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    Afaik, the Cyrene team has explored this extensively since it was part of their early design ideas, but ultimately had to give up. Maybe not because it's not possible with CE at all (cf. MWO mentioned in another thread just now) but the planet partners in Entropia don't get access to core systems of the engine, only to the design tools MA provides.

    Edit: Ah, right above in this thread... /facepalm
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    Cyrene had mechs as a core part of their storyline. Some of their visions were talked about in the EntropiaTimes magazine. I don't know the extent of their discussions, but I imagine Cyrene asked if Mechs could be supported, a MA Sspokegoblin probably said it was absolutely doable, contracts were signed, and then MA found out it was easier done in PowerPoint than in actual code.

    I'll always wonder why Cyrene didn't cut their losses and sued at that stage, considering how crucial the mechs were to their story, but here we are, almost 10 years later.
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  3. Or the devs lack some degree of parallel thinking... Existing robots very similar to mechs in my mind are warriors, troopers and a few others.
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    There's a thing in project management I hear, about assessing if a project should continue regularly. Sorta to catch those things that maybe are dragging or are proving too hard or costly or maybe the world has moved on and it isn't worth doing any more. Creative Kingdom are big enough that I do wonder if they were able to simply apply this sort of assessment to their Entropia project, and while they probably couldn't see the benefit of killing it completely, I suspect they saw it as something that was worth keeping if they scaled it down to a skeleton crew (which is what - from the impression I get [minimal as I don't pay much attention and have never been there] it seems to be). At their size, they probably saw it as a kinda hedging of their bets. If they can keep Cyrene ticking along at minimal cost then it may simply be worth their while to have a little MMO on their books. That way, if the opportunity/need ever arises they can always pump money/development into it as and when they see fit... or not, as the case may be. This is purely a guess though.

    I sorta liken it to having a modest Entropia account when you have or don't have a job. If you don't have a job, that account seems to have some value, if you do have a job, it just doesn't seem worth the time and effort to try and clear it out and make a deposit. May as well just hang on to it so you can have some fun as and when the urge arises.
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    Just one year to go now :D
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