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    Thanks. Added it to the links on the frontpage (Click HOME, then you'll find it on the left, second "box").

    In case anyone would like to see other sites listed there, feel free to let me know.
  2. Oh! TY;) Heres one for those Interested in gambling and placing bets in EU:

    And this one is owned by my bestest Entropia Pall, David Robert Westmoreland of Temporal Destinies Soc, my old soc' long long ago:)

    BTW Atlas Haven Radio is quite poppular these days:)

    Atlas Haven TV
  3. I'm sorry, but after you (well, your "alt" after your main account got banned) posted a link to a "sweatbot" including a trojan over on ER, i'd be stupid when i click on any link you post...


  4. Yea right! LOL, I do not even have the knowledge, know how or training to do such a thing. Anyhow thats just a Link posted by Darri from Entropiaoutfitters on FB and I pasted it here for him. I know that a trojan is a virus,( also use anti-virus ware). I am confused to what a sweatbot is on ER, but I know what sweating is in EU. Dont see the corrolation, sry. TBH, I dont hack or know how to LOL

    Honestly Wizzszz, I realy dont care what links you click and dont.

    What you wrote is kinda gibberish to me, probably not to a PC-programmer/hacker lol

    I probs should be flatered cos you think so high of me in your own way:) But M8 if I did things you mentioned and could, I would probably come up with more inventive ideas to get at others. But i am not a neurotic vengeafull hacker seeking retribution. Not my way and I dont mess around with karma in that way.

    Wizzszz, insead you should ask yourself this: "Why do I feel a need to live with so much suspision, apprehension and fear?"
    A question I can answer quite well, but not without conciquences here. No, answer this one only to yourself, not meant for a reply.

    Do you perhaps feel you deserve retrobution in such a manner? Rest assured , I recon nothing against no-one in any forum online, or game for that matter. Not my place to do so, humbly. Lest per chance someone wishes to hold something against me someday.

    PEACE Dude/etes!

  5. Funny enough that you as a "complete computer noob" managed to set a proxy after you got even an IP ban after your... excuse me, im not sure, you 4th alt account? or your 5th?... anyway, play inocent as long as you want to, i doubt anyone will buy this "oh, i know sweating but what is a sweatbot" shit - everyone playing longer than half a year knows what that is.
  6. Sweatbot ye, may have read something on ER bout it. 4-5 alt account, lol . Not likelly at all. Proxy....LOL..yes just google it In fact i learned that for the first time after my ban on ER, reading a post of someone mentioning it. i just googled the word and figured it out all by myself. Thats it realy.

    Eh Wizzszz, whats with the pranoia? I am not threat to you , relax sniff the fresh air enjoy life.
  7. lol @ threat to me

    Shinobi, we've had enough of words, g'bye
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  8. Meaning ? Cmon we have good thing goin here, you help me out a lot and I learn from ya;):openmouth:
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  10. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    lol - I love the last one *I was young and needed the ped* :clap:
  11. Ye me too. Stay tuned more to follow.
  12. [​IMG]
    Entropia Outfitters Black flexy Hat with the image of Entropia Universe "E" and on the front in white. Two-toned bill and high quality adjustable bucket in the back.

    Yes, THE Centurion Coat can be yours IRL!

    <H4>This Version of the Centurion Coat is made of high-quality faux leather giving it affordable durability while still being Lightweight! Making it Perfect for Costume Wear!!


    Male Coat Sizes Available:

    Small = 34-36 Regular

    Medium = 38-40 Regular

    Large = 42-44 Regular

    XLarge = 46-48 Regular

    XXLarge = 50-52 Regular

    (Additional Charge applies to XXLarge)

    Female Coat Sizes Available:

    XSmall = 26-28 Regular

    Small = 30-32 Regular

    Medium = 34-36 Regular

    Large = 38-40 Regular

    XLarge = 42-44 Regular

    Sizing Example: Male that is between 5 and 6-feet tall and measures 44" around his chest would order the Male Large.
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