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  1. Hello everyone,

    BIG Industries is pleased to announce a great new service - Transport Services. Warp flights are now available on the Pathfinder XV. The ship recently underwent a huge SI upgrade and we will continue to increase it moving forward. PFXV is a strong ship and her crew organized. You can relax knowing that you will be safe travelling with us!!


    For your convenience, add the ship's crew to your Friends List.
    Open the Player Register and search/add the following crew members to your Friends List.

    Admiral - Chad Wizardo Gareau
    Captain - Blower Needs JoePilar
    Captain - Deckard RedRum Cain
    Captain - Joe13 Warrior02 JL
    Captain - zZz Sliver XzZz
    All flights will be conducted promptly and in a courteous manner. BIG Industries strives to deliver great services, always! Our pricing model allows for free Repair Service to all as well as FREE Shuttle Services between Calypso Space Station, FOMA and Crystal Palace. We offer a discounted rate for warp flights which we hope will encourage more exploration of space and planets.

    FREE Shuttle Services between
    Calypso Space Station (CSS), FOMA and Crystal Palace (CP)
    Use the in-game chat or Skype to request free shuttle services

    25ped per person per warp jump for normal passengers (not a crew member)
    15ped per person per warp jump for 2 or more in a group
    Pickup warp flight services are discounted
    50ped for an emergency warp flight
    We will stop what we're doing to get you where you need to go. 99.9% of the time
    Ask about our group discount for your society or private party events!
    Ask about joining our crew!
    FREE Shuttle Services between
    Calypso Space Station (CSS), FOMA and Crystal Palace (CP)
    Use the in-game chat or Skype to request free shuttle services
    VIP to be announced
    Flight schedules to be announced

    -Hunting Space Mobs-
    50ped - Includes warp out to location and warp back when hunt is finished. Hunt for 90 minutes with our trained combat & space hunting crew members. Your Captain will coordinate the team and provide sufficient information so that you have a great time! All loots are yours to keep, except items .. which are shared. It is strongly advised that read the below section -When using our services

    -Location of the ship-
    When not in use, we usually try to keep the ship docked out front of CSS for easy access. Once you are on the Guest List/Crew list, you can view the ships location on your map. Ensure that you select "view homes", then you will see an " H " on the space map. The " H " is where the ship is located.

    -When using our services-
    Listen to our pilots. When on board, use the /force channel (yellow text). The pilot is charged with the responsibility to ensure that you are made aware when there are dangers. He/she will announce on the ship channel what actions to take and when. Actions could be to repair a specific section of the ship or to log off for safety.

    -Join our Skype group- CLICK HERE(must have Skype installed for link to work)
    For out-of-game communication, we have setup a Skype group. All crew members and passengers are encouraged to join the group. The group serves as a means for you to keep track of the status of the ship, location, events, etc. Should a large group of pirates attack the ship, don't worry. There is sufficient armor to allow time to log off, and keep your inventory safe! The pilot will instruct everyone to log off, then will announce in the Skype group that is it safe to log back on. :wise:

    To join to Skype Group, CLICK HERE (must have Skype installed for link to work) - Or you can add my SkypeID: chad.gareau -- Include in the message that you would like to join the BIG PFXV Skype Group, and I will add you to it.

    Requests, questions, etc are welcome at any time in-game or in the Skype group. Also, make sure to select "Save group in Contacts".

    All are welcome to repair on the ship, in fact it is encouraged! We are always looking for crew members, to grow in numbers will make us stronger!!

    -At customer request-
    -Space hunts
    -Space Tours
    -Parties and other expeditions

    Piracy is not tolerated (except when shooting known pirates) - Any pilot that allows or engages in piracy will be banned from the ship.

    -VIP Membership
    -Flight schedules
    -TeamSpeak3 or Mumble channel for voice communications

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