Planet Calypso News: Cargo Crash

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  1. The Colonial Xenobiology Institute (CXI) has issued an urgent request for assistance to prevent two dangerous species from gaining a foothold on Eudoria. The CXI fear that Daspletor and Cornoanterion pose a severe threat to the native flora and fauna of Eudoria, as the Daspletor once did on Amethera.

    The Daspletor and Cornoanterion reportedly escaped from a cargo ship forced into an emergency landing west of Minopolis. The two species can be found in areas near the landing site.

    The Daspletor seem to have wandered down to the desert regions south-southwest of Minopolis (near 86118, 84189), while the Cornoanterion have remained in the woods to the west (near 86913, 84790).

    Initial investigations of the salvaged cargo ship have uncovered no evidence of sabotage and are instead focused on a possible malfunction in the security systems on F.O.M.A. - Fortuna. This security malfunction could have allowed the Daspletor and Cornoanterion to board the ship while docked prior to travel to Calypso.

    Help protect Calypso’s ecosystem from the potentially devastating effects of these two dangerous and aggressive predator species!

    Please report any sightings of Daspletor or Cornoanterion in other areas of Eudoria to the CXI immediately.

    Hunting challenges for these two creatures can be acquired from Hunting Challenge Terminals all over Calypso, or from NPC Simo Hayna on F.O.M.A. - Fortuna.

  2. In other words.
    We are aware of the poor spawn on foma, and a handfull of people want to finish the mission.
    Normally we can't interfere with unique DNA, but in sake of the missions deadline getting closer, we will.
    (as we can smell some extra income from this)
    There will be also some people who gonna try, but can't kill them, and lose some extra.
    (oops, we did not say that either)
    Oh yeah, we didn't mention it, but there will be some nice loot drops from them, to get people interested in trying to kill them.

    So come, and let the PED's flow, because we wan't to steal your progress in the missions if your not willing to shoot, because our calculators can't convert the missions.

    Happy depo day's everyone...
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  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    oh yeh... the mission thing.

    Step 1.

    Wreck control system so game unplayable

    Step 2.

    Impose mission completion deadline now no one can play

    Step 3.

    Fek knows.
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  4. I heard there are cargo shuttles coming from Cyrene, Arkadia, Next Island and Toulan...lets pray those wont crash as well. @_@
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