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Discussion in 'MindArk' started by HoloSquad, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. For space to work or planet side in fact then Mindark need to fix a very big exploit
    speed is not server sided it is client side meaning a simple program that can be download just like 1,2,3 from the net can enable this speed hack.
    Memory Editors.- (Cheat engine 6.3-2)
    The thread on calypso is not stating the truth its full of junk.

    This should be fixed ASAP the more that report this to support we can then get a fix and they might change speed to server side.
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    I read your post a few times Holo but have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say.
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    So what you are saying is that the setting for speed used for travelling in vehicles (in this case space vehicles, but perhaps also others) is stored client-side, and thus can be manipulated using a memory editor?


    For those who have no idea what a memory editor is, if you happen to remember the days where you would run old DOS games, often there would so-called trainers available. They allowed you to turn limited ammo into unlimited ammo, and to alter your amount of remaining lives.

    The way they work is that you run the program while playing your game. If the amount of lives you have is 5, you make the program scan your PCs memory for the number 5. It will keep track of all memory addresses where the number 5 occurs. You then loose a life, and scan for the number 4. Typically this would narrow down the amount of addresses. The process can be repeated until you end up with a single memory address that changed to the values you specified every time you scanned. It is then possible to alter that number to your number of choice (say 1 million), and the game will think that the amount of lives you have remaining is 1 million.

    If this can be done with speed in vehicles in Entropia Universe, it's a major oversight by MindArk. Let's hope the speed is the only setting where this applies.
  4. This would explain why someone in a valkyrie mk1 passed me by with some ease on a strait road years ago even though I was in a mk2 going flat out. It also means racing events could be fixed...
  5. Back in prevu10 my account was locked because of a speed hack. I accidentally left my speed hack tool running and when I went to sweat at Camp Phoenix my account was instantly locked. It only took one pull and they detected it. Then it took about a week to convince them to unlock my account.

    So maybe there is a small possibly there is an issue with vehicles and speed hacks. But I know MindArk is capable, or at least at one time was capable of detecting speed hacks. I don't think it would be wise to test it out.
  6. It is not detectable, only if you start debugging the game with a memory editor then its a instant lock but as far as the as the speed goes its not detected but i hope mindark look at this and get a patch in.
    It does make you wonder if mindark left anything else client side.

    And also just by using the program it can make bugs in game like the out of memory crashes people have been getting.

    I'm sorry if my english is not good but a wiki and google search might be able to help.

    Yes, and not just vehicles also mobs and avatars well one thing is for sure our weapon attack speed is safe and is server side.

    All the free to play games on Steam have hacks and cheats on the net some are bought from sites like AA or x22

    used in games like APB or Backlight retributuion
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  7. NotAdmin

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    That was exactly my first thought. Speed hack is relatively obscure, and serves a niche. Yet, in a real cash economy, it could be really harmfull.

    What else is there that can be tampered with, and more importantly, considering MindArk boasted about their extensive logs in the past, why has this not been addressed?
  8. Didn't know mobs were client side, only avatars. If mobs are client side does this mean that you could hack their HA, HL, what have you. As for weapon attack speed do you mean blades or ranged wpns - and I thought that items were also client side anyway.
  9. I don't think mindark was stupid to leave loot and health client side same with ammo if you do it it, it will only be a visual hack because it's stored on a server and i bet mindark servers are well protected.

    Yes blades and weps are server side ammo is serve side they are safe but visual hacks are possible.
  10. The speed hack thread on calypso forum us just laughable full of stuff like strafing side ways what a crock of shit yes it might work but still a crock..

    using cheat engine 6.3 can enable the speed hack you don't even have to search for values its just a tick in the box and away you go this program has the ability to cause a lot of damage not just with the game economy but also the mindark platform.

    Even if you set it at 1.1 speed it will seem legit.
    might be the reason for out of memory crashes with puny's.

    people need to really get an education instead of playing the game i'm talking to calypso forum.
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  11. Great Scott !

    I remember people messing with the winsock.dll back in 2007 to run faster and "working" with the windows clock to revive faster.

    I remember people talking about MAs encryption on the old "unknowncheats-forum", how good it was, and how they were afraid of going to test anything further as they were afraid of the "real money" thing.

    It just sounds wrong that speedhacks return in 2012 because values are client sided again. Wtf MA ?

    Lame ?!
  12. GeorgeSkywalker

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    One of the pirates made a thread on pcf about using CleanMem. Said he got locked but then unlocked again.


    Can this speedmem program be used for this speed hack? or some other kind of hack?

    Seems very dodgy that Xane makes a thread about how to travel abnormally fast and then gets locked for using a memory program.

    Is it also possible that he wasn't using cleanmem but some other memory editor but renamed it to cleanmem and hence if he got caught could use that as an alibi?
  13. @george nope cleanmem is different, have not seen the program i know it has some thin to do with cleaning ram ?.

    The only real way to get an auto lock in EU is to start a debugging process or a deep scan or hardcore stuff which comes with cheat engine or any memory editor out their.

    Trust me, you don't even have to scan memory or debug or anything like that with cheat engine hell one could use the speedhack option for 4,000 hours non-stop with out a ban, hence the only way is for some guy to report it to support then MA will look into it = ban only way, MA have a different anti cheat to other games.

    I know what im talking about because i buy hacks from x22 and aimjunkies and artificial aiming for games on steam
    = All points Bullitin and Blacklight retribution also dayz.

    Any one caught cheating in EU should have a lifetime ban also depending on the damage could include legal procedings this game is real cash so you understand.
  14. so say we all , but whit speed of MA it could take moths till they dicovered somehing going wrong here...
    an its few months allready ppl use those speed hacks in space
    As UL quad owner im tepmted to FRAPS any atakers ,cause they realy fly daam too fast
  15. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Totally agree.

    What I don't inderstand on Xane's thread he said he got auto locked from using cleanmem. That doesn't add up from what you said. Am I correct in thinking he must have been upto something dodgy? It doesn't also make sense that MA unlocked him.

    Yeah, last time I came across xane in space he was traveling abnormally fast. He was also coming at me at an angle so could be that angle thing people talk about or if using hack going at an angle to disguise :P wouldn't put it past these pirates to be crafty like that.
  16. Cheat engine is powerfull in the right hands(even a server crasher built in), and could damage this game i mean make bugs destroy it, its not worth the risk with a real cash economy my advice just stay away from memory editors.

    Maybe the memory editor caused some revive bugs etc in space.
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  17. i just get news that xane is doing it still
    socmate get shot at ark station
    standart he managet to fly away form safe zone and pirate followed him
    he placed team target on him aprox 1,7 au distance
    few sec later distnace only 0,6 au and were shoted down
    i instructed him to make vids next time
  18. Wistrel

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    For some reason I'm imagining Benny Hill style movement ;)

    Surprised this is possible. I didn't think MA would allow this, even if location is dealt with on the client side I would have thought it would "phone home" to the server every so often to "reset" position... a bit like how sometimes you can walk over a boundary but then get "put back" a moment or so later.


    PS incidentally I managed to crash the game the other day by going outside of a server area to the point my vehicle "vanished" then I got "out" of my vehicle.... something got confused and crashed then ;)
  19. How can it reset position if your lightyears away from that position no one can hear the screams or the spacecraft the client will go into panic mode or maybe get confused or scared it could crash server and leave you still in the game still jacked in to the matrix in space with no lights.
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  20. Quote from PCF

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