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Champions League season 5

Discussion in 'Calypso Missions and Events' started by Klodvig, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Champions League season 5 (nr 3 07) Starting 16th of September

    In a new 12 unique event round of Champions League, the next top players of the Entropia Universe will be brought to you.

    Each week will be followed by one event that will test your skill, luck & endurance. A Total of more than 20.000 PEDS will be handed out in prizes within the events and in the league.

    Score board


    Changes from last season
    * Bounties can no longer be placed anonymously
    * 1 or 2 events will take place in dome 16-20
    * No mobs may be damaged before the event begin (when u get access to the event chat)
    * Prizes on the score board has been adjusted a bit due to the high value of the MMOWC quarter final tickets.

    Prizes in the league

    1st place: 2500 ped + ticket to quarter finals of MMOWC
    2nd place: 2000 ped + ticket to quarter finals of MMOWC
    3rd place: 1500 ped + ticket to quarter finals of MMOWC
    4th place: 1000 ped + ticket to quarter finals of MMOWC
    5th place: 900 ped
    6th place: 800 ped
    7th place: 700 ped
    8th place: 600 ped
    9th place: 500 ped
    10th place: 400 ped
    11th place: 300 ped
    12th place: 200 ped
    13th place: 200 ped
    14th place: 200 ped
    15th place: 200 ped

    TOP 4 in CHampions League will automatically Qualify to MMOWC Quarter finals.. Info about MMOWC 2007 prizes can be found here:
    1 Random player outside of top 10 with at least 12 points will recieve 500 ped.

    If two or more player ends on same amount of points and by that position in top ten. They divide the prizes of the places they cover. So if 2 with 66 points have place 1 they share first and second place prizes. Next in winning position then receive third prize etc etc.

    Event prizes:
    *In each of the individual events there will be prizes worth over 700 peds to win.
    1st place 400 ped
    2nd place 200 ped
    3rd place 100 ped

    Steelseries rl prize goes to the one who gets the highest single hunting global in each event.

    Location and time:
    *All of the event in this round of the league will take place at CND.
    *All events are on Sundays starting 19:00 ingame time, So book up those Sundays.
    *Dome 6-15 will be the domes used for the greater part of the events.
    How to register? Eyecontact made a good post about this so here is a link
    Ticket cost:

    *50 ped a ticket and all the bonus points are included instead of bought!

    *60 ped a ticket for the last 2 events

    * 52 tickets will be available for each event

    * All season Tickets sold.


    Good to know rules:

    *No teaming of any kinds is allowed within the events
    *Neither is it allowed to have personal or general fappers in the event
    * However it is not forbidden to be a friendly person and perhaps tag a mob that aggro on someone who have more than she/he can handle, or do a random fap on someone in the event. Note the difference between friendly and cheater, those who doesn't understand the difference will notice during the season ;)

    The start of the event:

    You can enter the dome
    You can have mobs eating on your armour
    But u may not kill or damage the mobs before the event begins!

    Ingame time and CL :):

    *The event begin when the info screen about that the event has begun pop up, or when the event window with chat connect.
    Bounty hunting begin on my command only

    *Total war begin on my command or when the "5 minutes remain of the event" information arrives pops up.

    *The event finish when there information that the event is over and that the chat remains open for ten minutes arrive. No pk kills made after this will be accepted.

    League points:

    *Each person signed for a event will have a base point of 1 towards the league.

    *Top three will receive points to add to this 1 base point: 1st place +11 points, 2nd place +8 points and 3rd place receive +6 points. This add up with the point ppl get for regging to the event. so if winning u get 12 point, second 9 point etc.

    * Up to 4 bonus point can be gained int he event by globals and pk. Read bonus points, and total war section. Have a quick look at the screen shot posting rules as well.

    Event,win rules:

    *Most of the events in the league will choose its winners by the most total loot version of the ingame events. Combined with one highest single loot wins.

    *NO pvp or melee only events this season unless something changes in the event system. If that happens changes will most likely be made.

    *In the sad case that the servers go down and we will be unable to finish the event in a normal way, I will give the prizes and points to the persons who was in top 3 before the crash. This rule only apply if at least half the event went smoothly.

    *The 2nd and third prize are given to the persons who the score board shows in the positions when the event ends. It will remain like this until updates in the event system arrive. In case someone else than the person who is showed as the one in 1st place wins the event I will try to do my best to solve the situation.

