Biggest TP run Calypso has ever seen!!!

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Ben Soliost, May 18, 2007.

  1. Ben Soliost

    Ben Soliost Official Runner

    Hi all!

    We had the biggest run I ever was in today;) At one point, we even had to make 2 teams, as the limit was reached. Here are 3 photos, one at Billy's wich was the first TP ever collected by many of our group, the other one shows the length of the "Orange Train", and the third was at Zychion, just before leaving for the mighty Peaks.:)

    huge2.jpg huge1.jpg huge3.jpg

    New member of the forum? Introduce yourself if you want by telling us where you stand on these pics!
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  2. YEAH! Really Nice Pics Ben :clapping:

    Im the blond beauty on the orange :D

    Greetz Meki
  3. Great Pics Ben LOL it was a blast :tease:
  4. It is an honour being part of this biggest run.

    Next time we will try the biggest congaline again
    and the biggest group hug and the biggest ......
    See you all soon
  5. I am in 2 of those pictures :P always in the front of all :P

    I have changed abit since that run :P
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