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Discussion in 'MindArk' started by McCormick, Nov 22, 2015.

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  3. I don't get it.
    1. Who wants to be president of a tiny on-line casino?
    2. given the size of EU; shouldn't town sheriff have been a better title?
    3. Why waste resources of BS instead of concentration on the game
    4. they mention Wow and other real games; and assume they are affiliated. Now, compared to Blizzard CEO, Timkrans is like the maggot of insufficient light. One court claim and MA might be out of business.

    5. where do you report internet scams again? (facepalm-
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    1 web page is hardly resources wasted. Similarly nor is the Crumpets lie. A very small website and handful of updates and drawings probably brought in more cash by far than what they cost time wise to make. Good business. Yes ultimately a few people will be pissed off when they don't deliver on either notions but MA will simply stop talking of these things and eventually everyone will grow tired of screaming at a brick wall that doesn't answer back.

    Both notions will go the same way as the land management system and the space courier missions. MA will entertain them while ever they bring in more money then forget them when it is convenient

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  6. lots of places... but the one I love the best is http://www.ripoffreport.com/
  7. Thats why;

    $0 of $1,500

    Raised by 0 people in 1 month

  8. As usual future president can buy votes but to beg those with voting rights to pay to be able to vote for him is too much.
    Ah true we still don't know what is worth our single vote or what weight it have.
    fly 48-51 kg
    bantam 51-54 kg
    feather 54-57 kg
    light 57-60 kg
    light welter 60-64 kg
    welter 64-69 kg
    middle 69-75 kg
    light heavy 75-81 kg
    heavy 81-91 kg
    super heavy 91 kg +
    ND does not matter, winning weight
    MA we decided already before voting
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  9. McCormick, i want u to be the president and im sure u will have lots of votes ^^
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  10. Give ballot fee. I president !
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    That would be something like Zaphod Beeblebrox lol!
    Can someone experianced craft a "Heart Of Gold" please?
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    I don't think Mr McC should be president. I remember the "Silence of the Skams" wouldn't want to see that happen to another good person
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    But is there an alternative?

    Does anyone have an alternative vision, willingness to oppose and would he win?

  14. Dont think ! VOTE !


    I admire those guys follwoing Kim, with their writing-pad ready...Kim from Korea....not Kim from Timkrans. ;p
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    First I've heard of this. What is the point?
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    Kim Timkrans has those writing men too, to capture anything he says to the Entropia Community. They didn't have to write much yet. I think he only spoke to us once ;)
  17. "Jacobs will commit to creating 1 billion virtual world jobs in his first four year term. "
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  19. 14 years later we got about 5,000 "active" users, with an estimated 500 users online at the same time at peek level (weekend).
    Looking at the 900,000 registered accounts of Entropia, games like Minecraft and WOW already surpassed 100 million (one hundred million) registered accounts.
    Even WOW had a maximum of 10 million subscribers, and is down to about 5 million again.

    So, where did the MAsterplan start to fail ?
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