Baby Spiders!

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  1. Today during the afternoon there were coming in reports from Calypsian hunters that small baby Araneatroxes had been sighted on the steppes just northwest of Nea's Place, Amethera. Araneatroxes, or simply Spiders as they are commonly called, of the lowest maturities are normally a very rare sight, the only spawns that have been around before have been of high maturities. Of course this had to be investigated, so me and two other Rangers, Leona and Rapido, went to pay them a visit.

    We soon noticed the spawn was not the best, and in addition all the global messages had of course attracted hunters from all over the planet, so you definitely saw more green than red dots on the radar. However we managed to find and kill a decent amount of them, just took a little running. When we spotted the first one we all simply burst into laughter, they were so puny in comparison to the huge Araneatrox Prowlers and Stalkers we are used to see.

    GCS519.jpg GCS517.jpg

    Like most other high regeneration mobs they were quite poor hitters, but some good firepower with high damage/sec sure was needed to bring them down efficiently. Just for testing, I tried to solo hunt one of them with my H400+A106 combo, took 3-4 minutes and 12 PED of ammo. So bigger gear definitely recommended.

    The baby Spiders can currently be found in Land Area #5, where they today were added for the upcoming Motörhead event tomorrow night. But I think we are many that would love to see them stay for a bit longer, sure was great fun to hunt!
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  2. Interesting report Una, thank you. I just might go and let one kill me :).
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  3. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Lets arrange forum hunt on sunday on these, should be easy with team of 5-6
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  4. Hehah, cool. Finally they added these, I hope they stay there longer than event duration.
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