Entropia Universe: Before blockchain and NFTs, there was the real-cash MMO Entropia Universe

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    A review of EU:

    (emphasis mine).

    This website even is featured when they link to the forum post of the courtcase between Deathifier and Arkadia, as well as the EntropiaTimes.

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    Interesting article !
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    Any idea how https://mmo-population.com/r/entropiauniverse is getting this numbers??? I believe the stats are completely worthless. The daily players graph seems to have only 3 variations, either 0 players played Entropia Universe of ~800 a day or ~1600 a day, nothing inbetween, never. So this must be absolutely wrong.
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    TBH probably only the Entropia Life stats are the closest anyone could get to population estimate... not sure what else we have to play with really... I suppose one could sit and log Rookie chat for a few weeks then figure out how many uniquely named avatars post there in that time frame... would probably give a better indication than EL as no account/dedication needed and I'm assuming most players worth their salt will at some point say something in Rookie in any given month of play... but not sure if anyone would be willing to stay logged in for that long.

    Is rookie universe wide though or planet localised?
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