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Champions League round one over

Discussion in 'Calypso Missions and Events' started by Klodvig, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. I would like to say thx to all who have tried out the league and welcome u back for next round!

    Here are our Champions

    1st place goes to The owner of the rock him self Jon Neverdie Jacobs have proved him self to be not only superb Club owner but Also a True champion even though he had a bounty on his head through many events! Big Gratz ND for ur great work in the league!

    2nd place goes to a really hard working person which has done well in all the events. Suzi Badgirl Zu has proved to be a Real Champion! Congratz! I also welcome u as a member of the Society CC.Cowboys;)

    3rd Place goes To Mike Freyr Who has been a steady top three in most of the events he has been in. Also proved him self as a good bounty hunter:). Gratz on ur Champion Title!

    Next Sunday there wont be any Champions Leageu event but there Will Be a Prize Cermony for our winners in the league. Everyone is welcome to meet up in control room 20:00 pe-time. There Will Also be a special Surprise announced for the winners and who knows we might even do a little event:).

    A little Note from me in personal, the ones who think they can do better;) Ur welcome to prove so in the next round but for now theese are our Champions. They have Proved them self worthy in many ways during theese 10 event and have Worked really hard. I say Gratz To ur well Deserved Titles.

    Fancy weapons doesnt make u a Champion, Hard work is the most important ingredient./Klod
  2. Thanks Klod for the amazing unique serie of events known as - Champions League - .

    Gratz to the - Real Champions - and all the other participants which are on the way to be one .

    I participated 5 times , never could nearly reach the top ........
    .... but everytime it was a big lot of fun [​IMG]

    ....in the end i´m at 21. place

    I´m looking forward to the next round of - Champions League -

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