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  1. i cant connect,ive checked my firewall/antivirus set correctly and that the server is online,but everytime i click "launch" a popup appears saying im not connected to web or that the server is offline?????

    my sys: xp home
    : amd 7850 dc
    asus msn2sli delux mb
    2gb ram
    ati x1650 pro gc 512mb
    10mb connection
  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Sounds odd? Can you connect to Maybe try writing a support case? Perhaps you are in an area that was temperary shut down (though that should be shown differently)

  3. hi;yes i can connect to the website for the game and everyother website/game server except this 1.
    also i could not download the client from the windows link got a "not connected report error" had to use bittorrent.

    ive submitted case report but had reply it may take 48 hours or longer for responce :-(
  4. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    I had the same issue on one of the 10.something VU's..
    Did you try to disable your firewall? all of them.. XP and any 3rd party firewalls? (just for testing of coarse)
  5. tried tempory dissabling firewall and antivirus stiil the same contacted my i.s.p. who im normally cursing lol
    but this time they did good.
    They tell me they have blocked all their customers from access untill futher official notification from sfo (serious fraud office)
    apparently the company that controlls this game has renaged on paying anyone for items they sell ingame after having to uy them for $.

    so bye all hopefully this will be p.d. soon
  6. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    Who is your ISP?
  7. I'm sorry, but this sounds like the random made up "let's defame this game" post - i am 100% sure your ISP has NOT blocked EU: ISPs usually don't even block fishing website and other obviously fraudulent things... yields no search results for Mindark, "the company that controls the game" or Entropia - is it possible that you are just miffed because your ZX81 can't run the game?
  8. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    That's why I asked :D
  9. I thought so, yours was just too subtle imo: Let things like this stay undisputed and the next random newb will actually believe it...
  10. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

  11. Dab


    There is an SFO in New Zealand also.
  12. I had this conection problem too. You cannot connect to the game server because your entropia client is not fully updated. You cannot automatically update your entropia universe client because updates server is offline. No matter that game server is online, but updates are in the other server and that server is ofline.
    Go to your friend and take fully updated entropia client. (fully updated means that your friend can play entropia without connection problem)
    Then open the folder where you installed entropia on your pc and put there all files you took from your friend. When windows will ask you "Do you want to replace bla bla bla.." select "Yes to all"

    thats all, now u may continue playing EU =)
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