    Rep points:

    *I will give 3 points to each of the players who ends in top three. Sometime bugs stops me from distributing rep and this I say sry for. Sometime the score board also change in the last few seconds so I wont be able to adjust the rep, also this I say sry for. But I will try my best.

    *I also reserve the right to use all the rep to bad rep someone who enters the event with only the reason to disturb.

    *One point will also be given away to a random person whom I feel deserve some good rep. This may be gained by mini events in the event as well.


    *Pvp is turned on in the event but is not supposed to be abused, but instead to make it possible to have the mini event called total war and Bounty hunt.

    *If someone break the rules they will first be warned and if that doesn't help action according to the warning system will take place.

    Bounty system

    *1. For a cost of minimum 25 ped and maximum 150 ped you can set a bounty on a participant in the event. This means that the player will be a target during the last 30 minutes of the event.

    *The one who set the bounty is the one who pays the bounty.

    *U can use your bounty kills as bonus points Still only buy a max of 4 bonus-points from a event.

    *Anyone abusing the bounty system of different reasons will be punished in a suitable way.

    *You may not put a bounty on your self and you may not collect a bounty on someone you have set bounty on. You may not use defense bounty kills for points either but only the collected bounties. Players can not claim bounties placed by members of the same society.

    * The judge/promoter has the right to decline a placed bounty if he/she feels it need to. The judge/promoter also have the right to skip bounty hunts in a event.

    * Anonymous bounties no longer is a option

    Total war and bonus point rules

    *2. During the last 5 minutes of the event we enter a stage of total war. During this time its allowed to pvp and allowed to pvp anyone, except the judge/promoter. Combined with the hunting globals you got during the event U have the option to get up to a maximum of 4 bonus points.

    You can score a maximum of 4 bonus points (global and pk-points combined) in each event. In each event your points can consist of a maximum of 2 global points. You can maximum use 3 pk-points, still total bonus point sum may not be above 4 points

    Screen Shot rules

    *For bonus points you need to have a valid screen shot available and posted here on the forum in the dedicated Bonus point thread.

    *The screen shot need to contain a time and place proof in some way, easiest is to press "p" and "c" but if there is no doubt that the screen shot is from lets say total war based on the picture it self it will be allowed.

    *The screen shots need to be personal and not taken by another player than the one who claims point. The HUD must be present in the screen shot and view your name. You may blank out the ped card value though.

    * In pk-kills the kill message must be present as well

    * Its recommended to screen globals as well since its possible I miss them during the event. When u screen them its necessary that the global message is present and that there is a clear connection to the event viewable.

    Warning system

    * A player in or outside the event can receive warnings for non sportsmanship behavior.

    *First step is a single warning. This warning follow the competitor for the whole season but has no consequences other than the player is warned.

    * If the player that has been warned continue breaking behaving in a way that that disturbs the League he/she will get punished in steps. Steps are: - 1 point, 0 points from the single event and last and worst, 0 points in the league and banned from further competing.

    And finally as said many times before, Its time for the people who claim to be the best to prove themselves or to be beaten by the better, we see much talk in forums and we hear a lot of rumors but we do not know. So lets see! Most important though; enjoy!

    sponsor names

    Freyrs fashion and gallery
    Eu-chronicle forum
    CND Crafting Supplies
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  2. 1st event 16th of September
    Location: CND Dome 11-15
    Duration 90 minutes
    Winner: The one with most total loot
    Starts: 19:00, ends: 20:30
    Ticket price: 50 ped, 52 tickets available, 20 in terminal and 34 from sellers
    Rules: Read rules section in this threads first post

    Prizes in event:
    1st place aprox 400 ped
    2nd place 200 ped
    3rd place 100 ped
    + prize to random competitor from Freyr and a RL prize to the one who gets the highest hunting global

    Recommended Pilots:
    Foxypilot, Shocky

    Contact me through PM in order to setup a flight to CL

    Champions League prize sponsors:

    The one who recieve the highest hunting global in each event recieve a prize sent home from - www.steelseries.com I heard this one was really nice now, I mean really :)

    Mike Freyr Perry - A painting towards league prize pool witch will be won by a random player in league, will be given after last event.
    In each event one random prize from Freyrs Fashion

    MMOWC - Sponsors MMOWC quarter final tickets to top 4 in league and some extra to CL prize pool

    Additional info:

    If you are intrested in Sponsoring Champions League in any way, Send me a PM.

    Champions League & MMOWC card deck can be found here, create ur profile and end up on a card ;) Dont miss this its a reallly cool feature
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