?
  16. They have clearly stated that the CLD will be CLDX and the CLDX will give you revenues. So saying that it will cost you 24.300 US Dollar is obviously totally wrong, because most of the value is in the revenue payouts, and you are not loosing that.
  17. Totally wrong ?! Hu ?

    What if I only own 2 or 10 CLDs and suddenly want 1 big Plot for 162 CLDs ? Will you hand them for free to me ?
  18. Don't play stupid. If you only want the land, buy the CLDs claim the land and sell the CLDX. The CLDX will sell for a bit lower price, but it will not cost you the money your are talking about.
  19. 1st of all I would need 24.000 US Dollars, ready to be transfered into the game. Ok ? Which is exactly what I was talking about. The start req. would be 24.000 $. Nothing else.

    I dont SEE anything wrong there and dont understand why you are trying to tell me that I did not understand a word about this whole process.
  20. I dont talk about :

    -CC deposit fee
    -loss when selling CLD (X) for less
    -complete your plot fees
    -additional fees
    -cash out the rest fee
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